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Branding With a Shot

Alina Wheeler’s book Designing Brand Identity is considered a bible for brand professionals. In this breezy, inspirational e-book, you’ll glean insights from two chapters of the book:

  • How brand governance has evolved.
  • Why Deloitte’s brand center is a best-in-class benchmark for brand teams.

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Sustaining Brand Beyond Day Two: A New Approach to Modern Brand Governance

In this webinar, join Kelley Grover - Senior Global Brand Manager at Deloitte - as we discuss the evolution of Deloitte's brand center, Brand Space, and introduce the “new rules” of brand governance that all brands should follow.

Three key takeaways you’ll learn:

  • How has brand governance been disrupted?
  • Why do 70% of rebrands lose momentum at or around the 18-months post-launch?
  • What are the “new rules” of brand governance that all brands should follow?

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Brand Asset Management Comparison Worksheet

Through research with brand leaders and an analysis of many brand center RFPs we've found it takes more than features and functionality to choose a solution that will help you manage your brand successfully.

Many evaluation criteria ignore important criteria that are key to ensuring that you choose not only a system, but the right partner that will help you achieve your long-term brand management objectives. Use this worksheet to inform the criteria your using and evaluate the solutions that best fit your goals.

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Brand Management Scorecard

Evaluate and prioritize which activities can be improved to best deliver against your goals.

A brand’s health starts on the inside. It combines components of governance and the evolution capabilities over time to scale brand. Seeing the landscape of brand governance from an internal perspective helps brand managers lobby for budgets, build long term plans, and address short term issues.

There is no one-size-fits-all model for brand governance. We created this updated scorecard to help brand leaders understand strengths and opportunities to benchmark their brand governance activities against best in class.

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