Point of View: Supporting Distance Learners and Educators

Recent years have brought a huge shift in the workplace around mobility. Smartphones and tablets are now essential work tools for employees in many types of organizations and many lines of work. But where do these employees turn when they need help with an app or setting, especially if they use their personal device for work purposes?

A guided support model meets employee expectations and increases IT effectiveness.

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Transforming Business in the Mid-Market: A Guide for Engaging with Customers

Driving growth in the face of increased competition and tighter margins is a challenge for businesses that need to cost-effectively acquire new customers while retaining existing ones. And while mid-market firms widely accept that technology is critical to achieving this goal, the key is figuring out how to best use it to drive competitive value through customer relationships. This guide discusses the technologies best able to support midmarket organizations in efficient pursuit, development, and retention of new and existing customers.

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Zerto Keeps City of Tyler Blooming with IT Resilience

Zerto enabled Tyler IT to quickly recover in one instance where a support technician accidentally wiped out an application and all the data associated with it.

VMs are easily created and migrated to DR, making it easy to take down and repair VMs.

IT resilience helps the city prepare for annual security audits by Criminal Justice Information Systems.

Download this case study to learn how Zerto Keeps the City of Tyler Blooming with IT Resilience.

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Zerto Bridges IT Transformation for New Canadian Blood Services Datacenter

Canadian Blood Services in Ottawa is committed to providing a steady and safe supply of blood, plasma, stem cells, and organs and tissues to millions of Canadians.

Canadian Blood Services needed a pain-free datacenter migration and rapid recovery.

Download this case study to learn how Zerto bridges IT Transformation for new Canadian Blood Services Datacenter.

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Mrs. Mac’s Achieves RPO of Seconds with Zerto

Since the late 1980s, Mrs. Mac’s has seen vast growth in distribution, new technology and products developed. Their products are sold throughout Australia and New Zealand and their range has grown extensively in recent years.

Mrs. Mac’s previous snapshot-based back-up solution couldn’t deliver the RPO/RTOs required to guarantee continuous availability for their fast-growing business. They also needed the ability to recover from ransomware and other disasters, but with both production and their DR site in the same location this would be difficult.

Find out how Zerto and Zettagrid helped Mrs. Mac’s achieve RPOs of seconds and the ability to recover in the event of an outage or disruption. “With our existing DR solution, we had an RPO of about an hour. This really wasn’t acceptable for us moving forward with our dependence on our IT systems. We are now replicating to SecondSite with Zerto and have an RPO of seconds.”

– Josh Pierre, IT Manager, Mrs. Mac’s Pies

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Workload Migration Checklist

Migrating IT infrastructure to adapt to ever-evolving IT strategies has long been a challenge for any business. Factors such as in-house knowledge of applications, the speed of technological change in the IT industry, as well as constant emerging cloud technologies means that these migrations can quickly become complex and challenging to implement.

Zerto delivers a standardized approach to handling these challenges, providing an agnostic offering capable of providing enterprises with a truly resilient IT infrastructure. Utilizing Continuous Data Protection (CDP), the traditional migration window can be reduced from days to just a few minutes, with next to no impact on the production environment until the migration is performed.

Download this checklist for an overview to help plan a datacenter migration project and ensure accountability throughout each step.

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Comparison: Zerto Versus Legacy Disaster Recovery

There are many different approaches to providing disaster recovery in virtualized IT environments. This datasheet focuses on the following technologies and products:

  • Replication
  • Array-based replication such as Dell, EMC, HPE, NetApp and other storage vendors
  • Software-based replication such as VMware vSphere Replication
  • Orchestration
  • Disaster Recovery orchestration software such as VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

Download this data sheet for more details about the key differentiators of Zerto Versus Legacy Disaster Recovery.

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Recover from Ransomware in Seconds

Ransomware threats increased by 300% last year, and the industry is expecting it to get worse.

Ransomware victims’ greatest pains are downtime and data loss. Current DR and Backup solutions aren’t equipped to help you manage it at the speed of business.

In the webinar we heard from Zerto customer, John Hamilton, Systems Administrator from Sumter County Government, South Carolina, who has used Zerto to recover from malicious attacks on his systems. We discussed how you can transform your data protection approach to ensure you can resume operations seamlessly when facing a ransomware attack.

Gijsbert Janssen Van Doorn, Tech Evangelist at Zerto, walks through a few easy steps to rewind and recover from ransomware with Zerto in under 4 minutes!

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Three Initiatives that Drive Up Infrastructure and Storage Value

As decision makers and architects grapple with these issues, they face demands on a number of fronts. The complexity of infrastructure planning continues to rise, along with the complexity of managing and maintaining resources once they are in place. At the same time, they must streamline the value they get from existing capital budgets and data center space, power, and cooling to accommodate demands for growing infrastructure. The complexity of storing, moving, and managing data also becomes more complex in cadence with its volume and diversity.

This document suggests a few initiatives as a starting point for IT decision makers as they consider how to meet these demands and position themselves and their environments for current and future strategic success.

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The Case For End-To-End Security Solutions For Mid Market Firms

In a digital business, processes are rarely, if ever, confined to the infrastructure of the company. Customers and employees engage across numerous digital channels and dozens of third-party relationships critical to operations. IT leaders must rapidly evolve to protect their firms’ brands, strengthen their reputations, and build customer trust. To do so, security and productivity should go hand-in-hand, and that means a well-defined policy framework, metrics that demonstrate business value, and a business-aligned strategy that ties all this together.

Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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Managing Security Risk And Compliance In A Challenging Landscape

Security leaders have been in front of boards and executive committees long enough to know that security metrics that simply portray statistics from monitoring tools, or count the number of malware attacks, add relatively little value to strategy and budget decisions. Protecting sensitive customer and company data shouldn’t be just a compliance obligation, it should be a business imperative. This is exactly why the right technology partners will help push security, risk, and compliance objectives forward.

In March 2019, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the evolving security trends and technology needed to protect and enable employees. Our study found that empowering employees while adhering to security protocols improves employee productivity. Forrester conducted an online survey of 887 senior business and IT decision makers to explore this topic.

Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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IT Security Can Support the Health of Your Business and Sharpen its Competitive Edge

Pervasive, stringent cybersecurity that also supports productivity goals is achievable. More than just an essential function, IT security can help companies differentiate themselves from their competition and boost their reputations. Mid-market businesses can benefit from Dell Technologies solutions that protect all of IT, including devices, data, and datacenters, on-premises and in the cloud.

Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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Spirit Airlines Case Study

Spirit Airlines is the eighth largest commercial airline in North America, operating more than 400 daily flights to 60 destinations in the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean. After experiencing rapid business growth and an expanded datacenter footprint, Spirit Airlines needed to simplify their data migration and disaster recovery processes to provide resilience in the face of unplanned disruptions.

Download this case study to find out how Spirit Airlines built a business strategy to ensure resilience and geo-diversity for its complex IT infrastructure and systems to withstand natural disasters.

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Unlock the Value of SD-WAN: ROI and Beyond

SD-WAN is a transformational technology, but some vendors often pitch their solutions as a way to save money. Cost reduction is important to earning a return on investment (ROI), but it is not the biggest opportunity with this technology. Instead, enterprises should use SD-WAN to turn the network into a platform for business transformation. This white paper explores how users can plan for ROI and network transformation with SD-WAN.

This white paper focuses on these major topics:

  • Why enterprises are transforming networks with SD-WAN.
  • How SD-WAN supports transformation.
  • After WAN transformation, build your ROI model.
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