The Advantage of Deploying Dell Rugged PCs

Dell’s unique approach to rugged computing includes a battery of tests and hardware development methods designed to produce more reliable, rugged systems, and its scale allows it to deliver the latest technologies faster and more reliably to the market. Dell’s broad presence as a global PC manufacturer allows them to serve higher volume and more customers around the world, thanks to the company’s existing commercial and consumer support network and supply chain. Dell’s approach to rugged computing is an extension of what they have already been doing as a leading manufacturer of enterprise solutions, as well as commercial and consumer PCs.

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Rugged Mobility: 4 Mission Critical Requirements to Keep Remote Workers Productive

Some people’s work takes them to places far beyond the office. Jungles. Deserts. Mountains. Caves. Tundra. Oceans. Even the edge of outer space. Or maybe it’s simply the floor of a giant steel mill, an oil platform or a railroad yard. Wherever they are, conditions can be harsh. Scalding humidity. Torrential rains. Roasting temperatures. Blasts of sand and dust. Yet regardless of where they work, what they do, or their environment, their jobs are mission-critical to the organizations that employ them. And everyday office technology won’t take the rigors of these scenarios.

This white paper provides four mission-critical requirements to keep remote workers productive, no matter what. Download this paper from Dell and Intel® to learn more about comprehensive rugged solutions.

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Get the Right Devices for Your Rugged and Field Environments

People accomplish more with digital tools and workflows, and workforce transformation puts this concept into action by making sure employees have seamless, reliable access to the right IT—anytime, anywhere.

You can ensure each one of your workers has the right device to stay efficient regardless of their workflows and environments by engaging Dell. It provides some of the world’s top PCs, laptops, notebooks and 2-in-1s—plus rugged and rugged extreme tablets and laptops powered by 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors. Download this paper to learn more.

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Business Protection, Simplified: Disaster Recovery Strategies That Work

No matter where a business is on the road to digital transformation, IT and LOB execs must not overlook the importance of having a solid business continuity strategy that doesn’t break the bank. And, the more ‘digital’ a business becomes, the more important it is for 24/7/365 access for customers, whether next door or around the world.

This BattleCard looks at the factors driving business continuity and disaster recovery strategies, and how to structure your BC/DR plan to minimize three critical factors: Recovery time objective (RTO), recovery point objective (RPO), and total cost of ownership (TCO) for your BC/DR solution.

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Application Modernization: On the Path to Digital Transformation

In our “there’s an app for that” environment, businesses need to offer their customers anywhere, anytime, any device access to engage with customers, suppliers, and employees. However, critical business logic in legacy applications is often trapped in on-premises datacenters, limiting access in today’s multi-cloud, multi-vendor world.

This BattleCard looks at ways business-critical legacy applications can be freed from their data center roots, and how to develop a plan for re-factoring or re-platforming tried-and-true code to embrace a business’ digital transformation and become more cloud-savvy

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Data Center Migration: Stepping Stone to Modernization and Cloud

Businesses face a myriad of decisions when embarking on their digital transformation journey. Young companies are often ‘born in the cloud’, while established businesses often are burdened with legacy applications and infrastructure that can siphon IT attention from adding business value to chasing after OS upgrades and hardware failures.

This battlecard looks at the challenges enterprises are facing at the outset of their digital transformation and provides guidance on how to utilize off-site hosting capabilities as an important first step to both modernization and the cloud.

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Cloud-Ready Data Protection with Dell EMC

When it comes to effectively and efficiently protecting growing volumes of data, midsized organizations face unique challenges. That is because they live in a world of constraints that are both operational and budgetary in nature. Cloud disaster recovery offers new options for these organizations—they can optimize their data protection economics by integrating on-premises protection solutions with cloud-based backup and recovery methods. Dell EMC’s cloud-ready solutions, particularly its Integrated Data Protection Appliances with native cloud extension capabilities, along with its Data Protection Software working in conjunction with its Data Domain backup storage appliances, provide cloud disaster recovery with flexible features. These solutions enhance operational efficiency and provide midsized organizations with clear economic and operational benefits.

Download this white paper from Dell EMC and Intel® to learn more.

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The Economic Value of Data Domain and Integrated Data Protection Appliances (IDPA)

IT is under constant pressure to deliver optimized infrastructure for new business initiatives and supporting applications all while trying to contain or even reduce costs. Respondents participating in ongoing ESG research consistently cite cost reduction as a top IT priority, but 35% of IT managers tasked with implementing data protection processes and technologies routinely reported cost as the top challenges. Read the report to learn what the findings tell us about today’s data protection challenges (from virtualizing and costs to performance and backup), how ITDMs can reduce related costs and transform infrastructures to meet IT mandates.

