Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop

Today’s IT departments are under pressure to reduce costs and embrace cloud agility, while being asked to manage an ever increasing list of desktop, web and mobile applications. Citrix virtual apps and desktops is the platform of choice for Enterprise IT. Giving administrators robust tools to simplify management of complex environments.

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Citrix SD-WAN

Organizations today need a modern network. One that is cloud ready and can deliver the best experience for all types of apps, whether SaaS, cloud or virtual. With Citrix SD-WAN a poor quality Office 365 experience in remote sites is a thing of the past. Citrix SD-WAN is a complete wan edge solution that delivers high performance and exceptional experience.

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Scale, Simplify And Secure

On its own, Citrix SD-WAN is a powerful tool that can help you secure, scale and simplify branch networking with a high-performance workspace. But did you know that since Citrix is a Microsoft Virtual WAN preferred partner, SD-WAN customers can experience even faster onboarding to workloads in Azure? And that's just the beginning.

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5 Facts You Need to Know About Educational Resilience Today

As old perimeters crumble, new malware threats advance. Traditional cybersecurity solutions aren’t enough to keep your modern educational environment safe.

Here’s what you need to know about the current state of educational cybersecurity—and how to achieve educational resilience for your institution.

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5 STEPS to achieving endpoint resilience in education

Malware is one of the most critical threats hitting the education sector. And endpoint resilience is an imperative.

Educational institutions are embarking on a digital transformation by adopting technology that provides teachers and students with an interactive and engaging way to access curriculum. As a result, learning establishments have now adopted endpoint devices that are exposed to a multitude of environments, from heterogeneous operating systems to open networks. This trend has created a positive shift in how instruction is facilitated in the classroom. It has also pushed the modern endpoint forward as the new front line of defense against cyberthreats.

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Closing The Gap In SaaS Security

Companies lack the ability to monitor and manage the interactions going on across SaaS applications. Join experts from Okta and BetterCloud for a deep dive on the #1 item on the roadmap for today’s IT and security teams. This webinar covers:

  • Beyond IDaaS: the key differences between user connections and user interactions.
  • Understanding insider threats: how susceptible are you?
  • Forming a systematic approach to managing and securing user interactions across a sprawling SaaS landscape.

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State of Insider Threats in the Digital Workplace

While cybercriminals, hacktivists, and ransomware often make a big splash in the news headlines, the reality is that the biggest security threat is often right in front of you.

Insiders—people already in your organization—pose a pervasive security risk, whether their behavior is malicious or accidental.

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The Ultimate Offboarding Checklist for Modern IT Professionals

What should a complete offboarding workflow look like?

Offboarding in the age of SaaS is more than just revoking access. There are many more steps than people often realize—steps that are critical for data security, compliance efforts, and business continuity.

Of course, every company’s offboarding process will differ slightly, from the timing of certain steps to what your source of truth is. We’ve offboarded one million employees across 3,000 companies, and we’ve seen all kinds of variations. But generally speaking, these best practices will make sure that every user is fully offboarded, every time, without fail.

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Testing SD-WAN Service Is the Easy Part

Enterprises today have many options for the testing and early deployment of SD-WAN services, including free trial programs offered by vendors or through service providers. Testing SD-WAN with a few sites is the easy part of attaining some initial knowledge about SD-WAN service. Deploying and monitoring SD-WAN service in a large-scale production environment is where many enterprises realize the value a managed SD-WAN service brings.

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GTT SD-WAN Partner Checklist

Choosing the right SD-WAN partner is critical for success. Corporate enterprises should plan to compare two to three partners in terms of reach, managed service offerings, timeline and price.

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The Total Economic Impact™ of GTT SD-WAN

Forrester Consulting provides independent and objective research-based consulting to help leaders succeed in their organizations. Ranging in scope from a short strategy session to custom projects, Forrester’s Consulting services connect you directly with research analysts who apply expert insight to your specific business challenges. For more information, visit

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What Are The Most Secure Programming Languages

We all know that behind every developer is a beloved and often contentious programming language. In heated debates over which language is the best, the security card usually comes into play in support of one language or to discredit another. We decided to address this debate once and for all and put it to the test by taking a close look at seven of the most popular programming languages today to see which are the most secure.

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