All-Flash Systems for Oracle

Would you like to accelerate your database application development by up to 50%? It’s easy with NetApp® all-flash technology. Watch this two-minute video to learn how flash storage can help you respond faster to change and keep pace with the dynamic demands of your business.
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Flash Accelerated and Cloud Ready: New Storage Requirements for Enterprise Apps

Consolidating to a flash-optimized infrastructure results in 50% to 80% fewer drives being deployed.  This, along with the need for high performance and agility, has propelled flash to have one of the highest growth rates within the storage industry.  Learn how the combination of flash-optimized architectures and cloud have changed the storage requirements for mixed workloads that are common among most organizations.
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Increasing Enterprise Application Performance with Flash Storage

Enterprise applications are the lifeblood of IT. We rely on them for everything from optimizing manufacturing to tracking customer satisfaction. This paper examines the criteria for selecting flash storage in support of enterprise applications and makes recommendations based on the strengths of each flash system. Explore how to align enterprise application performance, management, and growth with business priorities through the use of connected flash storage systems.
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Moving Toward the All Solid-State Storage Data Center

Gartner: Moving Toward the All Solid-State Storage Data Center

Are you only using solid-state arrays for your primary data? If so, you’re missing out on the benefits flash can deliver to other applications, such as active archives, data lakes, and big data infrastructures. In this independent report, Gartner finds that progressive I&O leaders are already moving toward an all solid-state data center and predicts that others will soon follow. Read the report here.
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Evolution of NetApp Flash Storage

How has flash evolved over the years? This infographic takes you from the invention of flash memory in 1980 to its introduction in storage systems in 2008 to where we are today: an all-flash platform that supplies flexible, independent scaling of both capacity and performance.
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Top Three Benefits of All-Flash Arrays

Everybody knows all-flash storage is faster than disk, but that’s just part of the story. Early adopters are raving about the other benefits, too, including big savings in IT time and resources. Download the Top Three Benefits of All-Flash Arrays to learn more.
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NetApp All Flash FAS: Flash-Optimized Storage for Mixed Workload Consolidation

Flash storage is taking the enterprise market by storm. With all-flash arrays (AFAs) now available from every major enterprise storage vendor, they are quickly becoming a mainstream general purpose deployment platform for mixed workloads. According to IDC, flash technology will come to dominate primary storage platforms by 2020. Read this independent whitepaper to learn what sets the NetApp AFF apart from other AFAs on the market, and discover why IDC describes the AFF as “the crown jewel” in the NetApp portfolio of all-flash storage solutions.
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How to Compare All-Flash Arrays

The technical and financial advantages of solid state drives are driving a rapid transition from hard disk-drive (HDD) and hybrid-flash array (HFA) storage systems to all-flash arrays (AFAs). The white paper identifies some of the key considerations for evaluating all-flash storage infrastructure for three major uses cases: standalone applications, virtualized applications, and next-generation cloud services.
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Flash Storage Moves Front and Center in the Enterprise

In competitive business environments, speed is a key differentiator. IT organizations worldwide have realized significant value in transitioning from traditional disk to flash-based storage architectures, paving the path to making businesses more responsive and ultimately more competitive. Learn how to transform traditional IT with high-speed data delivery while reducing the costs and risks.
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Keys to Business Success with All-Flash Storage

Are you building a business case for replacing disk systems with all-flash? Read this paper to find out what enterprise users are saying about their own experiences with all-flash storage. Findings are based on over a dozen different product reviews.
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True or False: Debunking Flash Myths

This e-book addresses common misconceptions about enterprise flash storage, providing clarity for anyone using or considering flash in enterprise environments. Learn about old myths laid to rest and the reality of how enterprises can make full use of their flash storage investment.
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Keeping Leadership Happy with IT Service and Support

Today’s up-and-coming executives are expected to measure every aspect of their team’s work and provide insights to their own leaders. For today’s IT service and support leaders to be successful, there’s a critical need to not only measure, but to better understand how to go about it.

There are a few different ways you can provide visibility to your leadership team:

  • IT Asset Management
  • IT Service Desk
  • Actionable Insights
  • Performance Improvement
  • Customer Satisfaction

Download this white paper to understand how IT service and support has the unique opportunity to track and report on their performance, showcasing the value of continuous improvement.

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Delivering high performing mobile applications with Cloud (With Forrester)

Join Forrester and IBM to learn how, clients are leveraging mobile and cloud to transform their businesses and bring new innovations to market. Understand how organizations can continuously deliver high quality mobile enterprise applications that leverage Cloud computing to securely integrate with their IT systems opening up new sources of revenue and innovation. Forrester Principal Analyst John M. Wargo will share insights Forrester has gleaned from conversations with clients deploying packaged solutions and building custom applications using cloud services. IBM's Botond Kiss will provide insight into how leading organizations are using cloud to accelerate their mobile transformation.
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Why Good Apps Are Not Good Enough

What consumers want — that you might not know.

Many business leaders in the Forrester survey were unaware of what consumers really wanted from a mobile app. For example, many customers wanted a reliable app that didn't drain their batteries, while business leaders thought customers preferred apps with all the “bells and whistles.”
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The Total Economic Impact Of IBM MobileFirst Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By MobileFirst

Enterprise-grade mobile apps can have a major impact on the bottom line, with capabilities that include continuously improving mobile apps, making them secure, conceptualizing and personalizing mobile apps, and enriching them with enterprise data. Forrester Consulting evaluated the potential financial impact of MobileFirst on organizations and how this mobile enterprise application platform and associated application deployment and management capabilities can be leveraged to win, serve, and retain customers.
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