Solving Problems with Application-building Tools: A Buyer’s Guide

As organizations embrace digital transformation, finding new, efficient ways to empower all teams to solve business problems through technology has become essential. One such way is to enable business professionals to build cloud applications that facilitate data sharing and collaboration, automate manual processes and provide greater insight. Download our whitepaper to learn more about how you can choose the right approach for your business application in order to drive operational efficiency and business growth.
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On-Demand Webcast: 5 Signs You’re Using Spreadsheets Wrong

Spreadsheets are good for number crunching – but many financial professionals use them to do things they were never meant to do. The result? Spending long hours in the office, chasing down status updates, and compiling data manually.

Discover the 5 signs you're misusing spreadsheets, and why it eats up your time and your company's profits. Join us for this 30-minute on-demand webcast if you've ever:

  • Named a budget file "final-final-final"
  • Closed the books late at night over takeout
  • Spent hours merging spreadsheets

There IS a better way (and you don't have to give up your favorite spreadsheets). Watch now to learn how to improve your collaboration and reporting with financial workflow automation.

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Office 365 Sales Guide

Put yourself in the client's shoes. Why would he buy an Office 365 plan from you if he can just as easily buy it from someone else, or directly from Microsoft? If you want to make more money selling Office 365, you have to add real value to your portfolio. This guide will help you identify Office 365 selling opportunities, position the right product benefits to overcome the client’s top pain points and address security and compliance concerns with Office 365.

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How to Build a Microsoft Teams Chatbot

Microsoft Teams is one of the latest additions to the Office 365 suite. And many organizations have already jumped at the chance to integrate Microsoft’s newest platform into their overall collaboration strategy. One of the useful features built directly into Microsoft Teams is the ability to create and embed a bot that can interact with users naturally through a chat or command-line interface, broadening your Teams app experience. Learn how it works and how to set it up through this ebook.

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Microsoft 365: The Ultimate Reseller’s Guide to Features & Benefits

You must have heard about it by now. But what exactly is Microsoft 365 Business? It's the latest unified solution launched by Microsoft. It includes the best features from some of their most popular products, and promises its users total control of their environment. With this free guide you'll soon have a clearer understanding of why Microsoft 365 is a great addition to your portfolio, in terms of profit and future growth.

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Top 10 Common Payroll Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them (White Paper)

Read the guide that will help you knock out time-consuming and costly payroll errors.

Even small payroll mistakes can lead to big headaches—such as regulatory fines, penalties, and damaged employee relationships. But by following some simple best practices, you can easily avoid common slip-ups regarding compliance rules and regulations, taxable fringe benefits, year-end preparation, and much more!

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Top 5 Talent Acquisition Trends

You know the importance of finding the right people for the job. Talent is the fuel that powers your organization at every step.

But the landscape of talent acquisition today is very different from that of just five years ago, and compelling new trends that go beyond traditional recruiting practices are taking hold. In this exclusive report, discover how embracing personalization, Big Data, and more in your talent acquisition process can future-proof recruiting at your company.

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Smarter Strategies for Greener HR & Payroll

"Going Green" is at the top of just about every progressive company's priority list. Find out how HR and payroll professionals are leading the charge to decrease waste, shrink their organization's environmental footprint, and lower costs.

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Mastering People-Centric Payroll

Quite simply, an employee’s paycheck is the foundation of their livelihood—all the more reason to ensure that the process is performed accurately each and every pay period. Now that payroll has evolved beyond the reach of simple compensation, teams are now tasked with annual W-2 processing, filing and reporting tax information, maintaining accurate records for reporting, and more. So, how does a payroll department address this responsibility owed to their people, especially as their employee base continues to grow by the thousands?

In Mastering People-Centric Payroll we take a look at one payroll manager’s journey to improving the payroll process of their organization. Faced with complex HCM challenges including a dispersed workforce with multiple local tax regulations, massive growth through acquisition, and high administrative demand due to disjointed technologies, a new and more comprehensive HCM solution was needed.

Download this whitepaper and find out how this organization was able to create an environment for a more strategic payroll department while simultaneously empowering their people company-wide.

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Improving Profitability through Better HCM

Human capital accounts for 50-60% of variable costs within a company, but this area rarely gets the attention it deserves. Case studies have shown a 34% increase in sales per employee and 43% higher profits per employee as a direct result of leveraging a single best-in-class human capital management (HCM) solution for all aspects of the employment lifecycle.

Industry leaders such as Texas Roadhouse, First Horizon National Corporation and more have already harnessed comprehensive HR, payroll, and talent management to realize results like these along with reduced paper waste, more efficient workflows and fewer tech support calls.

Discover how cloud-based people management can boost your profits.

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HR’s Secret Weapon: The Power of Big Data

Big Data is more than a buzzword. Rich, accurate data is constantly being amassed from more sources at a faster rate than ever before. In fact, 2.5 exabytes (that’s 2.5 quintillion bytes) of data are produced every single day. Business intelligence is evolving to provide proactive, actionable insights rather than simply identifying current trends.

Now is the time for HR professionals to leverage this unprecedented wealth of people data and empower their organizations to make fact-based, technology driven decisions for strategic growth.

Get the full scoop on the future of Big Data today.

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Forrester TEI Study: The ROI of Incident Notification

xMatters commissioned Forrester Research to conduct a study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying its communication platform.

Check out the report to see how a Fortune 500 Communication Company:

  • Achieved a 261% ROI
  • Experienced $753,280 in net present value benefits over 3 years
  • Reduced MTTR by 91% for tier 1 incidents
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Office 365 Users: The Ultimate Danger to Your Company’s Security

Office 365 protection features are optional add-ons starting at $3 per user/month. Most SMBs cannot afford the high costs for these features. With a single data protection solution that can back up computers, mobile devices, databases, emails and applications, including Office 365, a company can achieve a higher return on investment (ROI).

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