Mapping the Cloud Maturity Curve

This report is an in-depth analysis of the findings of a global survey of 784 IT and business executives to identify the core components of cloud maturity and incorporates further insights from senior IT leaders to identify how they are moving their organizations up the cloud maturity curve.
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MSPs: Stand Out with The IBM Cloud!

Managed Services Provider Strategies to Monetize Tech Trends: What Works Today?

It is no surprise that today’s savvy services providers (including MSPs) are looking for ways to leverage the major IT trends – Cloud, Mobility and Security – to both grow new business and deepen engagements with existing customers. The accelerating pace of network attacks and security breaches, the ubiquity of mobile devices and BYOD, and increased benefit of businesses of all sizes to shift to subscription-based IT services all translate to new business opportunities for VARs, SIs and services providers alike.

Part one of this three-part TechBytes series presented by Slashdot demonstrates how organizations like yours can stand out from the competition by delivering the higher value solutions clients want in the areas of Cloud Computing, Analytics, Mobile, Social and Security.

All three parts of this TechBytes series (Cloud, Mobility and Security) will deliver best practice guidance on how best to engage with your customers – and IBM – to craft tailored offerings that demonstrate your leadership in these key areas.

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The Successful Cloud-Enabled Enterprise

What’s driving all of the current movement to the cloud? CIOs are charged with adapting quickly to a constantly changing business landscape—while increasing productivity and lowering costs. At the same time, multiple technological trends are coming together to produce an environment in which using cloud resources makes the most sense for many businesses.
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The Smartest Way to Cover the Globe

Only Equinix connects you to the markets, customers, and partners on the scale you need to grow your business. Our global footprint is the largest in the industry, and supports the most extensive and robust assortment of carriers, content providers and cloud services available. But more than that, we put our data centers in global commerce centers, where business is being done.
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Distributing Confidential Documents

Workspaces is the answer! Workspaces is a feature of EFT that allows employees to invite people inside and outside of their network to share folders and their content without IT losing governance, visibility, or control.

• Employees are given a tool that fulfills their online file sharing needs that they have become used to, in a way that conforms to corporate policy.

• IT staff can deny access to cloud-based file sharing services within their organization without interrupting workflow.

• IT staff retain the ability to delegate permissions, add/delete users, and manage shared folders.

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Cloud Storage is strategically inevitable

Cloud computing can deliver storage services more effectively while saving both time and cost - but only if an organization first establishes an efficient data storage infrastructure. IBM can help by providing efficiency, automation and optimization capabilities.
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The Role of the Network in Cloud Computing

For a network that better supports your cloud and brings the most value possible to your business, its design has to be considered in the early stages of cloud planning. Read the white paper "Networking for cloud computing" to discover specific networking considerations for public, private and hybrid clouds.
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Think You are Safe from DDoS Attacks?

Amazon Web Services is the world's top cloud platform, offering reliable and affordable cloud computing. But, AWS does NOT have customer-specific DDoS detection or prevention and may not be able to help you in the event of a DDoS attack.
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IBM FlashSystem: Powering the Future of IT

This high-level white paper explains how supporting cloud, analytics, mobile, social, and data security compute requirements while at the same time exploiting the opportunities they offer demands the power of high performance, agile, and cost efficient FlashSystem storage.
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Securing applications for a safer cloud environment

This white paper explains how an effective application security program can help organizations protect their assets in the cloud. It will also discuss how a secure-by-design approach to application security can help reduce risk across the IT infrastructure, in the cloud and beyond.
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Best Practice Security in a Cloud Enabled World

This report explores that security in a fast-paced technology-infused world cries for an “invest once and deploy everywhere” approach. For this to be realized, security must be planned in advance and built-in, yet still be fluidly adaptable to circumstances, and singularly controllable.
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Optimizing the Hybrid Cloud

This analyst paper examines how Power architecture provides the scalability to leverage and support expanding needs of organizations to accommodate more users and more data.
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Service Providers: How Storage Infrastructure Can Help You Differentiate And Add Value To Your Cloud Storage Services

This paper examines customer expectations regarding cloud storage, and how your choice of infrastructure impacts your ability to deliver on those expectations. Infrastructure can help differentiate your service and create value for your clients. Read tips on selecting the right storage infrastructure that addresses clients’ evolving and demanding needs for storing, protecting and accessing their data and how IBM XIV Storage can address the needs of today’s services providers.
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Cloud, Collaboration and Communication: What’s on the Mind of IT Leaders Today?

In today's increasingly social world, the ability to collaborate with coworkers, business partners and even clients is taking on more importance. How are tools like mobile collaboration and file sharing impacting the way we work? What is top of mind for collaborators today, and what is the cloud's impact on social business? This SlashGuide discusses the results of a recent Slashdot Media survey bringing these issues to light.
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