Citrix Tech Insight Demo Video: Micro VPN

Traditional VPNs grant the entire device access to backend resources. With the micro VPN, which is part of Citrix EndPoint Management, a single , per app VPN gives access to a specific app backend resource.

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Citrix Tech Insight Demo Video: Access Control for StoreFront

Access Control for StoreFront integrates SaaS and web apps into an on-premises StoreFront deployment. When integrated, users can access the SaaS and web apps from StoreFront and have the following capabilities:

  • SSO to SaaS apps.
  • Enhanced SaaS app security.
  • URL filtering within SaaS apps.

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Tech Insight – Microapp Overview

Learn how Citrix Workspace Intelligence allows users to be more productive through the use of microapps. Microapps leverage publicly available APIs within SaaS, web, legacy, and homegrown applications to allow users to view information and perform actions without launching the full application.

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