How B2B Solutions Can Enable Growth

In this IBM sponsored webcast, representatives from BlueStar and REMEDI discuss how their partnership allowed BlueStar to overcome their B2B integration challenges, increase efficiency, and do away with error-prone manual processes. Attend the webcast and you will learn how REMEDI's rapid implementation plan allowed BlueStar to speed time to market and demonstrate business results and ROI almost immediately. The webcast also discusses how BlueStar gained greater visibility into their business network and greatly increased the speed of their error resolution processes.
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Next Gen IT and the Cloud

Find out how next-gen IT solutions are flexible, intuitive, social and powerful - and how IT in the cloud will help your organization not only keep up with today's complex IT ecosystem, but manage it more efficiently than ever before.
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Guide to Social IT Basics

When IT organizations utilize social media, it can efficiently help more people inside and outside the data center quickly access more services and knowledge. Combined people's knowledge and good will and the essence of information technology service management (ITSM) can be more fully realized.
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Drive More Value from Your IT Assets

You can make your life simpler when you automate your entire IT Asset Management (ITAM) lifecycle and Software Asset Management (SAM) in one system of record. You'll also reduce costs, eliminate wasted resources, improve compliance, mitigate security risks, and drive standardization.
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Boost IT Visibility & Value with Service Catalog

Many CIOs are being pressured to demonstrate IT value. A service catalog can help you promote your services in a way the business can easily understand. It will become your service management foundation that can boost IT visibility and constantly demonstrate IT value to the business.
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Three IT Imperatives CIOs Use To Drive Change Throughout the Enterprise

CIOs who have been successful in bridging the divide between IT operations and business did it by accelerating the transformation of IT. ServiceNow documents three common IT imperatives that leading CIOs use to drive change and assert themselves as strategic leaders in the business.

In this white paper, you will find out how to:

- Consolidate to drive enterprise visibility and standardization

- Enable intuitive, approachable and business friendly IT

- Automate to accelerate IT responsiveness and innovation

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Mobile Middleware Buyer’s Guide

This guide written by Intel & Mashery developers/security architects shows how an API management platform can securely surface enterprise data and services, enabling unprecedented productivity for employees, increased contact with customers, and new revenue streams from external developers. It provides real-world usage models and functional requirements based on production deployments in Fortune 500 companies, and includes sample RFP.
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ESG – Evolving APM Big Data Approach, Integrated End-user Experience Monitoring Bring Deep End-to- end Application visibility

Highly complex IT environment with multi-tier application architectures delivering apps and services, detecting and diagnosing code level performance problems can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. While it may be plain to the end user that there is a problem, understanding where that problem originates and exactly what is causing it is difficult, and time consuming. Riverbed OPNET AppInternals Xpert addresses this challenge by combining end-user experience, transaction tracing, and application component monitoring for deep end-to-end application visibility. This latest release facilitates bi-directional workflows between operations and application development to expedite problem resolution. Register to read report.
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Move up to Enterprise Developer for zEnterprise

Micro Focus Enterprise Developer for IBM® zEnterprise® is the core technology for zEnterprise application development. The time is right for Mainframe Express (MFEEE) customers to move up to this new development platform and enjoy the benefits of Enterprise Developer. Here's why.
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Mainframe application delivery and deployment – a fresh approach

Mainframe environments have historically been the natural choice to run the mission-critical business applications that enterprises rely on. Over time developments in processor technology have meant that Linux®, UNIX® and Windows Servers® have become able to deliver mainframe equivalent performance at a fraction of the cost. They can therefore offer more options to respond to change required by the business, while delivering the appropriate Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS). This paper looks at the options available to mainframe application decision-makers who are looking to map their mainframe IT strategy to their next generation of business needs.
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A step change in development efficiency

The development process for mainframe applications is no simple matter - it is far more than just cutting code and testing it. Improving technology is only half the story and failure to support key processes will severely impact developer adoption. This technical white paper explains how Micro Focus can help development teams improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the zEnterprise development processes by customizing the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and the specifics of mainframe configuration management integration.
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OPNET, Now a Part of Riverbed Technology, Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of the 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring

"We are very pleased that OPNET has been recognized by Gartner as a leader in the rapidly growing APM market. A core part of our business strategy has been to be a market leader in application performance monitoring, both in terms of innovation and market share. Now representing more than 70% of OPNET's product sales, APM has been growing at more than 30% per year for the last four years," said Marc Cohen, Chairman and CEO, OPNET.
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