Mobile apps have open access to the device platform, network, and storage resources by default which could put enterprise data at risk. Citrix MDX containers protect apps and control their access to device resources through policy mitigating the risk of unwanted enterprise data loss.

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Webinar (ft. Forrester): Drive Business Performance by Improving Your Claims Communications

Just because you’re a regional insurer doesn’t mean that your customers have lower expectations of you when it comes to the claim experience. They expect the same kind of support and transparency from you that from your larger, well-resourced competitors deliver.

To achieve a great experience, claims professionals need to understand their customers better, how they navigate the claims journey, and the communications that will cost-effectively drive great claims experiences.

In this webinar, Forrester Research and Quadient will discuss:

  • Why insurers need to introduce the light of day into claims processes
  • The state of claim communication
  • How cloud communications can extend the customer relationship by making the claim process more transparent

Join our guest Ellen Carney, principal analyst serving ebusiness & channel strategy professionals at Forrester and Andi Dominguez, Product Marketing at Quadient, for a live webinar discussing the business impact of a great claims experience.

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Mobile apps have open access to the device platform, network, and storage resources by default which could put enterprise data at risk. Citrix MDX containers protect apps and control their access to device resources through policy mitigating the risk of unwanted enterprise data loss.

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Micro VPN

Learn how Micro VPN seamlessly enables WorkSpace apps to securely access Enterprise Resources.

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Citrix Workspace App

Learn about Citrix Workspace app, which includes access to local apps, SaaS apps, web apps, virtual apps, virtual desktops and content.

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Optimizing for Page Load Speed: Challenges and Strategies to Improve SEO, User Engagement, and Conversion Rates (Webinar)

There is a direct link between the speed and quality of delivered media assets to increased user engagement, higher conversion rates, and improved SEO—making page load times especially critical. Yet, there has been an 85% increase in page weight over the past three years. Learn best practices in optimizing for page load speed, and take away concrete actions you can use to immediately improve media performance on your website and/or app.

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Minimizing Data Disruption Through Business Continuity Planning

Experts Share Tactics to Help Financial Services Organizations

According to PWC, attacks on financial institutions grew 130% last year. And in a recent outage at a regional bank, equipment failure led to $15 million in lost revenue and another $5 million in fee waivers and associated costs. In addition to the raw cost of an incident, financial organizations also face the risk of exposed customer information, regulatory fines, loss of trust and impact to stock prices.

In the webinar, Minimizing Data Disruptions Through Business Continuity Planning, our experts will:

  • Define the scope of data continuity, including disaster recovery and mitigation.
  • Discuss common causes of service interruptions.
  • Show you how to identify the right data continuity solution for your organization.
  • Define tiers of disaster recovery, including multi-tenant DR and full-featured solutions.
  • Share strategies for handling complexity and other DR issues.

An effective business continuity strategy can provide immense value for your organization — better planning would have saved that regional bank $20 million and a lot of dissatisfied customers.

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Navigating Multi-Cloud Complexity And Integration

Both the number of companies using multiple clouds, and the number of clouds they’re using, are growing. And, according to our recent Cost of Expertise Report, 44% of IT workers say they spend more time maintaining cloud services than initially expected.

In our new webinar, Navigating Multi-Cloud Complexity and Integration, our experts will:

  • Examine the financial and business costs associated with management and maintenance of multiple clouds.
  • Explore ways to integrate monitoring, maintenance and management of your clouds.
  • Share how TotalTrax, a Rackspace customer, found greater efficiency in its multi-cloud environment.
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Modernizing Legacy Databases & Applications

Stepping out of legacy databases and applications is complicated and one of the biggest challenges IT organizations face. You can’t afford to maintain the status quo, and yet you cannot afford a costly misstep in the process of modernization.

  • How do you know where to start?
  • What’s a cost-effective replacement for a legacy database?
  • How much can you reasonably expect to save with a modernized application stack?

In our new webinar, Modernizing Legacy Databases & Applications, Rackspace experts will share their modernization experiences and how we helped TotalTrax, a telematics firm, move its applications from an on-premises customer environment to a cloud model.

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Minimizing Migration Risk & Disruption

Migrating your application portfolio is a critical first step for success in the cloud. But the process, if performed correctly, requires painstaking discovery, planning, testing and data configuration. This webinar provides a closer look at some of the more common hiccups companies face during migration. We’ll also discuss how Aeroméxico, the largest airline in Mexico, partnered with Rackspace to build a high-volume digital environment capable of supporting customer transactions for each if its 600 daily flights.

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Choosing The Right Platform For Each Workload

Selecting the right cloud platform for your workload, architecting a solution and modernizing operations is a complex process. There are many variables to consider, including the level of scalability you require, the level of security your data needs, and your business continuity and governance requirements. This webinar takes a look at cloud selection through the lens of British Medical Journal’s need to run multiple workloads with very distinct requirements.

  • What are some of the big differences between clouds?
  • What are some commonalities?
  • What are some common needs that dictate one cloud over the other?
  • How can you be sure you’re making the right choice?
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The Cloud Security Platform

Healthcare is moving to the cloud and HIPPA regulations still apply. Two key challenges healthcare organizations have when moving to the cloud is preventing the accidental sharing of ePHI via cloud applications and the takeover of your user’s SaaS accounts by hackers due to phishing attacks. Avanan connects to any SaaS or IaaS in one click via API connection. Secure all of your cloud applications from business suites like Office 365, G-Suite, to Citrix ShareFile, and everything in between. With the click of a button, protect your enterprise Office 365, Box, G Suite, or any other SaaS application with cloud-based versions of security technology from best-of-breed vendors like Check Point, Symantec, and McAfee.

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