Benefits of Using Bitdefender Video Testimonial

Migrate 20,000 endpoints in just 90 days! That was the daunting task facing Safe Systems, a leading MSP that needed to strengthen their endpoint security. After looking at many alternatives, they decided to upgrade to Bitdefender. Check out their story.
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What You Need To Know About Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most prolific, profitable and fastest growing malware attack tools in the wild today. This Bitdefender White Paper will give you the details on what ransomware is all about and how Bitdefender addresses this threat better than any other vendor with patented technologies and techniques.
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Dell EMC Isilond Edge

IsilonSD Edge is a powerful yet simple storage solution purpose-built for enterprise edge locations that combines the power of Isilon scale-out NAS with the economy of software defined storage that utilizes industry standard hardware in a VMware environment. With it, you can extend your data lake from your core data center to your enterprise edge locations to store, manage, protect and analyze data more effectively and efficiently.
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EMC Isilon Scale-Out Data Lake Foundation

IDC believes that EMC Isilon is indeed an easy to operate, highly scalable and efficient Enterprise Data Lake Platform. IDC validated that a shared storage model based on the Data Lake can in fact provide enterprise-grade service-levels while performing better than dedicated commodity off-the-shelf storage for Hadoop workloads.

Download this white paper to learn more.

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Data Lake Architecture Assessment Tool

Have you set up a storage infrastructure that is ready for growth, primed for data sharing and enables data insights? Take a few minutes to find out where you are at today, and what you should consider for tomorrow, in order to respond quickly to your organization's current and future data initiatives.
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What Does the Right OpenStack Block Storage Look Like?

As IT moves into the new era of cloud computing’s dynamic and agile workflows, it’s time to look beyond existing storage hardware architectures and consider products built from the ground up for the next generation of applications and operations. Explore this infographic to learn how OpenStack block storage might offer such a solution.
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7 Steps to Get Started with Microsoft Azure

Some people think Azure is just Windows in the cloud or that AD, Azure and AAD are all Microsoft, so it all works together. They need to think again.

The cloud doesn’t run itself. It’s true that AD, Azure and AAD all come from Microsoft, but they don’t all automagically work together. You must decide how you want them to interoperate, then set them up correctly. The first time you do that it’s not simple. There are tricks and traps that people only learn from experience working with Azure.

In the whitepaper, you’ll find all of the details and guidelines for custom implementation and much more, including:

  • Information on defining your cloud goals
  • Calculating financial return
  • Determining a cloud identity strategy
  • Securing your cloud environment
  • Evaluating complexity
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Re-architecting Enterprise Applications for the Cloud

Today, almost everyone talks about moving to the cloud. But a question people rarely raise is: Which specific cloud types are most appropriate for a given company? And it's not immediately clear which kinds of application re-architecting are required for a successful cloud computing implementation. Building applications in the cloud is always easier than moving enterprise apps in the cloud, but which ones need re-architecting?

Join renowned Microsoft experts Jeff DeVerter and Kent Kingery, both of Rackspace, as they discuss a repeatable evolutionary pattern for moving enterprise apps to the cloud. They'll cover several applications, along with real-world use cases where enterprises have leveraged the cloud as a change agent and catalyst to transform their interactions with customers.

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