Simple is STILL Better: Embrace Speed & Simplicity for a competitive edge

Customers’ embrace of the web and smart phones creates massive new data sets, many of them unstructured or semi-structured. These include opinions, preferences, chat and email transcripts, and web clickstreams. The hardware and software technologies underpinning first generation warehouses were not designed to manage data at today’s volume or variety. While coercing older technologies to satisfy new demands may be possible, the results are inefficient and burdened with unplanned, unnecessary costs.

PureData System for Analytics has been designed, integrated and optimized to deliver data services to today's demanding applications with simplicity, speed and lower cost.

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DBTA: Why Cloud is the future of data warehousing

Enterprise data warehouses remain as relevant as ever in today’s business environment. However, the traditional data warehouse is not up to the task with a flood of new data pouring in at an increasingly rapid pace. To maintain their competitive advantage, organizations must take action now to modernize the traditional data warehouse.

The key to modernizing is flexibility, as business requirements are changing at a faster pace than technologies. Historically, building a data warehouse has been a painstaking endeavor. Not anymore. Register to read on.

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The Guide to Network Intelligence

The network your company relies on is far more complicated, more vulnerable and more hidden from your view than ever before. Network Intelligence is a modern approach to managing today's network that provides true end-to-end visibility across all the networks and connected devices. This guide explains why Network Intelligence is useful for modern networks and how it is implemented.
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Gartner Critical Capability

Growing investments in Mode 2 IT projects and cost reduction efforts in core enterprise workloads are driving the demand for object storage. Here, we compare 12 object storage products against seven critical capabilities in use cases relevant to infrastructure and operations leaders.

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The Need for Hybrid Cloud Object Storage

This executive brief discuses how to manage exponential, largely unstructured, data growth for business advantage. In a new world of data that must be accessible and collaborative, hybrid cloud object storage delivers a flexible, scalable and simple approach to efficiently manage exponential growth.
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IDC Technology Assessment Report – Hitachi Content Platform: End-to-End Portfolio for the 3rd Platform

According to a new IDC Technology Assessment report, Hitachi Content Platform: End-to-End Portfolio for the 3rd Platform, businesses are undergoing a fundamental transformation as they actively adopt and manage the four pillars of the 3rd Platform (social, mobile, cloud, and big data).

This 3rd platform of data is a critical concern of IT organizations that being urgently addressed. The data management explosion presents serious risks to the performance of legacy infrastructure, to the point of access disruption and data loss. That’s why IT organizations are reviewing object-based storage (OBS) solutions to lead a complete mobile storage transition and augment their current systems, including content delivery, sync and share, analytics, and backup.

Author: Amita Potnis, Research Manager, File and Object-based Storage Solutions


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Machine Learning with Spark

Organizations of all kinds need data scientists. Accordingly, as part of its commitment to data science, IBM is making available technology, almost 10 years in incubation, designed to help organizations apply machine learning through Apache Spark. Doing so can bring significant benefits to the analytics industry as companies increasingly make space for machine learning in the enterprise.
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IBM is a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ – Big Data Hadoop Cloud Solutions, Q2 2016

Do you want to do Hadoop in the cloud? Explore the The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Hadoop Cloud Solutions, Q2 2016 report to understand how to evaluate Hadoop cloud solution vendors across 37-criteria.

The report explains the benefits for Hadoop cloud deployments including economizing the analysis of more data using cheaper infrastructure, enabling faster advanced analytics, scaling to unlimited resources in minutes, providing a self-service analytics platform, and simplifying big data deployment. Come away armed with how to evaluate IBM BigInsights on Cloud and other vendors across several dimensions including current offering, strategy and market presence. The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Hadoop Cloud Solutions, Q2 2016 report details how elasticity, automation and pay-as-you-go features are driving enterprise adoption of Hadoop in the cloud.

IBM differentiates BigInsights with end-to-end advanced analytics, and also has among the highest scores in the Cloud Platform Integration, data security, data management, partnerships and solution configuration criteria. Learn more about how to get started with Hadoop in the cloud with IBM.

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Introducing Notebooks A Power Tool for Data Scientists

Introducing Notebooks: A power tool for data scientists Fast, flexible and collaborative data exploration and analysis Data exploration and analysis is a repetitive, iterative process, but in order to meet business demands, data scientists do not always have the luxury of long development cycles. What if data scientists could answer bigger and tougher questions faster? What if they could more easily and rapidly experiment, test hypotheses and work more collaboratively on interactive analytics?
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Connectivity Benchmark Report 2016: The State of Digital Transformation and APIs

MuleSoft surveyed 802 IT decision makers (ITDMs) globally to assess how organizations of all sizes are executing on digital transformation initiatives, IT challenges and the role of APIs to meet business goals.

The survey results reveal challenges that are hindering IT’s ability to achieve digital transformation fast enough. Just 18% of ITDMs are very confident that they will succeed in meeting this year’s digital transformation goals. IT challenges are not only slowing down their ability to complete digital transformation goals this year, but they are also directly putting business revenue at risk. In fact, 66 percent of ITDMs said that their company’s revenue would be negatively impacted within six months. However, the survey found that IT teams are looking to APIs and reuse of existing applications, data and digital resources to speed up the pace of business.

Download the MuleSoft 2016 Connectivity Benchmark Report to:

  • Understand top IT priorities and investments this year
  • Learn why IT teams face challenges to meeting line-of-business and digital transformation goals
  • Discover which technologies and capabilities increase the pace of digital transformation and enable business teams to self-serve IT

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Flood Control: Overcoming Data Lake Challenges

These days, business leaders know their data contains valuable insights that could help their organizations become more successful. This is particularly true of unstructured data that doesn't reside in traditional data warehouses. Data lakes bring together disparate data to generate new insights, but their size and complexity can make them difficult to manage. Download this whitepaper to learn how new tools can help businesses control these complicated environments.
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Managing Big Data Workflows For Dummies

Stay ahead of the competition by learning how to use big data workflow automation and overcome big data implementation hurdles. Manage big data workflows to increase the value of enterprise data.

This guide will help you:

  • Know which big data technologies are most appropriate for your organization
  • Know where to get the latest information on big data and data science, including the industry's most cutting-edge conferences, books, blogs, and thought leaders to follow
  • Identify great hires when filling your big data staffing requirements
  • Put big data automation to work for your organization. Download the Managing Big Data Workflows For Dummies guide today.

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Hadoop Adoption Drivers and Challenges

Gartner's Hadoop adoption study results show that investment remains tentative in the face of sizable challenges around business value and skills. This analysis helps information leaders get past the market hype to rationalize their Hadoop adoption strategies.
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