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Eliminate Friction in Design Collaboration

Traditional tools of the engineering trade don’t accommodate today’s need for cross-team collaboration. From using different mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) applications to working on projects with stakeholders located all over the world, engineers have to overcome various obstacles to get the job done. Learn how technology can help streamline communications and collaboration, ultimately setting up your team for success.

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Cosine Additive

When he co-founded Cosine Additive Inc. to design a 3D printer that could be economically competitive with traditional manufacturing methods, CTO Andrew McCalip had one design platform in mind. “I’ve always preferred SOLIDWORKS because it’s the most modern package and supports an intuitive, common-sense approach to design,” he says. Learn more. Read the case study.

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The How-To Guide for Changing CAD Tools

When competing in today’s global economy, investments in the design process can help companies quickly develop high-quality, innovative products more economically—helping them stand out from the competition. This white paper explores what is driving companies to change CAD tools and what successful companies are looking for when purchasing a new CAD tool.

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