How To Use Saas Integrations to Supercharge Your Organisation

Today’s office is one that relies on a diverse range of software and systems which, together, create the unique ecosystem that your business needs.

Slack for your comms, Bamboo for your HR, Okta for your security.

But keeping up with them all, getting your staff to use them properly, and not losing track of license costs and renewal dates – new set of problems, right?

This eBook will teach you how to obtain all of the benefits of SaaS without the challenges.

Let’s get started.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Email Signatures In Large Organizations

Synchronizing email signatures across your organization can be a pain.

But how do you take the burden from your staff, and be confident that everything is being updated centrally and automatically?

In this publication, we’ll be sharing our expertise on the importance of email signatures, the marketing opportunities they present, how to design the best one, some of our favorite (and least favorite!) examples, and introducing CloudM Email Signature.

Management as an all-in-one solution. With half of all our customers already utilizing this tool, we’ll also share their stories on how it’s made their lives easier and their businesses better.

Let’s get started.

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Data Archiving. Finally Solved.

Cheaper. Faster. Safer. Simple.

We’ve all been there…

Budget meetings where license costs are flagged (again…).

Long and complicated processes for recovering old user data...

GDPR checks, HIPAA regulations, and FOIs, which tie everybody up in knots...

And whether they admit it or not, everybody knows that it shouldn’t be this hard.

In the digital workplace, where automation and productivity rule the roost, it seems bizarre that data archiving can be a painful, manual process...

There should be an easier way...

Welcome to CloudM Archive.

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How To Save Millions by Moving To The Cloud

(No, that’s not a typo)

It’s funny how quickly things change, isn’t it?

In the midst of a remote working revolution, for many of us it’s hard to recall the days when you had to be on-site to access your files and emails. The cloud has well and truly embedded itself within our lives, and being able to open and edit documents from home, office, or coffee shop—is part of the new normal.

But if the new normal really is going to feature a dispersed workforce, then something needs to change.

And of course, access is only one of the many issues.

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One Platform. One Workplace.

Now, more than ever, you need a digital-first organization. One equipped for hybrid working. One equipped for international collaboration. And one equipped to get the most out of a distributed workforce. CloudM sits at the heart of your business, empowering a true digital workplace

Integrating with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and a growing list of other SaaS products, CloudM provides a one stop shop to:

  • Migrate Experience true cloud freedom, and scale your business safely and securely when you need.
  • Manage Manage your SaaS portfolio effortlessly, from one single pane of glass.
  • Protect Take control of your data and keep on top of compliance, risk, and security.

No more vendor lock-in. No more unnecessary tasks. No more spiralling licence costs.

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Automate Signatures Across Your Organization

It’s time to put an end to inconsistent email signatures.

Old job titles, wrong phone numbers, different designs by device – they all have an impact on your brand. But it’s difficult to manage email signatures en masse, especially if you’re relying on your people to implement them remotely.

CloudM gives you the ability to design, automate, and deploy email signatures from the cloud. Control what anybody’s signature looks like, and issue it with the click of a button.

No more empty signatures. No more outdated information. No more poor first impressions

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Automated Retention and Recovery of Cloud User Data

People come and go. Keeping their old data in a secure, affordable, and compliant way within the digital workplace can be a challenge.

Whether for compliance with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, FOI requests or for potential future legal disputes, having a robust data retention solution is essential for modern businesses.

Archive is a new product, accessed through the CloudM platform that will migrate the mail and/or drive data of offboarded users to customer owned cloud storage, and provides you with an all-in-one solution which is simple, secure, and affordable.

No more wasted license costs. No more time-consuming searches. No more security risks.

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Safe, Secure, Straightforward Migrations for The Digital Workplace.

As your business grows, you know there’s always one more migration to do. But they can feel complex, risky, and a burden for time-poor organizations.

CloudM takes the stress out of migrations, with 60 million undertaken to date and a 99.8% success rate. Our platform makes migrating an easy and secure experience.

Migrate from 20+ source platforms with a deployment option to suit you.

Say goodbye to the stresses and strains of migration projects with CloudM.

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DataOps: Aligning Business Goals with Data Strategy

As this research Harvard Business Review Analytics Services demonstrates, through DataOps, people, processes, and technologies across the organization begin to align. Teams that were split apart start working together, projects that took weeks to deploy now go live within days or hours, and outcomes are realized more frequently and more reliably.

It has never been more critical to be agile and data-driven than today. Read this report to learn about proven practices, pitfalls to avoid, and roads to DataOps success.

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Building Your Data Fabric with DataOps for Dummies

What is a data fabric and why should you be interested in it? If you have IT folks who are responsible for making all of your IT operate smoothly while meeting your business needs, you need a data fabric.

Download this whitepaper to learn how to design and build a data fabric architecture that works for you.

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451 Research: DataOps and the Evolution of Data Governance

Organizations are under pressure to maximize value from data, while also facing new regulatory and privacy restrictions. There is a need to align business objectives in order to accelerate data-driven outcomes, and attitudes toward data governance are evolving – ultimately viewing it as an enabler of business value.

Read this excerpt from 451 Research’s report “DataOps and the Evolution of Data Governance” to learn more about the latest trends.

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O’Reilly – Data Governance: The Definitive Guide

Through good data governance, you can inspire customer trust, enable your organization to identify business efficiencies, generate, more competitive offerings, and improve customer experience.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Data governance strategies addressing people, processes, and tools
  • Benefits and challenges of a cloud-based data governance approach
  • How data governance is conducted from ingest to preparation and use
  • And much more!
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How to Modernize Hadoop in Three Steps

Modernizing your Hadoop technology will help reduce the cost and size of existing data lakes, improve the customer experience by understanding existing data and identify which data should move to object storage versus the cloud.

Download this eBook to learn how to modernize Hadoop in three steps.

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Manufacturer Reduces Cloud Expenses$50,000 A MONTH with Galileo Cloud Compass

A large American manufacturing company struggled to predict the costs to move their Windows and Linux workload to the public cloud. Their initial cost assessments were vague at best. They pulled information together from a bunch of tools and scripts.

Once they completed the migration, their bill averaged $150,000 per month!

This was way over their budget, and they needed a way to reduce these expenses as quickly as possible.


What kind of savings will it uncover for you?

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The All-New Galileo Cloud Compass

How do you reap all the “savings” benefits promised by the cloud if you can’t make an educated decision based on its true costs?

To accurately predict your monthly cloud costs BEFORE starting a migration, you need a way to get pricing for any number or combination of assets based on actual data, not just a guess.

You’ll need to know how much it would cost, but more importantly: how much could it cost, if it were properly right-sized

That’s why we made Galileo Cloud Compass – or GCC as we call it. It quickly and accurately estimates your monthly spend for “lift-n-shift” and right-sized workloads. You can compare multiple cloud options side-by-side and even see cost information for ANY cloud, including your on-prem infrastructure!

Know BEFORE you go.

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