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Is your software a “Classic”? It could be costing you more time & money than you think!

Let’s say everything in your business relied on an unorganized paper filing system. Cabinets after cabinets of folders lined the walls and stretched up the ceiling, so much so that it not only became difficult for anyone to find anything, but they were forced to work around the mess. It sounds cumbersome and inefficient, right? Like the sort of thing that would be a huge detriment to your business’s growth.

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Building Custom Business Software vs. Buying Pre-Made Solutions

We’ll discuss what factors you should be considering when comparing custom software and premade solutions. You should have already completed a gap analysis of your business processes in Part 3: Analysing Software Features and Creating a Comparison Chart. Now we should be able to decide whether there is a pre-made solution that fits your specific needs, or if custom software provides the flexibility and unique features your business requires.

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