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R+H Medicine Pivots Business During COVID-19

"I got an email from Zenefits last week about the process to get a small business loan. There is very little reliable information out there right now and so much of it is spam or a scam. As a business owner, it is so great to know that somebody has my back. I trust Zenefits.".

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The Coronavirus Checklist for Newly Remote Teams

This checklist was built for small and midsize businesses dealing with new work-from-home policies due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The goal is to provide practical action items to ensure business owners, operations, HR admins, and employees make a smooth transition to working from home without losing productivity. Feel free to edit the checklist as much or as little as you want, and send it as a staff memo, too.

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The Compassionate Guide to Employee Offboarding

Layoffs and firings are a natural output to the business lifecycle. While a shame culture exists around it today, we at Zenefits believe the topic could be opened up, softly, for better understanding, more camaraderie, and less guilt.

This eBook is designed to gently open the closed conversation of employee terminations.

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The State of Flexible Work Arrangements

Do you allow employees to work from home? Would you allow workers to adjust their hours or shifts? How about telecommuting?

If you answered “no” to all those questions, it turns out, you’re probably in the minority , and with recent news about the coronavirus it's time to consider the options.

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