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The Future of Mobile Apps: Is Your Enterprise Ready?

In this whitepaper, find out why mobile apps have been slow to take hold in the enterprise world until recently – and why that’s changing now. We’ll look at what mobile apps are enabling in terms of productivity and collaboration today, and what they’ll enable in the near future. We’ll address app development tools and platforms and consider whether the future is in native, web-based or hybrid options. And we’ll describe three key factors enterprises need to weigh if they’re to capitalize on what mobile apps can do for their bottom line in the months and years ahead:

1. How you build enterprise mobile apps

2. How you manage them (through their lifecycle)

3. How you protect the data they transmit and store

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What can BES12 do for your organization?

BES12 is the command and control center for the secured enterprise and the core of the BlackBerry® cross-platform Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution.

• BES12 helps you manage enterprise mobility, across iOS, Android™, Windows® Phone and BlackBerry devices. Built on BlackBerry’s trusted, global network, BES12 makes managing enterprise mobility efficient and secure.

•BES12 introduces a new, modern architecture that consolidates all EMM control in a single, easy-to-use console. The new attribute-driven, endpoint-permissions model gives you strict control of devices, apps and data, by person or by group, more efficiently than ever.

• Monitoring and dashboards are streamlined and easy-to-use, increasing your day-to-day productivity.

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The Secret Ingredient in Mobile ROI: Why Security is Paramount in EMM

If you’re in IT, whatever your role or seniority level, you know that security matters in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). And you don’t need another reminder: they spring up every time you catch up on industry news.

Another breach. Another hack. Another brand struggling to minimize the damage. You hope it never happens on your watch. But hope isn’t enough, so you work hard to make sure. And yet those nagging questions keep re-surfacing: Have we done everything we can? Where’s the weak link in our chain? What’s the worst that could happen – and will it?

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