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Top 10 Best Practices in Embedded Analytics

"What is Embedded Analytics?

The objective is to help users work smarter by combining data and analytics to solve high-value business problems and work more efficiently, as these capabilities are available inside the applications users work with every day.This eBook will provide you with the necessary knowledge to successfully implement embedded analytics in your organization.

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The Definitive Guide to Embedded Analytics

The Definitive Guide to Embedded Analytics is designed to answer any and all questions you have about the topic. It will show you what embedded analytics is and how it can help your company. It will show you how to select the right system, and what investments are required for success.
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What’s New in Self-Service Analytics: Top Insights from Our Annual Survey

Why is self-service so critical to businesses? And how is it impacting the relationship between business users and IT departments? Join us as we highlight groundbreaking key findings from our second annual report on the State of Self-Service BI. Intended to make business users more self-reliant and less dependent on their IT teams for data analysis, this report contains comprehensive insights that investigates the underlying need, opportunities for improvement, and key trends and issues affecting the industry.

What’s covered:

· Evolving trends coming in self-service business intelligence

· Key self-service BI capabilities in demand now

· Challenges today that are hampering self-service user adoption & how to overcome them

Event Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2015 Session Times: 10am EST // 3pm GMT OR 3pm EST // 8pm GMT

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Top 10 Emerging Dashboard Design Trends

Dashboards serve an important purpose as they transform dull and sometimes opaque data into visually stunning insights that resonate with a wide range of users. To maximize their impact, however, dashboards must be implemented around the needs of the business, so that the decision makers consuming it can act immediately on the information presented.
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The Art of Dashboard Design: 7 Fundamentals to Master

Why is designing for dashboards so important? It serves as a visual display that represents the most important information needed to achieve a specific objective. But how do you start? What if your not a design expert? This guide will arm you with the top fundamental design concepts that you can apply to the most basic of visuals.
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2015 State of Embedded Analytics Report

The 2015 State of Embedded Analytics Report looks to provide insights to executives, product managers, and technology leaders on why and how organizations embed analytic capabilities within their applications. We delve into the strategic vision, the business case, and the implementation approaches for embedding analytics.

At Logi Analytics, our vision is to create a smarter world by making analytics available to everyone. The traditional approaches to business intelligence are fading, marred by a long track record of expensive and ineffective solutions. In order to create data-driven organizations, applications must bring data and insights to life in an agile, intuitive, and resource-efficient way.

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Visualisations 101

Visualisations, if done right, can do just that. They have the ability to tell a story through the images displayed by guiding users toward a conclusion about their data and empowering them to make a decision based on that.

You wouldn’t write a book without a riveting plotline, would you? So don’t leave your data out in the cold without a story to back it up. But where do you start? How does storytelling work through visualisations?

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