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Discover the real ROI of DevOps & database DevOps

DevOps is moving into the mainstream and the database is entering the picture. But what Return on Investment can you expect, and what should CEOs, CIOs and IT Managers really care about?

This pioneering whitepaper demonstrates how the appeal of DevOps changes when viewed from the perspective of the various stakeholders involved.

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Free E-Book – Achieving Continuous Delivery for Databases

Continuous delivery helps teams reduce risk and increase efficiency and reliability of their software release process. But because of the specific challenges presented by the database, it isn’t always included in that process.

This book aims to show how it is possible to adapt many of the techniques used successfully in application development and make them applicable to the specific requirements of databases. By making the way we develop, test, deploy, and maintain databases more visible, predictable, and measurable, and working together more effectively as a team, organizations can start to reap the benefits of faster delivery, reduced costs, and increased quality.

Find out more about including the database in your continuous delivery process with this 110 page e-book.

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