3 Ways to Boost Business Productivity with Automated Data Integration

As organizations consolidate and modernize their on-premises data warehouses and data lakes in the cloud – or stand up new ones in the cloud, it’s more important than ever to avoid the pitfalls of hand coding.

While many IT departments focus just on data integration, a broader solution is needed to solve today’s enterprise needs across the entire lifecycle of data management.

This paper offers guidance on implementing an intelligent, automated data management solution versus spending time building custom data integrations.

Download 3 Ways Manual Coding Is Killing Your Business Productivity to learn:

  • 7 drawbacks to hand coding for IT and the business.
  • 4 critical elements of intelligent, automated cloud data management.
  • How to future proof your data analytics initiatives.

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Data Integration Made Easy with Informatica’s Data Management Engine

Organizations with large-scale, multi-cloud requirements need a cost-effective optimization engine to simplify data integration.

“Informatica’s Cost Optimization Engine: A Comprehensive, High-Performance Data Management Solution” outlines how we help solve your cost, performance, and maintenance challenges by delivering simplicity, productivity, and scalability with our intelligent engine.

Learn how our data management solution:

  • Provides differentiating features, including smart scheduling, dynamic partitioning, and metadata-driven integration.
  • Simplifies data integration and data transformation.
  • Processes data at 65% lower TCO than other offerings.

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How Data Integration Boosts a Competitive Edge in a Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

If you’re like nearly 80% of organizations,1 you rely on a variety of cloud platforms to store your data and provide critical business functions.

Multi-cloud data integration can bring them together to provide the cross-organizational analytics and insights your business needs to beat the competition.

Download the “Winning with Multi-Cloud: How to Drive a Competitive Advantage and Overcome Data Integration Challenges” eBook to:

  • Understand the benefits and risks of implementing a multi-cloud strategy.
  • Explore the common data integration challenges for multi-cloud data management.
  • Learn how the right data integration and data management platform can help you bridge the multi-cloud divide and meet your analytics and insights requirements.
  • Discover how other companies are delivering better customer experiences, improving productivity, and powering automation with cloud data integration.

1. IDC study.

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Report: COVID’s Effect and Influence on Grant Management

In response to COVID-19, grantmakers and foundations across the world were faced with a mountain of challenges that demanded immediate change and innovation.

What many didn't anticipate was how these adaptations would set the groundwork for a new set of best practices that would transform grantmaking and the way we approach mission-driven work.

In this free report, gain insight to:

  • How the pandemic affected funder's missions and impact.
  • How grantmakers created and distributed emergency grants fast.
  • What post-pandemic grantmaking best practices look like in 2021 and beyond.

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How to Find the Right Balance

Trust-based philanthropy is a movement that calls on funders to address systemic inequities and recenter the grantee experience. But if the technology you use was built around a top-down, hierarchical structure, you’ll struggle to evolve effectively.

Learn what specific capabilities you need to look for in your grant management software to align with the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project’s six core principles.

See how a grant management solution can empower you to shift to a trust-based approach, and get clear examples of what it means to put these principles into practice. Download the guide today.

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The Next Generation of Grants Management Software

Philanthropy recently experienced the most disruptive period of change in the last 50 years. But this tumultuousness has spurred incredible transformation. For grantmakers and nonprofits alike, evolutions that once took decades, are now happening overnight.

Organizations have completely redefined how they make an impact with a renewed focus on equity, flexibility, and responsiveness. Software was thrust into the spotlight as a tool to align missions and streamline the process of launching, managing, and measuring grant programs. Technology is the lynchpin that enables lasting change.

A new era of philanthropy is here—technology can help your organization embrace it. Download "The Next Generation of Grants Software Management" to find out how.

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Intégration Plus Rapide, Plus Simple Et Plus Rentable De Données Dans Le Cloud Pour L’Analytique

Plus vous disposez de sources de données, plus il est important de les connecter pour piloter vos projets d'analyse et de Data science. Aujourd'hui, cela signifie ingérer et intégrer vos données dans le Cloud.

