FICO Opens Up the Complex World of Optimization to Business Analysts

At FICO, we’ve witnessed organizations across all industries increasingly realize the benefits of a bottoms-up approach to tackling their most complex challenges. By simply outlining broad objectives and then enabling their business analysts with the right tools and software, enterprises can see huge improvements in profitability, customer retention, and other key metrics.

FICO is on the frontlines of this evolution, especially when it comes to optimization. Not only do we provide cutting-edge, highly-scalable software and solutions, we’ve also developed a proven optimization methodology at the analyst level.

Please download this executive brief to learn more about how FICO can train and equip your business analysts to deliver optimal strategies and continuous improvement.

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Big Data Opens the Door for Prescriptive Analytics

Making customer-focused decisions that balance risk and profit just keeps getting harder. Even when you think you have the right criteria to make decisions, optimizing the outcomes can be even trickier.

So many factors impede your ability to make the smartest possible decisions: Oceans of big data that distort rather than clarify. Regulations that vary across regions. Customers who want an offer, fast, or else you’re going to lose them.

To be truly successful, organizations have to put advanced analytics into the hands of their lines of business, not just the data scientists and operations researchers who have traditionally owned this domain. At the same time, these tools need to be highly configurable in order to avoid overloading the IT department.

This white paper covers how the collision of economic, technological, and human factors mandates a new approach to decisions that will solve these challenges and leverage prescriptive analytics across the enterprise.

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True or False: Debunking Flash Myths

This e-book addresses common misconceptions about enterprise flash storage, providing clarity for anyone using or considering flash in enterprise environments. Learn about old myths laid to rest and the reality of how enterprises can make full use of their flash storage investment.

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Keys to Business Success with All-Flash Storage

Are you building a business case for replacing disk systems with all-flash? Read this paper to find out what enterprise users are saying about their own experiences with all-flash storage. Findings are based on over a dozen different product reviews.

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Make Your Infrastructure Data Ready with NetApp

Your IT team is struggling with aging, inflexible, and complex infrastructure and processes that make it difficult to support new business needs or take advantage of cloud. Learn how you can transform your data infrastructure using flash storage to meet service level performance and availability, enabling your team to focus on the delivery of new applications and services.

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Top 3 Things You should Know about Modernizing your SAN eBook

Migrating to a flash storage solution does much more than simply save you money. Read this ebook and learn the top three things to know about modernizing your SAN. Find out how you can accelerate your most important apps by up to 20 times compared to traditional storage—while minimizing downtime.

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Technology Insight for Modern Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

Did you know that by 2020, 50% of analytic queries will be generated using search, natural-language processing or voice, or will be automatically generated?

Read the Gartner report Technology Insight for Modern Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms and find out how to meet the time-to-insight demands of today's competitive business environment.

Learn how to:

  • Determine when to use existing, traditional BI technologies versus modern analytics and BI
  • Broaden data access beyond relational systems
  • Adopt new approaches to data modeling
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3 Ways to Modernize Your Infrastructure Using Intelligent DNS

DNS is the first point of contact between your users and your applications. This is a powerful decision point in your application stack. New advances in DNS traffic management are helping leading enterprises move to the cloud, implement a multi-location infrastructure, accelerate DevOps and meet their reliability goals. Learn how Salesforce, The Guardian, Weight Watchers and other leading enterprises are leveraging recent advances in DNS services to modernize their infrastructure.
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Don’t Lose Control Over Your .com

Even the most security focused businesses are susceptible to vulnerabilities such as DNS cache poisoning, DNS outages, or DDoS attacks. These can lead to a website or application becoming slow, completely unavailable, or even worse - hijacked. In this 30-minute live webinar, Jonathan Lewis, VP Product Marketing will cover the several, practical ways enterprises can protect themselves from losing control over their domain, and ensuring an excellent user experience for their customers.
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Forrester Report: Artificial Intelligence with the Human Touch

Blend AI with Human Agents to Improve Both Customer and Agent Satisfaction

Artificial intelligence (AI) can’t replicate the human touch, but it can ease your agents’ burden by handling many simple, repetitive requests. A new Forrester Consulting paper offers a look at the strengths and weaknesses of both AI and humans independently, yet how blending them together can give your customers the seamless end-to-end experience they expect.

See how enterprises around the world use AI to improve customer service and uncover new revenue streams, the challenges they overcame, and why a blended solution with live agents makes sense.

Download the paper to learn three key recommendations on using AI to improve agent productivity, agent satisfaction, and customer satisfaction.

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Executive Brief: Mitigate Avaya risk and future-proof your customer experience

Overcome the obstacles of your legacy Avaya contact center

Your customers expect seamless, personalized interactions across digital and voice channels. Yet, delivering this level of customer experience is a struggle with a legacy Avaya contact center that was never intended to support this level of engagement. This challenge has been made even more complex with the financial uncertainty of Avaya.

Establish a solid foundation to support your success by moving to an omnichannel environment. With an open, stable and proven customer experience platform, you can manage your short-term risks while meeting the needs of your customers today and tomorrow.

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Gartner Report: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide

Get Gartner’s Complete Analysis of Each Contact Center Vendor

The 2017 Magic Quadrant provides Gartner’s annual analysis of the contact center infrastructure vendors. The report examines the innovations driving the market and compares vendors based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Get the complimentary report now to:

  • Compare contact center vendors and see which quadrant they are aligned to
  • Review the latest market outlook including on premise and cloud deployment choices
  • Learn what critical capabilities to consider when evaluating solutions and legacy system replacement

For the ninth year, we are honored to be positioned as a leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide. Gartner placed Genesys highest amongst all vendors in ability to execute and completeness of vision. We believe this unique position validates our mission to power the world’s best customer engagement solutions for organizations of all sizes, both in the cloud and on premise.

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Frost & Sullivan: Customer Engagement is Ripe for Change

Is Your IT Team Ready to Enable Digital Transformation?

Customers want fast access to information and immediate problem resolution on any device, from any location, at any time. It’s up to IT to build the foundation for this digital transformation that is increasingly becoming more cloud-based.

An omnichannel contact center platform gives you a single, integrated view of the entire customer journey. And as a cloud-based solution, IT has the flexibility to deploy advanced features fast and cost-efficiently.

Read this white paper from Frost & Sullivan for a pragmatic approach to:

  • Identify process changes and goals with lines of business
  • Benchmark your current infrastructure and technology gaps
  • Consider cloud omnichannel solutions for easier deployments and simple scalability
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eBook: Contact Center Economics and the Cloud

Move to the Cloud with Confidence

If you are considering the right deployment model for your contact center, economic guidelines can help you choose the solution that is best for your company. Cloud, on-premises or hybrid.

Just a few years ago, businesses were still unsure of the viability of moving their contact centers and other critical enterprise systems to the cloud. Since then, with the decrease of cloud costs, and the corresponding increase in security and, the viability and total cost of ownership of cloud deployments are attracting more and more companies.

This eBook will cover how different criteria can affect a choice between a cloud or on-premises contact center, including:

  • The size of your contact center, and business requirements such as customer journey management
  • The location and quantity of contact centers being managed
  • The need for scalability, speed of deployment, and maintenance requirements

Read the eBook today!

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