Download Whitepaper: Omnichannel Retailing

Omnichannel retailing is all about providing a seamless buying experience using a variety of channels. It creates interactions with customers right from the start of their journey, by guiding them through several channels that lead to the purchase and fulfillment of their orders.

Implementing a well-structured omnichannel supply chain using both online and offline channels can be cost-effective for retail businesses. In the near future, omnichannel is expected to have a significant impact on the network and logistics needs of the retail business.

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Implementing Qntrl for A Business

Qntrl is a workflow orchestration software with powerful features that helps you gain visibility and control over your business processes by automating them.

Qntrl helps you overcome these challenges by designing and automating your organization’s workflows. You can digitize your entire workflow and transfer tasks between teams efficiently.

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How Movyon Is Scaling Its Operations and Productivity with The Power of Qntrl

MOVYON is a leader in the development and integration of intelligent transport system solutions and a center of excellence for research and innovation at Autostrade per l’Italia.

MOVYON needed clear statuses for their various purchases and customer orders, and the logistics and procurement offices were constantly being interrupted with notifications asking for updates.

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Gain Visibility, Control, And Automation

Given today’s ultra-competitive market, distributed teams, and multiple tools, a solid workflow management strategy is required to ensure business continuity. An efficient process will help minimize errors, eliminate redundancies and drive productivity. Qntrl can help achieve this with speed, scale, and flexibility.

  • Easy enough to use
  • Powerful and Extensible
  • Faster Time-to-Value
  • Price is part of the equation
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Qntrl Bridge

Interacting with systems and applications inside an organisation’s physical or cloud firewall can be challenging. Qntrl Bridge offers a direct, secure solution. It’s a Java application that runs as a Windows service or UNIX daemon on a server in your local network. With Qntrl Bridge, you can communicate and move data faster, easier, and more securely between a Qntrl instance and external applications, data sources, and services.

Bridge runs on a server on the enterprise’s network or in the cloud like in an Amazon Web Services VPC. It can be configured with specific capabilities that determine what functions it can perform. There is no need for drivers or custom codes to install Bridge. One zip file is all there is.

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The Manager’s Guide to Workflow Orchestration

Apart from the obvious productivity boosts, managers who take responsibility for business processes also promote a sense of belonging, loyalty, and excitement, while making daily work less chaotic, and more fulfilling for all team members. Plus, managers with effective process management skills come across as better leaders - your team will tend to trust your daily decisions and high-level understanding of their daily work once you establish helpful workflows for their daily tasks.

The goal of this guide is to help you introduce workflow orchestration practices into your team, and equip you with the tools and expertise needed to comfortably implement great work processes.

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Microservice Catalogs Explored

A microservice catalog simplifies cloud-native architecture by displaying all services in one place. A microservice catalog facilitates collaboration across organizational siloes, saves money by encouraging reuse, and tames the difficulty common to a shared service architecture.

As you mature in your microservice journey, the need to manage microservices from a central location will become clear. Part of the complexity of a microservice implementation is understanding who uses them, where they are running, and their impact.

This whitepaper explores the use of a microservice catalog. It covers the data managed, who uses it, and the different players in the market.

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A Catalog to Version Your Microservice Supply Chain

Have you thought about what your future looks like when you’re managing hundreds of containers with microservices that make up a single version of your software solution? Let’s just say, you’re going to need more than an Excel spreadsheet to track large numbers of microservices.

Microservices at scale offer new challenges in managing your software supply chain. Read out DeployHub is solving the challenge through microservice versioning.

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Know Your Microservice Blast

Your microservice ‘blast radius’ shows how an update to any independently deployed service impacts the consuming applications across your clusters.

Knowing your blast radius can increase microservice sharing by as much as 50% and substantially cut your development cost by facilitating a service-oriented architecture and improving your application’s quality.

This whitepaper outlines how DeployHub can help you understand a microservice’s blast radius before you deploy. DeployHub can show you what ‘product’ teams will be impacted when a shared services is update, across all clusters.

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CIO Challenges Disconnected Silos of Data

What are the main concerns facing Chief Information Officers in the modern era? At Orbus Software we have identified 8 major issues that CIOs are likely to struggle with when it comes to meeting the demands of the digital age. In this eBook, we will examine the problem of data becoming siloed across the organization.

As the supply of data has continued to explode around the world, so has the management of data become an increasingly important issue. From security and privacy issues to data-driven decision making, getting all your data in one place, with a single source of truth, could be vital for maintaining a competitive advantage and retaining the trust of customers & regulatory agencies.

This eBook looks at how data silos form in organizations and the benefits that businesses can realize through a single source of truth that unites enterprise information.

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How To Use Saas Integrations to Supercharge Your Organisation

Today’s office is one that relies on a diverse range of software and systems which, together, create the unique ecosystem that your business needs.

Slack for your comms, Bamboo for your HR, Okta for your security.

But keeping up with them all, getting your staff to use them properly, and not losing track of license costs and renewal dates – new set of problems, right?

This eBook will teach you how to obtain all of the benefits of SaaS without the challenges.

Let’s get started.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Email Signatures In Large Organizations

Synchronizing email signatures across your organization can be a pain.

But how do you take the burden from your staff, and be confident that everything is being updated centrally and automatically?

In this publication, we’ll be sharing our expertise on the importance of email signatures, the marketing opportunities they present, how to design the best one, some of our favorite (and least favorite!) examples, and introducing CloudM Email Signature.

Management as an all-in-one solution. With half of all our customers already utilizing this tool, we’ll also share their stories on how it’s made their lives easier and their businesses better.

Let’s get started.

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Data Archiving. Finally Solved.

Cheaper. Faster. Safer. Simple.

We’ve all been there…

Budget meetings where license costs are flagged (again…).

Long and complicated processes for recovering old user data...

GDPR checks, HIPAA regulations, and FOIs, which tie everybody up in knots...

And whether they admit it or not, everybody knows that it shouldn’t be this hard.

In the digital workplace, where automation and productivity rule the roost, it seems bizarre that data archiving can be a painful, manual process...

There should be an easier way...

Welcome to CloudM Archive.

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How To Save Millions by Moving To The Cloud

(No, that’s not a typo)

It’s funny how quickly things change, isn’t it?

In the midst of a remote working revolution, for many of us it’s hard to recall the days when you had to be on-site to access your files and emails. The cloud has well and truly embedded itself within our lives, and being able to open and edit documents from home, office, or coffee shop—is part of the new normal.

But if the new normal really is going to feature a dispersed workforce, then something needs to change.

And of course, access is only one of the many issues.

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One Platform. One Workplace.

Now, more than ever, you need a digital-first organization. One equipped for hybrid working. One equipped for international collaboration. And one equipped to get the most out of a distributed workforce. CloudM sits at the heart of your business, empowering a true digital workplace

Integrating with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and a growing list of other SaaS products, CloudM provides a one stop shop to:

  • Migrate Experience true cloud freedom, and scale your business safely and securely when you need.
  • Manage Manage your SaaS portfolio effortlessly, from one single pane of glass.
  • Protect Take control of your data and keep on top of compliance, risk, and security.

No more vendor lock-in. No more unnecessary tasks. No more spiralling licence costs.

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