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FreddieMac- Crawl, Walk, Run – Improve IT operations with xMatters

Over the course of the past several years, FreddieMac's IT service management needed a way to pull support staff and information from workday, the current system at the time. They needed a tool that was easy to use, worked reliably all the time, and something that was consistent and fun. Instead of updating information manually on spreadsheets, they were able to achieve IT excellence with xMatters.

Learn more about FreddieMac's journey with xMatters, and how they integrated with ServiceNow to master roster rotations, manage escalations among staff, and streamline the IT infrastructure to grow from ~100 to ~300 support groups.

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How Telefonica Reduced Complexity for MIMs Using Subscriptions & Flow Designer

A couple years ago, Telefonica teamed up with xMatters to transform the comps for MIMs. This process sought to use different tools like workplace or Facebook, to see if there could be improved communications with customers.

The team had trouble using JavaScript, and found the development environment was arcane and broken. They decided to use xMatters Help Pages to understand workflows and custom integration in order to optimize the platform. The team implemented a workplace designer and chatting integration, along with workplace and Facebook integration to streamline the communication process.

Learn more about Telefonica's journey, and how xMatters helped decrease the number of licenses needed for broadcast messages, and subsequently increased their reach of comms with ~600-700 more use cases.

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8 Best Practices in Evolving Mass Communications

Sun Life is a leading international financial services organization providing insurance, wealth and asset management solutions to individual and corporate clients. They needed to overhaul their Global Crisis management program after a severe weather event which spearheaded a company-wide program change. Samantha Lara, Crisis Management Associate at Sun Life presents some best practices in evolving business continuity communications covering a unique implementation roadmap, communications, call trees, assembly testing and more using the xMatters digital service availability platform. You will walk away with working knowledge of an Enterprise-level program that can be implemented in your organization using xMatters.

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5 Steps to Build a Process-Centric IT Organization

Big changes are happening in the IT market and IT organizations across the board are tasked with moving faster.

Gartner, Inc. states that by 2020, 50% of enterprises will entirely replace the tools they use to support core IT operations management functions with those originally used by DevOps teams.

But if organizations don’t fully understand how to execute on continuous delivery and DevOps, how can IT be expected to support it? Optimizing your IT Operations processes is the key.

Read this whitepaper to learn 5 steps to building a process-centric IT organization and effectively position your team for the future.

Benefits include:

  • Better tool investments
  • Structured and consistent collaboration
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Elimination of redundant and overlapping work
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Is ITSM Obsolete in a DevOps World? How to bridge the gap between ITSM and DevOps

As DevOps grows and matures inside more organizations, many people have begun to question whether ITSM is becoming obsolete.

To combat this notion, ITSM professionals need to continually evolve to keep up with the pace of change and help bridge the gap between IT, Development and Operations.

Read this 4-page whitepaper and learn how to:

  • Evolve ITSM to deliver value in a DevOps world
  • Increase ITSM’s value as DevOps processes mature
  • Bridge the gap between traditional ITSM and DevOps tools
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Forrester TEI Study: The ROI of Incident Notification

xMatters commissioned Forrester Research to conduct a study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying its communication platform.

Check out the report to see how a Fortune 500 Communication Company:

  • Achieved a 261% ROI
  • Experienced $753,280 in net present value benefits over 3 years
  • Reduced MTTR by 91% for tier 1 incidents
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4 Ways to Improve Your DevOps Testing

You already know the longer it takes to detect a problem, the more expensive it is to resolve. Your testing needs to happen earlier in the development pipeline while considering all aspects of privacy, security and monitoring.

Read the 4-part eBook to learn how to detect problems earlier in your DevOps testing processes by:

  • Proactively responding to your monitoring software
  • Integrating your security reqs in your initial development
  • Replicating real-world conditions to find unexpected variables
  • Performing continuous testing to uncover points of failure
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3 Ways Our Dev Teams Create Velocity with Multi-System Integrations

We use our integration platform to improve the quality of our products and services, accelerate continuous delivery, and minimize downtime.

Read three use cases that rely on key integrations and toolchains to remove the kinks that slow us down to:

  • Resolve product defects with tools including Zendesk, JIRA, and Slack
  • Monitor and automate releases using systems like Pingdom, JMeter, and Runscope
  • Manage major incidents by using tools like Zendesk, JIRA, and Confluence
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Is Your DevOps Pipeline Leaking?

As a DevOps leader it’s up to you to balance the autonomy and flexibility of a DevOps approach with the business value it was meant to create by making all your pipeline tools more collaborative, integrated, and automated. But challenges arise when you have multiple instances of the same tool, different tools with overlapping functionality, no ability to collaborate across teams—all resulting in unknown bottlenecks and complicated or no reporting.

Read this Gartner research note to learn how to patch any leaks in your DevOps toolchain with:

  • Common challenges of disparate DevOps tools
  • Recommendations for unifying toolchains
  • Tips to optimize your toolchain for continuous delivery
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