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Full-Stack Monitoring for Performance-Based Routing

Is your stack primed for growth in 2018?

In the 2018 Full-Stack Monitoring eBook from Cedexis, learn how to leverage monitoring tools across your resources to intelligently deliver applications and data.

Tools exist to monitor every layer of a network-based application’s stack, but getting them to work together is a different issue.

How can a stack of different monitoring tools work together to minimize downtime and maximize application performance? From bare metal to network, monitoring tools span application layers and provide features that allow emergency notification to DevOps personnel when infrastructure goes belly-up.

In this 2018 eBook, learn how the latest full-stack monitoring tools can help keep your users happy and your DevOps team sleeping soundly

Chapters Include:

  • Tackling the Challenge of Modern Application Delivery
  • No Single Monitoring Tool Is Enough
  • Hardware Monitoring
  • Operating System Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • What About Containers?
  • Synthetic and RUM Approaches to Network Monitoring
  • Planning for Outages and Performance Issues
  • Planning for Growth
  • The Future of Full-Stack Monitoring

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