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The OFAC 50% Rule: When Government Lists Are Not Enough

Revised guidance requires that businesses stay away from or limit their engagement with entities where subjects on the OFAC list have a 50% or greater ownership interest individually or in the aggregate. The catch: OFAC was not going to aggregate those interests or proactively publish them on any list. This new requirement necessitates a significant amount of research to map these holdings, which is something that most compliance departments and list providers do not have the resources to do. It also requires experience to conduct due diligence in multiple languages given the global nature of such holdings. This paper will help shed light on these new requirements and what you need to do to stay compliant.
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The Accidental Intrapreneur: Becoming the Knowledge Center CEO

In a world where you can ask your smartphone for directions to your destination or for a diagnosis of a troubling medical symptom, conversations about the value of curated information and professional information services take on a new urgency. No longer is it enough for knowledge centers to have highly-skilled information professionals providing the best, most authoritative information to clients. Now, you have to take a more strategic approach to the role of the knowledge center within your larger organization. Download this paper for key insights into how to effectively respond to new competitive pressures, find out clients’ new needs, and create new services that best meet those needs.
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