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Securing Containers in the Cloud

A blueprint for container and orchestration best practices.

Few would argue against the benefits containers and containerized applications running on cloud resources have brought to businesses. Containers enable agile deployment capabilities, so require less coordination and oversight than on-premise or virtualization infrastructure, and in many cases, offer more flexibility. These new architectures and dynamic infrastructures that support and automate application deployment and management have introduced security challenges as well.

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  • About container orchestration, microservices, and service meshing
  • How to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in containerized environments
  • Solutions to security issues that containers can create

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Cloud has evolved. Are your security tools keeping pace?

Why Threat Stack customers are switching to Lacework

Organizations that bought early cloud security products are finding that those tools aren’t keeping up with dynamic environments ruled by APIs and microservices on containers, and server instances that constantly scale up and down.

More than 20 customers migrated from Threat Stack to Lacework last quarter. Without a major investment in time or security expertise, they gained new insight into their environment, decreased time spent on compliance programs, and reduced alert fatigue.

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