DataOps Best Practices for Hybrid Cloud App Dev

Learn more about data agility for application development, specifically the real world challenges for test data management in the hybrid cloud architecture. This webinar also explores DataOps practices that increase efficiency of CI/CD workflows in this model.

Presented by:

  • Leonore Adam | Delphix Product Marketing
  • Alberto Sigismondi | Delphix Product Management
  • Doug Smith | Delphix Cloud Alliance
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    FreddieMac- Crawl, Walk, Run – Improve IT operations with xMatters

    Over the course of the past several years, FreddieMac's IT service management needed a way to pull support staff and information from workday, the current system at the time. They needed a tool that was easy to use, worked reliably all the time, and something that was consistent and fun. Instead of updating information manually on spreadsheets, they were able to achieve IT excellence with xMatters.

    Learn more about FreddieMac's journey with xMatters, and how they integrated with ServiceNow to master roster rotations, manage escalations among staff, and streamline the IT infrastructure to grow from ~100 to ~300 support groups.

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    How Telefonica Reduced Complexity for MIMs Using Subscriptions & Flow Designer

    A couple years ago, Telefonica teamed up with xMatters to transform the comps for MIMs. This process sought to use different tools like workplace or Facebook, to see if there could be improved communications with customers.

    The team had trouble using JavaScript, and found the development environment was arcane and broken. They decided to use xMatters Help Pages to understand workflows and custom integration in order to optimize the platform. The team implemented a workplace designer and chatting integration, along with workplace and Facebook integration to streamline the communication process.

    Learn more about Telefonica's journey, and how xMatters helped decrease the number of licenses needed for broadcast messages, and subsequently increased their reach of comms with ~600-700 more use cases.

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    Webcast: Mobile Advertising POVs on the latest Performance IndeX

    UA veterans and marketing newbies alike will gain actionable insights.

    Join us in a conversation with Jeet Niyogi (Playtika), Melissa Lertsmitivanta (, Adam Lovallo (, and Sunil Bhagwan (AppsFlyer) as they discuss their POVs on the latest findings of AppsFlyer's semi-annual Performance IndeX report.

    The Performance IndeX provides marketers with the most comprehensive report to date on the evolving mobile advertising industry. Covering activity in the second half of 2019, edition X analyzes 25 billion installs and 52 billion app opens of over 16 thousand apps around the world.

      Watching this webcast, you'll learn:
    • Latest media source rankings by vertical (e.g. finance, entertainment, and gaming sub genres).
    • Retargeting rankings by region.
    • Growth insights on Google, Facebook, Apple Search Ads, Snap, ironSource, AppLovin, Unity Ads and more.

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    Harnessing Data Lifecycle Webinar

    Customer data and analytics can take many forms, from descriptive analytics on operational data to inferring customer sentiment based on real-time social media feeds. With a variety of analytical tools for streaming, operational and unstructured data, businesses are asking more questions of more data. Yet, deriving and operationalizing the best answers effectively can be a matter of connecting the dots across different analytical workflows and the different teams, from BI analysts to data scientists, that use them.

      In this webinar, we’ll explain how integrated analytics experiences on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP ) can help you:
    • Connect the dots to efficiently deliver the right data and analytical outputs to the right systems at the right time, to operationalize insight effectively
    • Quickly stand up a data mart from multiple data sources and analytical workloads
    • Analyze data and then use machine learning for predictive analytics and streaming natural language processing
    • Enable a richer, data-driven business understanding of customer experience, what’s driving it, and what to do about it, in real-time.

    The webinar includes a live demo and Q&A with our expert panel. We hope to see you there!

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    Webinar: Kafka Power Chat – Challenges in Streaming Architectures

    Original Kafka founding team member, Renu Tewari, discusses how streaming architectures are on the rise and enterprises are struggling to scale up as needed. Apache Kafka has emerged as a winner for now amongst the major stream processing engines. However, Kafka can do wonders for a scalable streaming architecture provided it is set up, configured and implemented appropriately. Watch to learn more.

