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eBook: Not All Cloud Contact Center Platforms Are Created Equal

Everyone says they’re “in the cloud,” but most technology leaders would agree that not all clouds are created equal. When evaluating a cloud contact center solution for your business, it’s important to understand the difference between a true Cloud 2.0 application and traditional software, including which features to look for and why those features are important.

Download this eBook and learn:

  • How a true Cloud 2.0 model is built to provide levels of reliability, scalability, flexibility and security that far exceed those of previous generations
  • The benefits of utilizing a platform built on microservices architecture
  • How to take your business to the next level with a built to scale cloud contact center platform
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Executive Brief: Ten Reasons To Choose PureCloud by Genesys

Whether you want to replace a legacy contact center solution or you’re transforming your customer experience strategy, PureCloud by Genesys delivers fast results and helps you deliver next-generation customer experiences.

This executive brief discusses how PureCloud can help you:

  • Bridge silos for collaboration via chat, video and calls with an all-in-one solution
  • Add new capabilities instantly as PureCloud is a true, native cloud 2.0 solution built using microservices architecture
  • Get up and running in days, not months, using built-in best practices and multiple deployment options
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Ovum Report: The Total Cost of Ownership of Cloud and Premise-Based Contact Center Platforms

A Look at the Five-Year Cost Comparisons for Technology Infrastructure Deployment

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a major consideration for organizations evaluating the pros and cons of cloud-based contact center infrastructure deployment versus an on-premise solution. According to this report, for a 50-seat contact center the average cloud platform costs approximately $150,000 less in year 1 and up to $300,000 by year 5.

This Ovum report also discusses:

  • Which deployment model is right for small, midsize, and large contact centers, based on low, medium or high technology footprint requirements
  • How cloud-based systems are much quicker to deploy and can scale up or down in response to changing business conditions
  • How cloud drives a quicker innovation cycle
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Gartner Report: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service

Interactive Intelligence, a Genesys company, Named a Leader 2 years in a Row

The contact center as a service (CCaaS) market in North America is growing rapidly. CCaaS or cloud contact center solutions offer functions and capabilities that are similar to those required to operate call and contact centers as on-premises contact center infrastructure (CCI), except that they are delivered as a service and paid for on a monthly subscription model.

View this report now to learn:

  • Strengths and cautions to consider when evaluating cloud contact center solution providers
  • How the 10 cloud contact center vendors are positioned in each of the four quadrants – Leaders, Challengers, Visionaries or Niche players
  • Why Interactive Intelligence, a Genesys company, Named a Leader 2 years in a Row
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eBook: 5 Tech Trends Redefining the Customer Experience

We asked analysts and industry leaders what customer engagement trends they thought were key for 2017 and beyond. From cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and bots to a new spin on old ideas, hot topics boil down to five key trends that will define the customer experience going forward.

In this eBook, learn:

  • Five trends will have the biggest impact on customer experience
  • How to use machine learning to detect patterns and trends to deliver the next great customer experiences
  • How to future proof your contact center and adapt to changing customer needs
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Frost & Sullivan: Are You Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience?

Small and mid-sized businesses are in a unique position and have an advantage in customer experience compared with their larger competitors. Read this report from Frost & Sullivan to learn how to leverage this advantage.

Get this report now to learn about:

  • Changing customer expectations and how they have shaped the way companies operate contact centers
  • How SMBs can turn personal knowledge about their customers into a customized experience and competitive advantage
  • The benefits that the cloud offers to SMBs when it comes to their customer experience strategy
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eBook: Engage With Customers in an Ultra-Connected Era

Finding new customers and maintaining relationships with those you already have takes time and effort. When your customers are ready to engage, are you meeting them where they are? As the world becomes more digital it’s vital for all businesses to be able to communicate with customers whenever and wherever the customer wants - be that via phone call, SMS, online chat, or social media.

Get this eBook now to learn

  • How to engage with your customers in an ultra-connected world
  • How to make your customer engagement operations easy and efficient
  • Why it’s time for an all-in-one cloud contact center solution
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eBook: Keeping Pace With The Modern Customer

Your customers’ expectations are higher than ever. The millennial generation demands ease, speed and consistency, no matter how they choose to connect with companies.

Instead of facing the problem head-on, companies have tried to adapt their aging software by simply bolting on new channels (and software) as needed. As with any “Frankenstein” approach, the resulting contact center becomes a slow-moving monster, full of disjointed parts. It’s time to dismantle the monster—tool by tool, process by process—to find out exactly what is holding the contact center back.

Get this eBook now. Learn how you can:

  • Stay ahead of the curve with a cloud based contact center
  • Deliver seamless experiences across voice, web, email, social, and mobile
  • Empower agents with the tools they need to fulfill the high expectations of millennial customers
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