Considerations for modernizing your SAP environment

Your business relies on your SAP environment for critical processes and data. However, organizations must migrate their underlying databases to SAP HANA by2027. Red Hat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offermodern, optimized solutions for SAP HANA that help you migrate more easily, and build a foundation for success. Download the overview to learn more.

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Modernize your SAP environment with Red Hat and AWS

Across industries, companies use SAP® applications to run their business operations. Migrating your SAP environment presents an opportunity to modernize your underlying IT infrastructure with cloud technologies to reduce costs, streamline operations and maintenance,and increase business agility. Together, Red Hat® and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a proven foundation for SAP HANA that improves data center innovation,efficiency, and flexibility. The combination of Red Hat Enterprise Linux® for SAP with High Availability and Update Services and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) gives you the speed, reliability, and flexibility you need for the future.Download the brief to learn more about Red Hat andAWS solutions for SAP.

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Near-zero downtime for SAP production environments

Reducing planned and unplanned downtime for SAP applications requires a focus on both infrastructure andon SAP itself. Deploying your SAP landscapes on RedHat Enterprise Linux provides a stable foundation that delivers stability, performance, security, and high availability at scale. Designed specifically for SAP environments, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions provides key stability for your SAP landscape and IT environment.

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Reducing downtime for SAP HANA

With more than 20 years of joint innovation, Red Hat andSAP tailor solutions for the needs of business-critical applications. The combination of SAP® HANA® System Replication and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® for SAP Solutions enhances the ability to operate SAP HANA landscapes with less downtime, helping organizations avoid business disruption, lost revenue, and reputation damage. Read this overview to learn more.

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Enabling a Remote Workforce

Businesses able to stand up a remote workforce are seeing definite advantages in our current climate. This webinar offers insights, planning considerations and use cases for enabling digital workspaces. Learn about virtual desktops, remote access, data security and more to help your business move to a virtual environment wisely and safely.

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VMware Case Study

This VMware webinar offers a Workspace ONE digital journey enhanced by learnings from the COVID-19 response to Work-From-Home (WFH) situation. Through a custom testing environment, explore leveraging existing infrastructure, ensuring data security, managing access permissions and delivering a productive, positive employee experience – all necessary components for successfully working remotely.

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TCU Case Study

Texas Christian University (TCU) enhances user experience by standing up active-active data centers with zero downtime. Hear how Möbius Partners designed a business continuity solution with a higher level of availability and resilience by leveraging existing hardware. Möbius Partners upgraded the university’s ability to protect its data while increasing their disaster preparedness.

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SMB Hybrid – IT

In this book, you see that there are two sides to the server infrastructure equation and discover how each contributes to what will ultimately become the new normal in IT: hybrid IT.

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AI-Powered, Self-managing Infrastructure

Unless you’re an IT company, you’re not in business to run IT. You’re in business to manufacture things, provide services, serve customers—ultimately, to make money. You want to be spending your time running your business, not looking after the IT you use to do it.

The trouble is, IT does need looking after. Sometimes computers run slow or crash. They get filled up with files and run out of space. They have to be protected from the latest viruses. If you neglect routine maintenance you can suffer disruption to business, loss of revenue and damage to your reputation.

But keeping infrastructure up to date can be a very time-consuming task. In fact, it’s the biggest challenge 50% of IT managers face and it can cost 11% of overall IT running costs . Yet while it’s important, this reactive manual work diverts your skilled IT staff from strategic innovation1 that could add more value to your business.

Fortunately, there’s now a way out of this dilemma: a new generation of IT infrastructure that manages itself.

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The Hidden Costs of Cloud Storage

Moving to the cloud is becoming a necessity. Organizations need to increase support for remote workers and move business- critical applications to the cloud, all while cutting costs. In many cases, cloud storage is a major roadblock for moving applications to the cloud. Applications need more storage every year and they require terabytes of data. You are at the mercy of your cloud provider. Also, applications often need performance from storage, in which cloud storage vendors will again require you to purchase more storage to gain performance.

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HPE GreenLake VDI LightHouse Program

The HPE GreenLake virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) lighthouse program is an innovative, turnkey solution from HPE Pointnext Services. It offers organizations that are planning to refresh their VDI environments with a unique as-a-service option to keep their workloads on-premises, scale simply, and pay-per-user, per-month.

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Getting Started with Mobile Attribution

With over 5 million apps in the App Store and Google Play combined, marketers today cannot rely on pure organic discovery of their apps. That's why app owners are realizing that marketing-driven, non-organic installs play an increasingly important role in the marketing mix.

This guide will show you how to get started with mobile attribution. Including the underlying methodology of mobile attribution, post-install marketing analytics, and fraud.

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