Don’t Let Employment Background Checks Slow Down Your Hiring Process

We understand that the interview process can be time consuming and stressful — full of emails, calls, interviews and more. But once you’ve landed on the perfect candidate, you shouldn’t let inefficient software and outdated background check processes slow you down.

Employment Background checks don’t need to throw a wrench in your hiring process. And they shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we make sure our services are cost-effective and affordable.

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Employer Combines Requests to Expedite Screening

Searching for talent to fill important job openings costs a company an investment of valuable time and money. EZ Screen Solutions gives you the best return by making hiring more affordable with faster, more effective background searches that deliver the information you need.

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Make The Most Informed Decisions When Filling Company Positions

Finding the right talent can be a time-consuming and expensive process, especially when it comes to background checks for applicants. Waiting on results can delay your process and result in lost resources when you can least afford them. EZ Screen Solutions offers a better way. We provide a wide array of search parameters, and we never overlook the fine details. We deliver faster, more affordable results for job placement.

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Easy, Accurate, Reliable

When your company has important positions to fill, you need applicant screening results that are thorough, accurate, and fast. EZ Screen Solutions streamlines your process by providing all three. We help you narrow down your search to get the best candidates on the job in no time.

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Background Checks Made Easy

EZ Screen Solutions is an organization of experienced, passionate experts. We eat, sleep, and breathe software solutions built to maximize efficiency when it comes to the employment background process. We take our clients and their needs very seriously.

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Lower Your Hiring Costs

EZ Screen Solutions delivers a more efficient background check solution for businesses looking to hire. It’s as simple as that. With a thorough check that meets your requirements—and reduces the time to hire—you’re able to cut your costs.

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The State of Automation in Finance

94% of organizations are taking action to minimize the impact of inflation on the bottom line, but not necessarily the same actions that have historically been taken.

In the 3rd edition of their annual international report, Yooz delivers an exclusive analysis of the current state of automation and the finance function based on a survey of over 1,500 financial decision makers in 9 countries.

See where you stand globally amongst other financial leaders on topics including this year’s top AP priorities, what skills are crucial for the modern-day CFO to embody, and top technology investments for transforming the finance function in 2023.

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Yoozing The Yooz Rising Platform

We know you're busy so we'll keep it quick and to the point!

In this product demonstration by one of our AP automation specialists, you will see first-hand how you can achieve hands-free invoice processing with our complete end-to-end solution that uniquely leverages AI to deliver an amazing level of automation in the most intuitive experience on the market.

In this live demo, we will cover:

  • High level refresh of AP Automation Best Practices.
  • Demonstration of the Yooz platform featuring live configuration and real-case electronic invoice processing.
  • Q&A.

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Eliminate Month-end Chaos with AP Automation for Multi-location Businesses

One location or many locations, cutting-edge Purchase-to-Payment (P2P) automation is a game changer. Streamline month-end processes with the most powerful Accounts Payable (AP) automation software. Eliminate stacks of paper and create one source of truth for your AP department. Gone are the days of missing invoices, mailing packets to headquarters, and chasing down approvals.

In this demo, our AP automation expert will give you an exclusive look into the Yooz platform to see firsthand how it can impact your organization at multiple locations.

In this live demo, we will cover:

  • High-level refresh of AP Automation Best Practices.
  • Demonstration of the Yooz Platform.
  • Multi-location benefits in the Yooz Platform.
  • Q&A.

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2023 Yooz Survey: Technology in the Workplace

Companies risk losing young talent by falling short on workplace technology, survey finds.

The 2023 Yooz Survey: Technology in the Workplace asked 600 U.S. salaried workers across industries and age groups to describe their experiences and perceptions of workplace technology in 2023.

Among its findings, the survey identifies opportunities for employers to improve their workers’ experiences with technology — and highlights the risk of losing younger workers for not embracing new technologies soon enough.

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Unleash the Power of AP Automation: Building an Agile, Scalable Future

A global pandemic, rising inflation, looming recession, supply chain disruptions, hiring shortages, etc. It’s hard to tell what awaits us next but by creating an agile and scalable AP process you can take comfort in knowing your P2P invoices and payments are resilient and future-proof.

Join your guide, Yooz AP automation expert Cody Manning, and Mark Brousseau, President at Brousseau & Associates, for a wild ride to discover how complete Cloud-based AP automation is the king of the jungle for a fast, powerful, and smart process ready to take on what’s next.

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Friend or Foe? The CFO’s Relationship with AI

Join this discussion hosted by Yooz and Controllers Council as finance leaders break down the ever-changing world of finance and accounting in 2023. Panelists will dive into the evolving role of the CFO and what is essential for progress in the modern accounting industry. Topics will highlight crucial skills for success, workplace changes, and AI’s role in the future of Accounts Payable (AP).

Join the discussion on:

  • How has the CFO’s role evolved and is still evolving?
  • Changes in the finance function – What does it mean for employees?
  • AI in accounting - How CFOs can improve AP departments.

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Industrial Ergonomics Software Checklist

When ergonomics is done right, you can expect to see improved employee well-being and enhanced business performance along with the following positive outcomes:

  • Reduced musculoskeletal disorder risk.
  • Fewer first aid cases and modified duty cases.
  • