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CMW Lab software is the first choice on your transition from error-prone Excel-based activities to a system oriented approach.

CMW Platform automates your work processes without coding, boosts team productivity and transforms your business. This video walks you through the platform and gives you an idea of its key features.

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Specialized Manufacturing Digitalization in CMW Platform

A specialized manufacturing company wanted to digitize 7 different warehouse locations around the world, as well as the procurement process connected to them. Owing to the rapid business growth during the COVID pandemics (Ă—8 times more projects than before) the company needed a fully custom solution that corresponded to the manufacturing requirements and was flexible enough to let business analysts make changes on-the-run. All warehouses, equipment and logistic routes converted to the digital platform would have marked the beginning of the company's digital ecosystem. For these purposes company has chosen CMW Platform.


  • Replace an Excel-based approach at a large manufacturing.
  • Support the rapid business expansion with process automation: from 2 projects in 2009 to 16 simultaneous projects in 2023.
  • Decrease additional costs connected with manual warehouse control and procurement.
  • Create a fully customizable digital ecosystem flexible enough for scaling.

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Real Estate Business Expansion with CMW Platform

Business administration team responsible for real estate legal documents addressed to CMW Lab for lease agreements tracking and approval process automation.


  • Track and speed up the approval process.
  • Deliver legal notifications to the tenants linked to their leases dates and terms timely.
  • Optimize the lease parsing process to reduce managers’ workload.
  • Having a 285+ employees across US and globe, to track their performance and help them to succeed.

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Smarter Strategies for Greener HR & Payroll

"Going Green" is at the top of just about every progressive company's priority list. Find out how HR and payroll professionals are leading the charge to decrease waste, shrink their organization's environmental footprint, and lower costs.

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Extended Validation SSL Certificates

Extended Validation SSL delivers the acknowledged industry standard for the highest level of online identity assurance processes for SSL certificate issuance. Find out how the EV standard increases the visibility of authentication status through the use of a green address bar in the latest high security web browsers.
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