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Australia’s Top Sporting League Tackles Multiple Access Management Challenges Across Diverse Infrastructure with Securden

The National Rugby League, Australia's top sporting league, faced a daunting IT workload managing critical systems, cloud entitlements, and applications across its hybrid infrastructure. The team sought a comprehensive solution to address operational and security gaps, ultimately finding success with Securden. Now, they efficiently manage access requests from a central portal, implementing granular internal controls, regulating third-party access, and enforcing least privilege—all at a budget-friendly cost.

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Overcoming The Security Risks Associated with Local Admin Accounts

The all-powerful local administrator accounts in Windows carry significant security risks, and improper management could lead to disastrous situations. It is believed that more than 90 percent of the security vulnerabilities in Windows arise due to local admin rights. From a security perspective, though local admin accounts by themselves don't cause issues, not managing them properly leads to serious repercussions.

This white paper analyzes the common practices in managing local admin accounts, the associated security risks, the strategies to mitigate the risks, and the comparative merits and demerits of different approaches.

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