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Single Sign-on for Office 365, Microsoft Azure and On-Premises Environments

Businesses today are being challenged by the proliferation of handheld devices and new corporate policies for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Users want to be able to access their productivity applications from anywhere, from any device — a laptop, smartphone or tablet— and use only one username and password to access it all. This creates a challenge for IT. How do they give users what they want, while maintaining a secure environment?

To accomplish this, businesses need to have a robust, hybrid infrastructure that allows users to seamlessly access their applications whether they are deployed in their on-premises data center or in the cloud. This white paper focuses specifically on Microsoft’s approach, featuring Office 365 and Azure. It demonstrates how to configure and deploy Active Directory in a hybrid architecture. We’ll discuss why hybrid makes sense, common concerns, pitfalls to consider, and best practices for setting up your hybrid infrastructure leveraging Azure Active Directory Services with Office 365.
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Identifying the Right Solution for Your Business

The biggest challenges around cloud adoption aren't the technologies involved but rather involve finding the people that can effectively leverage those technologies to provide the best outcome for an organization. Learn how to implement a cheaper and faster cloud by understanding:
  • The challenges of a hybrid, managed and DIY cloud
  • How cloud providers are better at detecting attacks
  • DIY versus managed hosted clouds
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The Hybrid Cloud and Microsoft Azure

The cloud has become mainstream. Businesses are no longer asking “Should we move to the cloud?” but wondering “When should we move?” Furthermore, hybrid clouds are not new, and some of the foundational elements of hybrid cloud creation, operation and maintenance are rooted in decades-old traditional data center technologies.

This whitepaper will:
  • Examine the concepts of hybrid cloud environments.
  • Discuss the potential advantages of using hybrid cloud technologies.
  • Look at how the Microsoft Azure platform enables efficient and effective hybrid cloud computing.
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Effective Azure Migrations

Moving existing line-of-business (LOB) applications to the cloud can be a daunting task. In this white paper, find out how Rackspace makes moving to the Microsoft cloud easy by:
  • Assessing current system and applications with one of 250+ Microsoft Experts
  • Understanding how to utilize new cloud capabilities based on our over 15 years of Microsoft Cloud experience
  • Manage, monitor and secure migrated applications and workloads 24x7x365
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Creating Resilient Architectures on Microsoft Azure

In this world of always-on services, the systems that support them must be designed to be both highly available and resilient. Today, many IT leaders are looking for their applications and infrastructure to be covered by the following:

  • Defined SLA¹s for workloads and applications
  • Mapped failure points and impact of these on the business
  • Regularly measure application and Infrastructure health

Access this white paper to discover your resiliency, and learn how to create a resilient architecture on Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

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