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    Webinar: Streaming Data with Cloudera Data Flow (CDF)

    IT is no longer relegated to the IT group. Lines of business are building new business applications that can drive their business’s top and/or bottom lines. These applications are increasingly stateless -- meaning that they rely on their underlying operational database to manage their state and work with IT to build, deploy and manage the database infrastructure. The application development lifecycle is accelerating with the broad adoption of cloud and the rise of dbPaaS where the database is fully managed and self-optimizes for the applications. In this session, we will show you how the Cloudera Operational Database offers an accelerated on-ramp to app development by offering a modern multi-model database that eliminates infrastructure management.

      During this demo, you will learn how to use the Cloudera Operational Database to:
    • Create a new database & new schema
    • Write your first hello-world application using the database

    • Krishna Maheshwari
      Director Product Management
    • Mark Schoeni
      Technical Marketing

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    Webinar – Digitizing Airbus global supply chain through APIs

    An Airbus A380 is made up of 7 million different pieces with each piece coming from different parts of the world including Germany, Spain, UK, and France. Assembling the final plane requires support from various IT and operations teams. Leveraging legacy supply chain technology to support on-time arrival and coordination of parts was incredibly challenging, and only worsened with the need for new parts and pressure of massive growth. In order to scale, Airbus needed to think through how to transform and digitize its global supply chain.

    Hear from Airbus and how they are leveraging Anypoint Platform to enhance their production efficiency, and ultimately, drive innovation throughout the entire supply chain.

    In this webinar, you will learn how to:

    • Leverage APIs to support a complex manufacturing process with multiple global partners.
    • Foster collaboration amongst siloed IT teams through API reuse and API-led connectivity.
    • Reduce time to market by providing end-to-end visibility across the planning and execution processes within the supply chain.
    • Save hours of time by allowing the shop floor logisticians to easily identify non-conforming parts on their mobile apps.

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    Webinar – ABBs approach to the fourth industrial revolution

    ABB leads one of the most complex industries on the planet; one that is under intense transformation. They are succeeding by using digital technology to fast track their supply chain and manufacturing process. Watch this webinar to learn how ABB is accelerating digital transformation through an API strategy with MuleSoft.

    Key takeaways

    • How ABB leverages reusability and automation to streamline their complex manufacturing processes.
    • Why MuleSoft's C4E (Center for Enablement) is a perfect fit for ABB.
    • How ABB drives digital innovation through the adoption of API-led connectivity.

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    Webinar – Achieving interoperability in healthcare with APIs

    While the majority of healthcare providers have implemented an EHR system, most are incompatible with the full slate of clinical and non-clinical systems necessary to exchange critical health information and ultimately, provide the highest quality of care.

    With MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, hundreds of healthcare organizations have leveraged our HL7 V2 and FHIR messaging capabilities to connect clinical and non-clinical systems and power digital health initiatives. Now with the addition of Bridge Connector and Verato, healthcare organizations will be able to connect the full suite of health data, devices and systems necessary to power the future of care and achieve the standard of interoperability.

    By attending this webinar you will learn:

    • MuleSoft’s approach to interoperability with the use of open APIs, orchestration services, and standards-based exchange.
    • How Anypoint Platform provides enterprise-grade capabilities to design, manage and deploy your full suite of clinical and non-clinical system integration needs.
    • A demo showcasing the power of Bridge Connector's no-code integration capabilities and Verato's master patient index in achieving interoperability goals.

    Presented by:

    • Kevin Flanagan, Healthcare Product Marketing at MuleSoft
    • Michelle Blackmer, Vice President of Marketing, Verato
    • Josh Douglas, Chief Technology Officer, Bridge Connector

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    Webinar – MuleSoft and FedRAMP: Enabling cloud-based digital transformation in government

    In response to the federal government’s Cloud First initiative, agencies are moving to the cloud at an accelerated rate - moving on-premise applications, data and workloads to cloud infrastructure and adopting SaaS technologies like Salesforce, ServiceNow and Workday.

    What many in government have found is that integration and looking for government integration solutions has emerged as a stumbling block that has prevented government from realizing many of the benefits of moving to the cloud. This is because while a growing number of applications adopted by government are in the cloud, the underlying integration technologies connecting these applications are still based on-premise, meaning that government IT teams still have to spend time provisioning and maintaining infrastructure to ensure that their middleware doesn’t become a performance bottleneck for their applications.

