Mobile Content Management

Mobile productivity necessitates instant and easy access to retrieve, edit, share and send corporate data from anywhere. Making sure that data can keep pace with every new user, device, operating system and app requires a move away from unsecured consumer class cloud collaboration.
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Mobile Data Security: Finding the Balance

Bring Your Own Device has changed the rules for corporate security on smartphones and tablets. Companies need to find the right balance in securing devices and data without sacrificing the intuitive native experience that has made business move from typing to swiping.
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Mobile Malware, The Hackers New Playground

Hacktavists have made the move to mobile. Malware, phishing and network attacks are now as likely to strike smartphones and tablets like any other system. Mobile Threat Management is now needed to stay ahead of new vectors of vicious intent.
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iOS 8 Checklist

iOS: The last iterations of Apple business dominating OS of choice gave IT new options in security and new concerns in how to manage information sharing.
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The State of Digital Downloads

The way we interact with the world is transforming, thanks to the devices we use every day—tablets, smartphones, computers, and gaming consoles. No longer do we look to analog sources of information and entertainment. We are increasingly beholden to a blossoming digital world through which we acquire information, express ourselves, and interact with each other. The result is a growing relationship with those devices. From sun-up to sundown, they keep us connected to the digital content and applications that have begun to define our lives.
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Building an Android App using MobileData Cloud

Learn more about the benefits of Bluemix. This webcast focuses on building an Android application using the MobileData service. Walk-through the real process and workflow used to build and link the MobileData service within your application.
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IBM MobileFirst Protect: Monetize Mobility with Enterprise Mobility Management

Managed Services Provider Strategies to Monetize Tech Trends: What Works Today?

It is no surprise that today’s savvy services providers (including MSPs) are looking for ways to leverage the major IT trends – Cloud, Mobility and Security – to both grow new business and deepen engagements with existing customers. The accelerating pace of network attacks and security breaches, the ubiquity of mobile devices and BYOD, and increased benefit of businesses of all sizes to shift to subscription-based IT services all translate to new business opportunities for VARs, SIs and services providers alike.

Part two of this three-part TechBytes series presented by Slashdot demonstrates how organizations like yours are capitalizing on the explosive growth of mobile devices in the workplace by offering MobileFirst Protect, the latest in enterprise mobility management (EMM) from IBM to deliver a mobile security and management solution for applications, content, email and devices. Watch to learn how to make money with mobility, and how partnering with IBM can grow your business in unimagined ways.

All three parts of this TechBytes series (Cloud, Mobility and Security) will deliver best practice guidance on how best to engage with your customers – and IBM – to craft tailored offerings that demonstrate your leadership in these key areas.

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