ChangeGear Digital Service Management

Uplevel your approach to modern service management. The latest ChangeGear digital service management release includes two digital service management bundles. Whether your focus is in ITSM or enterprise service management, Serviceaide has a solution that meets your needs. Discover how these cutting-edge AI features can transform your productivity, decision-making, and reporting capabilities.

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The Ultimate Guide to Automating Product Data (Spec) Sheets

This whitepaper sheds light on the challenges of managing disparate product data sources and highlights the importance of automation of product data sheets and centralization.

We walk through how using the right automation strategy can:

  • Break down the walls of data silos
  • Improve decision-making across departments
  • Enhance customer experiences with reliably up-to-date product information

Our goal is to illustrate how you and your team can accomplish these steps easily by utilizing the right modern PIM solution. We'd like you to walk away with a firm understanding of the benefits of automating these sheets and why the modern PIM can complete the process adeptly.

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How to Buy a PIM

Deciding to buy a PIM is a step in the right direction for any business focused on eCommerce. Your Product Information Management system is the key to making your business more scalable, efficient, and sustainable. In a competitive arena where customer expectations seem to change day by day, ensuring your company can remain responsive to demand will help you outsmart and outsell your competition. PIM creates a streamlined process for managing the product information you need to sell your products through your various distribution channels. However, it also helps across all stages of the supply chain, including manufacturing, distributing and, of course, selling.

When you buy a PIM system, you have a software tool designed to simplify and automate the import, management, enrichment, and publication of detailed product information so you can easily expand your product lines, as well as the markets you choose to sell those lines.

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Making the Business Case for PIM

This whitepaper provides a deep analysis of how it works, and the business benefits it brings. After reading this whitepaper, you’ll have the foundations to build a strong PIM business case, including:

  • How PIM software facilitates a much more productive and collaborative way of working by enabling employees to access everything they need from a centralized product hub.
  • The ability to reduce costs all while creating amazing product experiences that lead to higher revenues.
  • The key signs that indicate your business needs completely streamlined and effective product data management processes.

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How to Deploy Your First PIM

After reading this whitepaper, you’ll be fully equipped to get your PIM implementation project off the ground. A successful PIM system integration means you can quickly reap the benefits of sleek Product Information Management processes.

Read our comprehensive PIM implementation guide and overcome the common challenges and get the most from your PIM functionality by:

  • Identifying the key stakeholders within the business you may need to involve when implementing a PIM system.
  • Promoting a culture of collaboration across departments for a successful PIM deployment process.
  • Creating a data model that will guarantee the best possible product experiences for your customers.
  • Driving real Return On Investment (ROI) by totally transforming product data management processes.

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Serviceaide Success Stories — Point Broadband

The Point Broadband team provides residential and business customers access to the Internet; they route Internet traffic, resolve domain names, and maintain infrastructure to support all subscribers. The business operations model is complex. Getting the correct data through the escalation levels and ensuring rapid response to customer issues is a top priority.

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Get Started: Service Management Solutions That Make You Look Good

IT service and support is a critical foundation supporting the business. If employees or customers can’t access information, then productivity is impacted and business is potentially lost. Without an efficient service desk, your business is limited. By applying smart automation to repeatable processes, companies can transform their operations to deliver the level of service end users expect. For years organizations have relied on IT Service Management (ITSM) software to manage and automate the delivery of IT services. This expertise is now being leveraged to expand service and support capabilities across the enterprise. The addition of artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML) to further predict needs and automate tasks, brings additional improvements to service delivery.

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Is Your Service Desk Future Proof?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming service and support environments through advancements in virtual agents, predictive capabilities, and automation.

  • Reduce costs and complexity for IT with Service Desk software that’s easy to implement and manage.
  • Leverage flexible licensing and delivery models for the best-fitting service desk solution that meets all of your business requirements.

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AI’s Impact on Service and Support

Serviceaide and Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network researched the impact AI is having on the service and support industry.

The study examines many incredibly timely and important questions concerning how AI is and will be leveraged. Some areas of investigation include:

  • Where are companies in their planning and roll-out of AI applications in the enterprise?
  • What roadblocks and concerns do businesses have about this rapidly evolving technology?
  • How will AI affect the future of products, processes, services and support for customers and employees?

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Kitting Brochure

Simplify standardized work for the operator with an easy-to-use, plug-n-play kitting and part picking solution. Help ensure the right part is delivered to the right place at the right time. Download our Kitting brochure and learn how to error proof and streamline material handling for almost any assembly process while collecting data along the way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Supports various hardware needs such as plug-n-play I/O sensors and switches, barcode scanners, and vision systems.
  • Unmatched flexibility and control – you are no longer locked into hardware or a rigid system.
  • Quick and easy configurations – no programming needed.
  • Maximize quality management and error proof both load and pick side.

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Track & Trace Brochure

Manufacturing traceability is a critical requirement for industries globally to reduce risks, meet regulatory requirements, and stay competitive.

Epicor Connected Process Control provides a robust traceability and quality control software solution, helping manufacturers to easily store, retrieve, and report on part status and product genealogy. Download our Track & Trace brochure to get an in-depth overview of our traceability solution and how you can maximize quality and throughput on the plant floor while reducing costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • To implement a traceability solution, parts or lots need to be marked.
  • Our system allows for various tracking methods, from serial number barcode scans to RFID tags, or through PLC tasks – in any combination or order.
  • With real-time data insight, teams can quickly identify quality or compliance issues, develop repair/rework strategies, and contain suspect parts – ensuring first time quality scores remain exceptional.

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3 Examples of Real-World Results Using CPC

In the world of modern manufacturing, the strategic application of digital process control has proven to accelerate real improvements on the factory floor. In this eBook we’ll showcase how three companies leveraged Epicor Connected Process Control (CPC) software, offering insights into their specific use cases and implementation, as well as their outcomes.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how an electronics manufacturer was able to increase throughput by 38%.
  • Discover how a company was able to decrease training times for new hires by more than 80%.
  • Learn how an industrial pump manufacturer leveraged the system to gather data for ROI and asset allocation.

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4 Steps to Accelerate Training & Onboarding with Digital Work Instructions

Staff shortages, high turnover, and long training and onboarding times continue to drive up labor costs and hinder efficiency. In our quick tips guide, learn how digital work instructions with standardized process control is revolutionizing manufacturing training. Discover 4 practical steps to help accelerate learning curves, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure seamless transition to the factory floor.

Key Takeaways:

  • Review the limitations of traditional paper-based training.
  • The opportunity modern technologies are providing manufacturers to help train new employees and upskill existing employees.
  • Learn four practical steps to help develop faster and better training programs using digital work instructions – ultimately setting operators up for success.

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Voice of the Essential Worker: Manufacturing 2024

Technology, supply chains, economic uncertainty—these issues define manufacturing today. So, what do frontline factory workers really think about them?

In this report, 600 frontline workers respond to questions about upskilling, technology, and workplace morale. Findings include:

  • 39% say their company is “very modern.”
  • 45% say morale at their company is high.
  • 70% say their company is prioritizing upskilling.

Access the report to get all the insights, including actionable takeaways for manufacturing leaders.

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What Do CFOs Need To Succeed, Now And In The Future? 

Economic uncertainty has significantly elevated the importance of the CFO, according to a recent survey from IDC. Today's CFOs are responsible for enforcing financial discipline, capitalizing on new technology like AI, and managing costs efficiently—all while seeking answers to the big questions:

  • Which tech helps us better understand our numbers?
  • How can we improve profitability?
  • How will we drive growth?

Access this white paper to learn how CFOs became strategic leaders—and what they're doing to enable business success.

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