« Intégration plus rapide, plus simple et plus rentable de données dans le Cloud pour l'analytique » est notre guide stratégique pour choisir une approche qui vous permet de tirer le meilleur parti de vos données, plus rapidement avec ETL, ELT ou le traitement élastique. Vous découvrirez comment :

  • Réduire les coûts
  • Résoudre les contraintes liées aux ressources
  • Simplifier la complexité

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Ventana Research: Éviter Les Dépassements De Coûts Liés Aux Données Dans Le Cloud

Vous gérez vos données dans le Cloud, mais les résultats ne sont pas à la hauteur ? Des performances lentes et des dépassements de coûts ? La gestion des données dans le Cloud offre une flexibilité en termes de ressources et de budget. Mais il peut être difficile de trouver la bonne solution.

Téléchargez le livre blanc Ventana Research, « Éviter les dépassements de coûts liés aux données dans le Cloud » pour :

  • Découvrir pourquoi des capacités complètes pour l'intégration de données, la qualité des données, la gestion des données de référence et la gouvernance des données sont essentielles
  • Découvrir quatre étapes à suivre pour améliorer les performances et les résultats
  • Découvrir pourquoi les architectures Cloud native permettent une élasticité et une évolutivité accrue
  • Comprendre le rôle essentiel que jouent l'automatisation et l'IA dans l'optimisation de l'efficacité et la gestion des contraintes de ressources

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L’Analyse Du Streaming De Bloor

Votre capacité à agir sur les données en streaming quasiment en temps réel dépend de votre solution d'intégration de données pour le traitement et l'analyse de ces données. Dans son dernier rapport, Bloor Research désigne Informatica spécialiste du marché.

Téléchargez « Streaming Analytics Market Update » pour découvrir pourquoi nous sommes engagés dans la transformation des données. En savoir plus sur :

  • Les tendances qui façonnent le marché de la gestion des données en streaming
  • Les fournisseurs qui illustrent les forces et les opportunités du marché
  • Les indicateurs clés utilisés pour évaluer et classer les fournisseurs

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Faster, Simpler, More Cost-Effective Cloud Data Integration for Analytics

The more data sources you have, the more important it is to connect them to drive analytics and data science projects. Today, that means ingesting and integrating data in the cloud.

“Faster, Simpler, More Cost-Effective Cloud Data Integration for Analytics” is our strategic guide to choosing an approach that ensures you can gain value from your data faster with ETL, ELT, or elastic data processing. You will learn how to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Solve resource constraints
  • Simplify complexity

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Ventana Research: Avoiding Cloud Data Cost Overruns

If your company is investing in cloud data integration projects, there’s a good chance your monthly costs have been surprisingly high at times, especially with the skyrocketing demand for cloud computing during the pandemic.

At the same time, your data integration projects may not be driving the results you expected. While cloud data management provides greater flexibility in terms of resources and budget, it can be hard to strike the right balance between cost vs. benefit when:

  • Resource constraints limit scalability and provide disappointing performance
  • Many cloud applications aren’t as robust as their on-premises counterparts
  • Combining multiple applications creates operational and technical complexity

Download the white paper now to access more proven ways to conquer your cloud data cost overruns while resolving inefficient data integration.

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Bloor Research Data Governance Market Update

In the Bloor Streaming Analytics Market Update, you’ll discover the names of leading data integration and streaming analytics vendors. Each vendor is divided into one of three categories, making it easy for you to understand who’s who in data integration and streaming analytics. You’ll also:

  • Learn about the top three trends in streaming data management today
  • See why open-source technology no longer offers a strong competitive edge
  • Explore the eight metrics used to rank and assess a wide range of vendors

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Embedded Analytics – Build vs Buy

As a software company, you already know the value of data and analytics can bring to your business. That means the real decision is whether to build your own in-house analytics or invest in an analytics platform that can be easily embedded into your software. Fortunately, you can make the right decision by downloading Qrvey’s Build vs Buy guide for software providers.

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Embedded Analytics Product Fit Guide

Qrvey’s Embedded Analytics Product Fit Guide will walk you through the process of choosing an analytics provider and outline all of the steps involved. It was designed as a conversation starter to get you thinking about your specific needs, so you can align your requirements and priorities and ensure your embedded analytics solution is a perfect match for your needs.

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Embedded Analytics – Build vs Buy

As a software company, you already know the value of data and analytics can bring to your business. That means the real decision is whether to build your own in-house analytics or invest in an analytics platform that can be easily embedded into your software. Fortunately, you can make the right decision by downloading Qrvey’s Build vs Buy guide for software providers.

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