    Join us for a conversation with MuleSoft CISO Kevin Paige on why cloud integration is key for agencies to successfully realize their move to the cloud and what MuleSoft is doing to provide a FedRAMP authorized implementation of Anypoint Platform to meet the requirements of government customers.

    Key Takeaways

    • Why cloud integration capabilities are necessary to enable the effective implementation and adoption of SaaS applications and cloud-based infrastructure
    • How MuleSoft's product and methodology provide customers with "security by design," and can align integration strategy with agency cybersecurity initiatives
    • What MuleSoft is doing to provide a FedRAMP compliant offering for federal, state and local government customers

    Presented by:

    • Kevin Paige, CISO, MuleSoft
    • Matt Serna, Industry and Solutions Marketing, MuleSoft

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    Webinar – Using APIs to build your omnichannel architecture

    Well-designed APIs, created along with a holistic integration strategy with Anypoint Platform, create a seamless omnichannel experience that customers want and businesses need. Across industries from healthcare to banking to retail, companies are using omnichannel strategies to achieve faster time to market, higher customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

    Watch this webinar, including a demo, to learn how to:

    • Deliver unified customer experiences 5x faster.
    • Drive consistent customer interactions across channels.
    • Easily adopt new channels on a single, unified platform.

    Presented by:

    • John Withers, Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft
    • Jimil Patel, Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft
    • Manan Sangvi, Solution Consultant, MuleSoft

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    Webinar – Transform policyholder engagement with MuleSoft, Salesforce and Guidewire

    In order to gain and retain new customers, insurance companies are investing in modernizing policyholder experiences. Leading firms have done so by implementing leading insurance platforms like Guidewire, and extending the power of these platforms through MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform and Salesforce's Financial Services Cloud.

    Attend this webinar to learn best practices for using MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform to rapidly connect Guidewire to any application, data, or device, including Salesforce's Financial Services Cloud.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Best practices for using APIs to surface policy and claims data from Guidewire.
    • How MuleSoft can help accelerate the implementation of Financial Services Cloud for insurance companies.

    Presented by:

    • Josh Mikulewicz, Solution Engineer, MuleSoft
    • Steve Murphy, Senior Solution Engineer, MuleSoft
    • Matt Serna, Head of Industry Marketing, MuleSoft

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    Webinar – Building a platform for digital insurance

    Digital insurance platforms enable insurance companies to connect with their ecosystem of customers, partners, and vendors on a single, unified platform. Hear firsthand from CTO Ben Turner how Legal and General’s digital insurance platform helped the company diversify product offerings, and scale quickly to meet customer expectations.

    Key Takeaways:

    • How industry leaders have digitally transformed insurance offerings with a platform business model.
    • How to build an integrated insurance platform to connect your ecosystem of suppliers and exceed customer expectations.
    • Best practices to increase customer retention and profitability with a single view of the customer.

    Presented by:

    • Ben Turner, CTO, Legal and General
    • Dan Snowdon, UK&I Financial Services Marketing Lead, MuleSoft
    • Angie Lee Campos, Global Financial Services and Insurance Lead, MuleSoft

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    Webinar – Unlocking data to deliver a unified bank

    Today’s digital era places strain on traditional financial firms, including increased customer expectations, the threat of disintermediation by market entrants, strict regulatory requirements, and more. How do banks, who face operational silos and aging systems, keep up?

    The answer lies in building a digital platform with APIs. In this session, hear directly from seasoned technologists to learn about the approach, tools, and operating model they use to successfully adapt and lead in the marketplace. Discover how to get more out of your existing legacy and cloud infrastructure and, in turn, deliver a flexible architecture that can easily adapt as new technologies emerge.

    During this session, you will learn:

    • Why industry disruptions and increased customer expectations demand a bank that transforms into a digital platform.
    • How an API-led approach to integration can help financial firms transform into digital platforms.
    • SunTrust’s journey with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and Salesforce, and how they used APIs to unify the bank experience.

    Presented by:

    • David Shonk, SVP EIS Enterprise Solutions Delivery Manager, SunTrust
    • Angie Campos, Financial Services & Insurance Industry Lead, MuleSoft

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