Apartment Therapy Streamlines Their Asset Workflow between Creative, Editorial & Development Teams

Apartment Therapy Media enables its readers to find their good life at home. Learn how they were able to streamline their asset workflow between their creative, editorial, and development teams, improving image quality and performance—resulting in a 10-20% reduction in size with no loss of quality. With streamlined digital asset management, they were able to create a single source of truth for all of their assets, with credits and permission rights stored in one place.

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Image & Video Management Optimizes Media for Hike

Hike is India’s first homegrown messaging app, and easily enables image and video sharing for their users. Learn how they optimized their media management by automatically delivering the best image quality, reducing page load times and providing a better user experience.

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Optimal Media Management for Kenshoo

Learn how Kenshoo helps the world’s leading brands and advertisers improve their image and video management workflows resulting in optimized delivery of digital assets using Cloudinary.

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Testing Essentials for the Age of Agile

According to Atlassian, 80% of all software organizations now practice a form of agile. However, three quarters of enterprises and over half of technology firms do not concurrently test code during sprints, causing bottlenecks in the release process.

Many companies have begun to invest in automation to fill the gaps, but it still only accounts for 15% of software testing. Watch the webinar to discover the essential steps in mastering an automation strategy and how to keep up with the demands of agile development, saving you valuable time and resources.


  • How to build a cost-effective QA strategy for agile development.
  • The essential steps to get started with test automation and how to accelerate the process.
  • When to use automation vs. manual testing and how to find the right balance.
  • Agile best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

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Citrix Tech Insight Demo Video: Access Control for StoreFront

Access Control for StoreFront integrates SaaS and web apps into an on-premises StoreFront deployment. When integrated, users can access the SaaS and web apps from StoreFront and have the following capabilities:

  • SSO to SaaS apps.
  • Enhanced SaaS app security.
  • URL filtering within SaaS apps.

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Citrix Tech Insight Demo Video: Micro VPN

Traditional VPNs grant the entire device access to backend resources. With the micro VPN, which is part of Citrix EndPoint Management, a single , per app VPN gives access to a specific app backend resource.

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Understanding the Value Stream With Velocity

Today, most development teams use Agile planners or Kanban boards to track work. Once the code is integrated though, continuous delivery tools take over. Tracking work as it flows through all the tools of a DevOps toolchain can be a pain. UrbanCode Velocity solves that with a value stream visualization that stitches together the story across your toolchain. Join us for an overview and demo of Velocity. In this session, you'll learn:

  • How developers can track their work as it flows to production.
  • How testers can see what is in the pipeline.
  • How team or retrospective leaders can spot process bottlenecks holding their team back.

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Accelerate Workforce Transformation with PC as a Service

Technology is a critical element of every business, and IT departments are working hard to keep users in relevant technology.

View “Accelerate Workforce Transformation with PC as a Service,” a 5-minute webinar to learn about PC-as-a-Service—a flexible consumption model for desktop PCs that combines hardware, software and lifecycle services as well as financing.

Discover how PC-as-a-Service can:

  • Reduce routine IT tasks
  • Keep employees in up-to-date technology
  • Let you pay a single, predictable price

IDC predicts that 20% of the global PC market will be purchased through this service model by 2020. Take 5 minutes to learn how to simplify desktop administration and let you focus on strategic work. Watch the webinar.

Download this webcast from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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Simplified Systems Management

Would you like to spend less time, money and resources managing desktop PCs at your organization? Then you know that the key to keeping PCs up and running and users productive is a good systems management. Watch “Simplified Systems Management: Save Time Money, Money and Resources Across your PC,” a 5-minute webinar that explores how modern systems management can end the days of labor-intensive, time-consuming work of managing desktop systems.

Discover how to easily:

  • Deploy PCs with the right policies and applications.
  • Monitor and track PCs to know which systems need attention.
  • Update PCs to keep running at peak efficiency.

Take 5 minutes to learn how you can simplify PC administration. Explore ways to streamline and automate systems management, and simplify the deployment, configuration, monitoring and updating of your PCs. Watch the webinar.

Download this webcast from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more.

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Citrix Healthcare Demo Video: Choose your cloud environment

Azure, AWS, Google Cloud—all these cloud services are creating so many new ways to manage your healthcare operations and take care of your patients. But let’s face it: we’re not all on the same place in the cloud journey—and that’s okay. Citrix gives you the choice of using all these services, securely, in the right combination that works for you.

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Citrix Healthcare Demo Video: Always on, always secure

Citrix gives you the freedom to use whatever device you choose. And that's even the case in some of the most security conscious environments, like on the front lines of healthcare. Let’s say that a caregiver chooses a Chromebook to use on their daily rounds. No problem. Citrix makes sure that any device, whether it’s Windows, Mac, a tablet, smart phone, and yes, even this Chromebook can stay within the bounds of security.

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Citrix Healthcare Demo Video: The distributed healthcare landscape

The world has changed so much for caregivers in medicine today. Doctors, nurses used to go to just one place to take care of patients. But now they're highly mobile. Often moving between different clinics, hospitals, even the patient’s home. And that’s where Citrix comes in. With Citrix Workspace, everything’s delivered to me through the Citrix Workspace App, on any device, with a secure log-in.

Citrix SD-WAN, combined with Citrix Workspace makes it easy to provide patient care, from any location with great performance and the assurance that critical IT resources are always on and available.

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Citrix Healthcare Demo Video: Citrix end user experience for healthcare

On the front lines of healthcare, clinicians don't want to think about technology or how it works. They just want their Electronic Health Records, other apps, and data ready to use at any moment.

Citrix helps them to provide optimal care, by transforming the way clinical information is accessed, and the way caregivers interact with their patients.

Please download this webinar to know more!

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