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Ticking Time Bombs: Why you need to migrate your PST files

This guide outlines the process for migrating PST files to Office 365, providing steps for manual migrations and information on third-party alternatives.

  • Discusses the problems with PSTs, the challenges in eliminating PSTs, and the tools available to do this
  • A step-by-step guide for manually importing PST files to Office 365, complete with detailed screenshots
  • Review of the practical and operational difficulties migrations encounter
  • How a managed migration service can save time and enhance security, while ensuring happy users and administrators
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Enterprise Vault: Stay or Go?

One factor that may encourage a move to Exchange Online is that companies can struggle with Enterprise Vault data increasing over time. The volume of data isn’t the problem – it’s the quantity of files. Enterprise Vault creates numerous small files, and the high quantity often makes backing up a slow process. The data generated is still sizeable, and with limited budget this becomes increasingly difficult to handle. With the availability of Cloud storage, the affordability, flexibility and scalability is much higher than that of on-premises storage options.

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Everything you need to know about tenant to tenant migrations

Even in scenarios where all the underlying workloads are supported by the tool, the Tenant to Tenant migration process can still pose a challenge. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration, so detailed planning and preparation is essential for successful migration. To alleviate some of the uncertainties, and better prepare you for this challenging task, we have asked few well-respected MVPs to share their experience and guidance on Tenant to Tenant migrations for this eBook. In addition, the last chapter offers some insight from Barbara Waskey, a certified PMP, put in the context of a recent migration she was involved with.
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