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Performance Engineering for Applications

Ensuring application performance and quality is a shared responsibility across all groups within IT. Poor quality impacts IT and business performance, and increases incurred costs of maintenance. See how you can:

* Establish collaborative processes to identify and resolve bugs and performance problems early in the application lifecycle
* Expedite release cycles and ensure optimal end user experience
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Guidewire Performance Management Guide

Insurance organizations are constantly replacing legacy systems and practices with streamlined ones that help them compete better. In the area of billing, policy and claims management, Guidewire is broadly adopted. However:

* Rollouts are complex and delicate and require a thorough analysis of identifying impacted systems and stakeholders
* Implementations require understanding improvements that can be made to existing systems that Guidewire will need to integrate with
* Complete end-to-end performance visibility of Guidewire deployment is necessary for IT to ensure 24/7 performance and availability

Read this whitepaper to learn more.
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10 Reasons Why Developers Need Application Performance Monitoring

In today's business world, user expectations for application performance are incredibly high. This comes at a time, when, from a developer's standpoint, challenges are constantly growing.

In particular, developing business applications today is more complex than when a single application ran on dedicated hardware with its traffic running over a corporate backbone network. Now, applications typically are comprised of multiple components, each running on different systems (virtualized, distributed, hybrid, and cloud) all interconnected using a variety of company-owned, public Internet-based, or even cellular networks.

To build such modern applications, developers could use some help. That is where application performance management (APM) solutions come in. Read this whitepaper to learn 10 ways developers can use APM to improve the quality and performance of their software.
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Case Study SteelHead Schneider Electric

Riverbed Technology is working with Schneider Electric to ensure the success of its IT transformation, providing products that ensure fast and reliable, global data access for all employees over the corporate network and the Internet. Read this whitepaper to learn more.
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Securing Edge Data at the Center

Nobody can afford to lose data. But managing data, including backup and availability, in far-flung locations can present many logistical and technological challenges that bring complexity, expense, and risk. It doesn't have to be that way though.
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Top 10 Reasons to Use Steelhead SAAS

SteelHead SaaS offers up to 30x better application performance for cloud services and SaaS applications deployed in enterprises. The solution combines the best of WAN optimization with the best of Internet optimization to provide a seamless transition for users between private and public clouds. Customers experience application acceleration immediately, without requiring any configuration changes to the user or service provider environments.
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Powering the Hybrid Enterprise

Numerous Forrester Research reports make the evidence clear. Its surveys show that 62 percent of employees work in multiple locations, that 51 percent of IT professionals say application complexity is their primary challenge, and that 52 percent of enterprises have more than half of their corporate data outside the data center. To deal with these challenges, IT must determine how to overcome myriad technical constraints and allow anytime, anywhere computing.
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Application Visibility: The Root Of Good Service Management

IT organizations have long struggled to understand and manage the services they provide. Most have acquired huge portfolios of tools to measure nearly every corner of the IT environment. Despite these investments — many of which were on the order of several million dollars — the goal of understanding and managing service behavior remains elusive.
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Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies

Businesses and users today have rapidly evolving needs, are mobile, and expect 24/7 connectivity and reliability. We rely on IT teams to provide functionality and service to keep up with market needs all while ensuring reliability. Fail to do so, and users switch to competitors or other alternatives. See how you can ensure application performance and quality through collaboration across IT.
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Getting Network Auditing and Configuration Figured Out

Networks are dynamic and constantly changing entities. New software can change the entire way that data flows over the network. New devices, including switches and Wifi access points, can make their way onto networks without the administrator's knowledge. And security and access controls may not be to the level that you think they are.
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Support the Era of the App with End-to-End Network and Application Performance Visibility

The realities of the modern IT landscape are daunting. Your business-critical applications are multi-platform, multi-tier, and span physical, virtual, and hybrid cloud environments. To reach your end user, application transactions traverse complex networks and infrastructure that are handling ever-increasing loads. In light of this, never has it been more challenging to monitor the performance and availability of the business services that your employees and customers count on. Read this whitepaper to learn more.
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Buyer’s Guide Evaluating Performance Management Solutions

Many are turning to technology providers to leverage a more holistic, efficient, and effective process of performance management. If you are in a similar situation, use this Buyer’s Guide to identify the capabilities that will help you increase end-user satisfaction through a better quality of service.
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