Top 5 HR Processes That Are The Culprits Of Busy Work

As a Human Resources lead, you’re involved in every part of your company. And some days, it can certainly feel like it. If it seems like you’re retyping the same thing over and over again, there’s a good chance you might be. But you shouldn’t have to. When you implement a good process, work stops being so repetitive, and starts being more effective. Get familiar with the top five HR processes that are the culprits of busy work, and what you can do to make that work flow.

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Top 5 IT Processes That Are The Culprits Of Busy Work

The IT department is responsible for keeping businesses running. But that shouldn’t mean your days are spent running around, looking for hardware, tracking down licenses, and responding to requests. The success of your department is built on organization and process. How solid is your foundation? Get familiar with the top five processes within Information Technology to see how others have laid the groundwork for success.

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Top 5 Sales Processes That Are The Culprits Of Busy Work

Selling services and products is paramount to any organization’s success. But manually entering sales leads and contracts inevitably leaves teams with less me to close deals and service existing clients. Leads, and customers, end up moving along much faster than a sales person’s ability to get through all the paperwork. When sales teams adopt effective (automated) processes into their systems, tedious, paper based tasks, can be completed in just a few clicks. Get familiar with the top processes within Sales to see how others have begun laying the groundwork for future success.

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Top 5 Finance Processes That Are The Culprits Of Busy Work

Everyone wants to be successful at work, confident they’re doing the best job possible. But busy-ness doesn’t always equal effectiveness. More often than not, busy-ness isn’t a reflection of the worker, it’s a reflection of the process— or lack thereof. Get familiar with the top five workflow processes within Finance to ensure your busy-ness is what’s best for the business.

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Demystifying Workflow – Making sense of making process make sense

While you might be aware of workflow automation, you might not be aware of what it’s truly capable of. The Demystifying Workflow eBook pulls back the veil to expose the things like:

  • How workflow automation actually works
  • What business processes look like when workflow is present
  • The measureable business value in having an optimized workflow
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Workflow Automation Guide

For those who’ve heard of workflow automation, and aren’t quite sure of what it is, the Workflow Automation Guide provides a great overview of what it means for businesses, covering basics like:

  • Why poor processes often get overlooked
  • Where manual habits often exist
  • Why automation is crucial for long-term success
  • What businesses gain with the right workflow automation solution
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Your first steps to a well-paying data science career.

Are you looking for a data science job? Springboard has just launched the first online course to offer you a data science job or your money back. Benefit from personalized mentorship, 1-to-1 career coaching, and a curated curriculum on your way to starting a data science career. Fill in your information to get the course syllabus!
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Data Architecture Optimization

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®), built on Hadoop, offers the ability to capture all structured and emerging types of data, keep it longer, and apply traditional and new analytic engines to drive business value, all in an economically feasible fashion. In particular, organizations are breathing new life into Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)-centric data architectures by integrating HDP to take advantage of its capabilities and economics. Download our whitepaper to learn more about the benefits of an optimized data architecture.
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How Big Data in the Cloud Drives the Connected Data Architecture

More and more companies are taking the journey to become truly data-driven — a smart, strategic shift for the future. But this journey presents some unique challenges. The high costs and resulting inflexibility of moving large computing infrastructures online has sparked interest in how cloud computing may alleviate some of the hurdles faced by today’s organizations in leveraging Big Data. Download our whitepaper to see how your organization can best leverage big data.
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Maximize Big Data in the Cloud

Today’s modern enterprise has options when it comes to computing: on-premises and in the cloud. Each has its own unique benefits. However, when it comes to Apache Hadoop, deploying it in the cloud offers additional benefits. Download our whitepaper to see how Apache Hadoop's cloud computing can help your organization.

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Scaling Your Organization With the Cloud

No matter your organization's size or type, data is your most valuable asset. As you continue to store and analyze customer and company data, on-premises deployment solution is no longer a cost-effective or scalable option.

Historically, organizations have used physical hardware to run programs or store data. Today, the information age has evolved into cloud computing as the preferred modern IT solution. To better understand how cloud computing can help your organization, download our whitepaper to learn more.

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2017 Strategic Roadmap for Storage

Emerging storage hardware and software enable I&O leaders to lower acquisition costs per terabyte and improve manageability. In addition to focusing on agility, automation and cost reductions, IT leaders should address the cultural changes and skill set shortages caused by digital business projects.
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Leveraging the Power of the Next Generation Data Center

A visual infographic highlighting the five architectural principles of developing the Next Generation Data Center (NGDC), including scale-out, guaranteed performance, automated management, data assurance, and global efficiencies. This infographic typically accompanies the white paper, Designing the Next Generation Data Center, which is more in-depth account of the 5 principles.
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