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Banking on Automation for a Better Back Office

Financial institutions are counting on banking operations to help transform them into the bank of the future. But, most bank back offices still have between 300 and 800 back-office processes to manage and monitor -- hampering their progress and making data breakdowns are inevitable. As a result, banks can’t bring new offerings to market quickly, and still deliver disjointed experiences that leave consumers unfulfilled.

It’s time for a better way to approach back office automation.

Download Banking on Automation for a Better Back Office and learn how digitizing your back office processes with a workflow platform allows you to:

  • Automate data collection to reduce errors and standardize your data.
  • Digitize work flows to speed up end-to-end processing.
  • Reduce operating expenses and improve the cost-basis of consumer offerings.

Download Banking on Automation for a Better Back Office now.

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How Utilities and Related Services Can Use Technology to Improve Operations and Save Money

Generally speaking, the utility industry has been somewhat sluggish in its application of technology to streamline operations and productivity. However, this attitude has been shifting in recent years as companies are becoming more attuned to the significance of meeting customer expectations. In this Playbook, you will learn:

  • Why many utilities are using mobile automated workflow tools to improve processes and save money.
  • About how one Monterey, Calif.-based company experienced explosive growth after adopting custom-built mobile technology.
  • The latest statistics and real-world examples related to how digital tools are helping utilities reap an array of benefits.
  • How one single-source provider in the energy sector recently reduced its number of employee safety incidents thanks to the implementation of digital technologies.

If your company would like to learn more about digitizing operations, download our new playbook today.

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Driving Risk out of Construction

Transforming Your Business With An Operational Workflow Platform In the construction business, you’re under enormous pressure to run on-time and on-budget with the utmost focus on safety and quality. At the end of the day, your most important skill is to catch hidden risks before they become real problems with real impacts to the business.

Unfortunately, antiquated paper and spreadsheet processes keep risks hidden and you stymied. To resolve this, leading construction firms like yours are embracing operational workflow platforms to better manage and streamline their work, data, and processes, while decreasing their costs.

Read Driving Risk Out of Construction and learn how you can uncover and quickly act upon hidden risks caused by manual processes and disparate systems in order to reduce safety incidents and improve on-time delivery and quality.

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