Download this white paper from Dell EMC and Intel® to learn more.

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The Business Value of Data Protection in IT Transformation

For many organizations, digital transformation (DX) is the most strategically important initiative for the organization and may determine its ability to compete in the coming decade. IDC estimates that 60% of organizations will have created and begun implementation of a digital transformation strategy by 2020. These DX initiatives are designed to take the organization forward as a proactive, data-driven company that uses and monetizes data to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Download this white paper from Dell EMC and Intel® to learn more.

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Raf Test – Rackspace

Experts Share Tactics to Help Financial Services Organizations

According to PWC, attacks on financial institutions grew 130% last year. And in a recent outage at a regional bank, equipment failure led to $15 million in lost revenue and another $5 million in fee waivers and associated costs. In addition to the raw cost of an incident, financial organizations also face the risk of exposed customer information, regulatory fines, loss of trust and impact to stock prices.

In the webinar, Minimizing Data Disruptions Through Business Continuity Planning, our experts will:

  • Define the scope of data continuity, including disaster recovery and mitigation.
  • Discuss common causes of service interruptions.
  • Show you how to identify the right data continuity solution for your organization.
  • Define tiers of disaster recovery, including multi-tenant DR and full-featured solutions.
  • Share strategies for handling complexity and other DR issues.

An effective business continuity strategy can provide immense value for your organization — better planning would have saved that regional bank $20 million and a lot of dissatisfied customers.

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Breakthrough Technology Interactive eGuide

The workplace is changing and the one-size-fits-all approach to technology is changing along with it. As a result, your organization may need to rethink how to keep productivity high, promote collaboration, delight employees with the latest devices all while keeping IT within budget. This interactive eGuide will be your one-stop resource to understand all the new innovation available in Dell’s latest notebooks, desktops, 2-in-1s and ecosystem powered by 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors that can keep your organization future-ready.

Access the eGuide from Dell and Intel® and you will learn:

  • How the workplace and workforce is changing
  • What tools and solutions help IT go from maintenance to innovation
  • How innovation is changing notebooks, 2-in-1s, desktops and workstations
  • The latest Windows 10 features employees will be talking about
  • What you need to keep endpoints and data secure

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The Total Economic Impact of Dell’s PC Lifecycle Services

Both public and private organizations acknowledge that managing the PC life cycle becomes more complicated and expensive as the variety of PC devices and employee workstyles increase. In order to be fully productive, different groups of employees have different needs in terms of end-user device hardware, software, and configuration. Dell and Intel® commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by leveraging Intel® Core™ vPro processors and Dell’s ProDeploy Plus and ProSupport Plus services.

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Evolving Security to Accommodate the Modern Evolving Worker

In order to keep pace with the growth of business mobility without falling prey to its potential risks, IT must be able to efficiently address complex issues ranging from service provisioning, device procurement, and security oversight. Why? Information workers need access to often sensitive information across a wide range of business applications and devices from wherever they are. In other words, security and privacy policies that doesn’t impede end-user productivity will empower workers and boost their performance.

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Security for the Modern Worker

Today's dynamic data demands pose new threats to security and IT professionals have to mitigate new risks without restricting the flow of information. Per findings discovered in a recent Forrester report, "Evolving Security to Accommodate the Modern Worker", Brett Hansen, Dell's Vice President of Client Software and General Manager of Data Security, shares his insights on solutions Dell provides to meet the needs of employees and IT.

Download this article to learn:

  • What IT departments can do to tailor security solutions to different users
  • How flexible security can be to address the needs of various workers
  • Which solutions are best at protecting your data

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Whitepaper – Driving Healthcare Innovation with Microservices

The healthcare industry has been affected by disruption and the need for healthcare innovation. Legislative, market, and technology pressures make it imperative for healthcare organizations — including hospitals and health systems, payers, and life sciences companies — to become more agile.

IT teams in the industry are considering a microservices-based architecture as a means of accelerating healthcare innovation and increasing project delivery speed. MuleSoft research suggests that application development productivity increases of up to 10x are possible. Healthcare specifically stands to benefit from this architectural paradigm.

This whitepaper will address:

  • Why microservices matter for healthcare IT teams and for healthcare innovation.
  • Design principles for a microservices architecture.
  • How Anypoint Platform can help you implement microservices best practices.

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