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Harnessing IoT data in an always-connected world

This whitepaper aims to delve into the importance of streaming analytics for today’s organizations. We’ll explore how enterprises can process high-throughput, geographically distributed events in real-time using data streaming technologies. We’ll look at how data streaming technologies and HTML-based web technologies can together deliver state-of-the-art solutions to empower organizations with critical insights across their business units. We will also learn about rapidly developing and operationalizing real-time IoT applications covering the entire flow from ingest and insight to action and feedback.
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EDW to Snowflake transformation: An automated approach

Traditional data warehouses are constrained by performance, scalability, and elasticity issues. Hence enterprises are increasingly moving to the next-generation cloud data warehouses to reduce infrastructure administration overheads, achieve business agility, and enable uncompromising simplicity. A cloud-based data warehouse like Snowflake provides a decoupled architecture, eliminates the need for remodeling, and facilitates unified data across hybrid sources. Enterprises moving to Snowflake can experience benefits such as full SQL support, serverless architecture, strong partnerships with BI and ETL tools, and ease of maintenance.
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