The Changing Future of HR

Before the pandemic, digital transformation was a competitive advantage, but an optional one. It was often cited as a priority for HR and business leaders, but not treated with urgency. Today, however, digital transformation is table stakes for identifying and meeting the needs of your workforce and monitoring the productivity of that workforce — two foundational elements of companies that will thrive post-COVID-19.

This eBook represents three ways HR leaders must adapt to the future world of work.

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The Right Tools to Thrive as a People Leader

Your expertise is in leading people - so why do you end up wearing so many hats in your organization?

Learn about the importance of efficiency when managing a growing - and increasingly remote - workforce. With over 80% of U.S. small and medium sized businesses implementing robust HR software, what are the key functions a tool needs to provide to those organizations?

This eBook represents 6 reasons why people leaders are switching their teams to focus on digital workforce management.

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5 People Metrics That Matter

Cut through the noise with HR stats that matter most. Today, as HR has become influential in driving ideas towards sustainable change, the easy-to-understand HR “People” metrics have become vital for evaluating business processes and developing ‘people’ strategies.

To help you drive HR strategy with concise data, our industry experts have developed this list of the top five “people” analytics. You’ll also get concrete advice to translate each metrics’ results into actions that will help you drive more successful business outcomes.

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How to Buy an LMS for a Compliance-Driven Business

Are you tired of grappling with the challenges of compliance training? Look no further! An LMS will help you manage your immediate challenges when it comes to completion rates and overall compliance. With its ability to automate compliance, centralize training materials, and track progress, an LMS is the ultimate tool for talent development leaders in high-consequence industries. And with our E-book, you'll learn how to choose and use the perfect LMS for your needs.

We've done the work for you. All you have to do is download the e-book now!

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Company Travel Policy Template

Want to put together some guidelines on how business travel should be booked, approved, and expensed? We’ve got you covered with this fully-customizable travel policy template. We've done all the research and hard work for you – we talked to travel managers and finance leaders from various companies & industries to discover what essential elements should go in a robust travel policy. Here's what you’ll get:

  • A concise, simple-to-understand, and easily customizable travel policy template that you can edit in minutes.
  • Guidelines on all the essentials such as expense reporting, safety information, and flexible booking.
  • Top tips on how to make the most of your travel policy such as guidelines on approvals, improving travel policy compliance & more.

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5 Ways Errors Slip into Your Salesforce Production Environment – And How to Avoid Them

Salesforce is a double-edged sword. On one hand, its level of usability and ease of customization have allowed teams to modify the CRM to fit their exact needs. On the other, changes made by citizen developers can have unanticipated downstream effects that surface as defects in your production environment, bringing productivity and progress to a halt.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • 5 common ways errors slip into production.
  • How to spot potential points of failure before changes are deployed.
  • How test automation can minimize risk and ensure that new releases do not impact your existing org.

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Minimize Salesforce Bugs and Maximize ROI

Salesforce is designed to democratize innovation by empowering users to generate their own customizations through its low-code platform. Without a doubt, Salesforce is an intricate and vital piece of your organization’s digital modernization puzzle, as it’s connected to many of your critical business apps through backend flows.

Salesforce makes its platform as easy to maintain as possible. The company thoroughly tests its three yearly releases, but it’s up to customers to verify that their customizations, integrations, and applications built on the Salesforce platform work as intended.

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Read How James River Home Health Care Chose Multiview Over Legacy Vendors and Implemented a New ERP As a Team of One

Like most growing health organizations, JRHH had built strong financial processes for a small organization. Now procedures needed to evolve. Jennings was the first person to hold the CFO role within the organization and saw many opportunities to advance. The first priority was sourcing new ERP software.

Learn why James River choose Multiview by downloading our case study!

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MADD Canada Dramatically Improves Financial Efficiencies with Multiview Financials’ ERP

Director of Finance, Shaida Tabatabai, searched for a more efficient accounting software program for its two-person finance department. The organization was operating with multiple programs, add-ons, and Excel spreadsheets. She was unable to process financial statements or perform any analysis within one program, making processes very time-consuming and expensive. The charity needed financial statements for audit purposes and to provide financial reports showing financial condition, cash flow, decision making, planning and forecasting.

After evaluating multiple software options, Shaida says it was evident that Multiview’s one-stop solution was the right option to achieve the organization’s objectives.

Download our case study to learn how Multiview helped MADD Canada drive and achieve more efficiency in their financial department.

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Why South University Embraced Multiview’s ERP Software

South University needed a single cloud-based ERP solution to simplify the work carried out by the accounting departments. The school had three systems for workflow that was very high touch and inaccessible by mobile devices.

They needed to easily present information to different internal and external regulatory bodies and access different roll-offs through a secure and controlled-access system. Educational institutions like South University also need the ability to measure the profitability of their programs.

Download our case study to learn how Multiview helped South University:

  • Transition to a single, cloud-based ERP solution.
  • Improve efficiences regarding time and money.
  • Easily identify COVID-related expenses.

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The Future of Healthcare Finance

Many healthcare organizations are holding onto the same financial processes from 30 years ago, preventing the future we think they deserve.

Download this eBook about The Future of Healthcare Finance where we discuss:

  • The Future of a Data-Driven Healthcare Finance Team.
  • Healthcare Accounting: Using Agility to Fight the Status Quo.
  • What is a Healthcare ERP? .
  • Client Obsessed: Implementation Made Easy.
  • A Partner For Life with World-Class Support.
  • Success Story: Crosspoint Human Services.
  • A Better Future for Everyone.

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HR Strategy Guide

Businesses are demanding more and more of Human Resources teams. Strategic priorities like change management must be balanced with employee engagement, culture and wellbeing.

An effective Human Resources Plan makes it easier for organizations to recruit, retain and reinforce the strong workforce needed to achieve strategic goals.

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Top Workplace Trends 2023 (& Why Communications Are Essential)

What changes are coming for your organization in 2023?

Looking ahead is essential for successful businesses. Predicting what’s to come allows us to seize opportunities and mitigate threats.

We’ve compiled our top seven business trends for 2023, why you should care about them, and how we as communication specialists should adapt our messaging to respond.

From remote working and automation to social responsibility, these are the biggest internal communication trends and human resources trends you need to know for 2023.

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Change Communications

Change is the only constant for businesses. Well-planned, formalized change communications are essential.

Nearly half of employees believe most resistance to workplace change could be avoided with good change management practices.

Download your free guide for:

  • Research on change management and how employees respond.
  • Best practice advice on balancing business and employee needs.
  • Change communications framework for your organization.
  • Practical tips for overcoming employee objections.

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