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Hypervisor-based Replication

Virtualization of the data center has proven to be a true IT game-changer, providing increased flexibility and control in managing production workloads, as well as significantly streamlining the implementation and operational support. Organizations continue to expand their virtualization initiatives to private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

To more fully realize the benefits of virtualization and get the most out of their investments in the technology, organizations need to optimize all IT processes and activities for their virtual environment. This includes security, compliance, and Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR). Of the three, BC/DR is perhaps the most difficult because to date there have been no virtual-ready remote replication methods that organizations could adopt. That is all about to change.

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Cloud Continuity Platform — Enabling the Hybrid Cloud

Today’s IT demands an agile, flexible environment with the ability to have any application leverage any cloud with any hypervisor. For example, a production workload should be able to reside in a VMware based private cloud for performance, while leveraging Amazon for cost effective backup and a Hyper-V based managed service provider for high SLA disaster recovery. Enterprises want the capability to expand their available choices in terms of meeting the needs of the business. IT provides the robust foundation to ensure end-user productivity across disciplines, and they need to be able to react fast.
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BC/DR in the Cloud Era: Options and Challenges

In this paper, we will discuss the different types of Cloud BC/DR solutions and the challenges faced by both customers and Cloud Service Providers (CSP) prior to Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR). Then we will discuss how ZVR addresses these challenges and improves upon many of the traditional solutions.

Zerto performed a similar exercise when creating Zerto Virtual Replication. We first assessed the state of the industry, and then developed a solution to not only meet, but also exceed the required capabilities of both the consumer and the provider for cloud-based disaster recovery.

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