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Making the right sourcing decisions can be vital to the success of any hardware project. The Supplyframe Sourcing Intelligence platform utilizes Data Science to help thousands of companies build better products and achieve superior decision making.
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In the last 2 years, cloud-based RFQ Management apps like Quotefx became a critical part of every modern buyer organizations quoting toolset. Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers worldwide embrace these lightweight, zero-software-to-install online platforms and yield outstanding results to the tune of 50% reduction in quote turn-around time and 15% material cost reduction. In addition, because Quotefx is part of Supplyframe’s electronics industry sourcing ecosystem, the solution has direct access to 41 billion product and form-fit data-points giving unparalleled access to actionable component sourcing insights that help evaluate pricing, obsolescence, and component sourcing risk across 1000’s of suppliers.

So what is Quotefx and how can it help me? Great question. Quotefx is a cloud-based, electronic component sourcing platform that enables your purchasing department to automate your RFQ workflow delivering reduced material costs and improve quote turn-around times from weeks to days.

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BOM Management: Why the Electronics Manufacturing Industry Must Move Away From Excel

There is a very strong, historical connection between the electronics manufacturing industry and Microsoft Excel. But the industry is shifting towards a new generation of BOM management tools, and sticking to Excel may hurt your organization's competitivity.

What You'll Learn

The goal of this paper is to demonstrate how the use of a BOM Management tool can not only patch the deficiencies of Excel in that regard, but also improve the efficiency of the quoting process within an organization, while bringing associated costs down by providing accurate information and reducing error rates.

For any organization operating in the electronics manufacturing ecosystem, efficient BOM management is key to productivity. Excel became a limiting factor in that regard and you'll discover how the new generation of tools can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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