AI Powered Text to Voice Generator

Introducing the new online tool that will revolutionize the way you create voice overs for your projects. Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming process of recording and editing, and hello to effortless and efficient AI-generated voice overs. With Generative Voice AI, you can easily create professional-quality voice overs in a matter of minutes, freeing up your time to focus on other important aspects of your work.

Our platform utilizes the latest in AI technology to create realistic and natural sounding voice overs. With just a few clicks, you can have a professional sounding voice over for your project. We offer an extensive library of Ultra-Realistic voices in many styles and accents, but if you need a specific vocal performance, you can also clone a voice with anywhere from 30 seconds to 4 hours of speech audio.

With a robust rich-text editor, simply enter your script and generate the voice lines. Building something that needs voice available on demand? Voice generation is also available through API access. This means that you can easily stream the audio content directly into your app for low latency voice generation.

If you want to see in action, check out our demo video below.

With, you can scale your audio project completion rate to new levels, efficiently. Sign up for a live demo here.

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DevOps: Taking Your Infrastructure to the Next Level

High-performing DevOps teams state a 106x faster lead time, and a 7x lower change failure rate, than their lower-performing peers in a 2019 DORA/Google Cloud survey.

Already sold on DevOps? How well is your DevOps organization performing? What's your next step?

Join discussion on how simulation can help you level up your DevOps practices.

What you will learn:

  • How to remove bottlenecks caused by lack of hardware availability
  • Why (and how) choosing accuracy vs. speed may help you go faster
  • How nondestructive testing can save you money
  • How to test on 1 or 100 devices without doing 100x the work

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Future Tech Series Immersive Reality

Whether you’re creating safer training scenarios, developing project blueprints, working out technical issues, or showing off a completed project, immersive technologies is poised to take construction to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Download this free eBook, and check out 9 of the hottest new virtual technologies the industry has to offer.

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