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Cloud for Dummies, IBM Midsize Company Limited Edition

Midsize companies need to understand how cloud computing is valuable to many different constituents within their organization. The benefit of cloud computing for IT leaders is that it actually is an invitation to the boardroom for the IT manager who learns how to leverage the cloud to enable the business to be more flexible and responsive to client needs and new market opportunities. This book gives mid-sized companies insights on what it means to create flexible pools of computing resources that break down silos in your company so you can perform in a smarter and more proactive manner.
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Delivering Worry-Free Storage

For small and midsize businesses, the challenge of building an IT storage infrastructure that is both effective and affordable can be daunting. The amount of information these organizations need to store is constantly increasing, while IT budgets are staying the same, or possibly even shrinking. IT managers will most likely find themselves having to do more with less. Learn how IBM's new features for
low-end storage systems can increase efficiency, protect the data storage environment and drive a lower total cost of ownership.
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Addressing The Small and Midsized Business Storage Challenge

As small and midsize businesses (SMBs) struggle with the challenge of managing more data with fewer resources and limited budget, the industry has responded with storage solutions that are either too small (low functionality and hard to deploy and manage) or too big (high capacity and performance with a high price tag). SMBs need the same storage services that the enterprise data center has become accustomed to but in a smaller, less expensive and easier to use package. IBM is announcing a new generation of storage systems that is designed specifically for small and midsize businesses: the IBM® Storwize® V3700 system, delivering efficient enterprise-level data services to the SMB market at an affordable price.
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How B2B Solutions Can Enable Growth

In this IBM sponsored webcast, representatives from BlueStar and REMEDI discuss how their partnership allowed BlueStar to overcome their B2B integration challenges, increase efficiency, and do away with error-prone manual processes. Attend the webcast and you will learn how REMEDI's rapid implementation plan allowed BlueStar to speed time to market and demonstrate business results and ROI almost immediately. The webcast also discusses how BlueStar gained greater visibility into their business network and greatly increased the speed of their error resolution processes.
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Banking On Analytics Financial Services Count On A Consolidated, Secure Platform For Real-time Analytics

This Forrester thought leadership paper provides Business Analytics and Data Warehousing owners and influencers the insight they need to enable them to more efficiently plan and execute on a successful Business Analytics Strategy. The paper is purposed to drive awareness and engagement for new prospects, as well as existing customers. The paper will be behind registration so that customer/reader information may be captured; we look for visitors to take steps deeper into their buyer's journey.
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Private Clouds Will Use Hybrid Infrastructure- The Role Of Mainframes In Cloud: To Meet The Full Range Of Reliability And Security Needs

This paper looks at the requirements of the next generation of applications moving to the cloud. The paper discusses cloud customers' desire for a greater infrastructure choice and openness to hybrid infrastructures. The paper concluded shtt hybrid cloud infrastructures are inevitable, particularly for private environments. Hybrid clouds deliver higher values with high compute density, yielding strong cost efficiency for applicable workloads.
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PureFlex-Next Smart Step in Enterprise IT Evolution

More and more organizations are getting by just supporting data center status quo. However utilizing the majority of IT budgets to just keep data center lights on is crippling todays IT and strangling hopes of capturing future benefits. By just keeping pace how will you be able to meet the changing needs of tomorrow?
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Protect Your IT System with Next Generation Security

A data breach, probing hackers, protect your critical IT information. What these real-life examples have in common is that perpetrators can attack companies through their IT systems. Read how trusted computing from IBM PureFlex System can help secure your systems against emerging threats.
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Workload Optimized, Pre-Integrated Server/Storage

In this Advisory, Clabby Analytics takes a closer look at a class of servers known as pre integrated servers. These types of servers are usually assembled by information systems vendors that have deep system/subsystem knowledge, giving them the ability to highly integrate a systems central processing unit (CPU) with underlying subsystems (memory, storage, input/output [I/O]). The end result of this deep integration is an extremely high performance system design upon which a variety of workloads can be mounted.
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Serving the Cloud by TBR

An analysis and perspective from leading IT Industry analysts, Technology Business Research (TBR) on how x86 servers and the implementation of private clouds offer a secure and cost-effective means for midmarket to reduce costs and provide flexible computing capacity.
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