Measuring Empathy With Speech Analytics

You don’t have to be an industry expert to know that call centers are all about the customer experience. It’s what drives value to the company, determines performance, and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that quality assurance managers are under constant pressure to deliver positive results. And to do that, they must ensure that agents are equipped with the most valuable skill a customer service representative can have: empathic communication.

But what is empathic communication? How does it impact the customer experience? What can speech analytics do to measure and improve empathy? This eBook will answer those questions and walk you through all you need to know about.

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Choosing The Right Speech Analytics Solution

Learn how to choose the right speech analytics solution and why CallFinder is the leading speech analytics provider in this eBook.

  • Understand Speech Analytics Basics.
  • Learn How Speech Analytics Improves CX.
  • Learn How to Increase Sales by 30% or More.
  • Learn What to Look for When Comparing Solutions.
  • See What Sets CallFinder Apart from Competitors.

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CallFinder + Centris: Credit Union Builds QA Program Around CallFinder

Centris Quality Assurance Specialist, Nicole Crawford explains how automating their quality assurance (QA) process with CallFinder not only saves valuable time, but it also provides objective call scores that managers can use to give unbiased feedback and coach agents on soft skills. Learn why CallFinder is now the foundation of Centris’s quality assurance program.

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Why Clients Love Working With CallFinder

CallFinder's Senior Speech Analyst, Sam Petersen, reflects on why he loves working at CallFinder and helping clients get the most out of our speech analytics solution. Watch to learn what sets CallFinder apart from the competition and how the Speech Analyst team at CallFinder exceeds client expectations while ensuring that every user understands how to use CallFinder to improve call center metrics and the customer experience.

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Top 5 Challenges in Designing a Data Warehouse for Multi-Tenant Analytics

If you don’t properly design your data warehouse for multi-tenant analytics, you’re gonna have a bad time. Most data warehouses are built to efficiently store large volumes of data from numerous sources, not for end-users of SaaS platforms working with multi-tenant analytics. This architecture mismatch causes a variety of headaches. We’ll outline the top 5 challenges and explain how to have a good time instead.

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Finding the Right LMS: 7 Questions You Need to Ask

To retain a competitive edge, your organization needs an LMS that enables effective communication with your remote workforce, supports your learning and development strategy, drives customer enablement, and connects learners with personalized and continuous training opportunities.

With so many platforms to choose from, you need a clear idea about what each LMS offers, how it supports your organization’s goals, and delivers the learning experience your people want. Finding the best fit means asking the right questions.

Filled with insight and actionable advice, download the ebook to discover:

  • The features and benefits to look for.
  • Whether your current systems meet your needs.
  • How to connect, align, and grow your organization.

View Now’s Future of Employee Engagement 2023-24

Employee engagement is associated with a wide array of positive business outcomes, but that doesn’t make it any easier to achieve. Engaging your people takes the right practices, appropriate technologies, and actionable information—and The Future of Employee Engagement report is the perfect place to start. This Bridge-sponsored research offers a wide array of digestible data points on the status, impacts, and drivers of engagement in 2024.

Download your copy and find out how engagement leaders are keeping their people energized and attentive.

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4 Ways to Get Your Teams to Make Time for Learning

Employee engagement levels are low, workloads are heavy, and—without the right approach—the benefits of learning programs can easily be drowned out amidst the noise of busy workers’ lives.

Getting your teams to make time for learning might seem like a daunting task. That’s why our latest ebook is here to help you get your people ready to learn, with tips on topics ranging from practical learning formats to career-driven motivation strategies.

Check out the ebook and feast your eyes on an array of handy insights, including:

  • The need for protected learning time among time-poor workers.
  • The retention-related benefits of microlearning and course chunking .
  • The value of talent mobility as a much-needed motivator for reluctant learners.

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The HIDDEN ROI of Embedded Analytics for SaaS Companies

As a SaaS leader, you know that end-user expectations encompass a seamless user experience, easy to use self-service analytics, and immediate data response times.

Delivering these features requires an embedded analytics solution with a different approach. One that includes both the user facing components and the data management layer to ensure the solution can scale and meet the custom needs of SaaS end customers.

Read this brief to learn FOUR areas for cost savings and FOUR monetization opportunities with embedded analytics that SaaS leaders need to know about.

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How Embedded Analytics Helps Product Managers Exceed Their KPIs

PMs are the CEOs of their product. This challenging role requires people management, expectation management, and delivering business results. In a SaaS environment, the challenge is compounded as results are measured daily, monthly and quarterly.

However, new vendors have emerged to assist Product Managers in delivering cutting edge experiences to their end-users which align to important KPIs. Below are five ways embedded analytics help PMs exceed their key performance indicators.

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A Product Manager’s Guide to Embedded Analytics

Our Embedded Analytics Product Fit Guide will walk you through the process of choosing an analytics provider and outline all of the steps involved. It was designed as a conversation starter to get you thinking about your specific needs, so you can align your requirements and priorities and ensure your analytics solution is a perfect match for your needs.

There are many considerations you should be thinking about as you evaluate different analytics vendors and solutions. It is important to both understand your needs and specific requirements as well as know which of them are the most important priorities for your project.

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Build vs. Buy: Embedded Analytics for SaaS Providers

As a SaaS leader, you know that the more metrics, insights, and analytics you add to your products, the more engagement you’ll have and the stickier your product will become with customers.

At what point do you decide to keep building your own in-house analytics or invest in an analytics platform that can be easily embedded into your software?

Read our Build vs. Buy Analytics eBook to learn:

  • Top 4 benefits of embedded analytics.
  • A quick cost comparison of in-house vs embedded analytics.
  • 10 considerations to help your company deliver the RIGHT analytics solution for your CUSTOMER needs.

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Mastering Dunning Workflows

Managing account receivables can be a complex and time-consuming process for businesses of all sizes. However, by starting with a well-thought out strategy and organizations can significantly improve their collections processes and ensure timely payments from their customers.

In this white paper, we will present the best dunning workflow that has been proven to work for hundreds of Gaviti customers. Our goal is to help you streamline your collections process and improve your workflow, ultimately leading to increased cash flow.

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The A/R Collections Manager’s Guide: Get Paid on Time and Accelerate your Cash Flow

If you've ever had to chase an invoice, spend time nudging customers about late payments, or find yourself lost trying to navigate through a mess of Excel spreadsheets, you know how troublesome the accounts receivable (A/R) collections process can be.

Businesses can get a handle on their accounts receivable collections processes by taking a few simple steps – and deploying a few simple automation tools – that can help them along. Let’s review a few best practices for efficient A/R collections and how you can automate your accounts receivable process.

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The Complete A/R Invoice-to-Cash Management Checklist

Evaluating software is complicated. Luckily, you don't have to be a techie to help make a good decision for your organization. This ebook will help you understand the common and not-so-common of components accounts receivable software as defined by the Gartner.

This ebook explains the core features of accounts receivable software and also contains checklists that you can use when evaluating vendors.

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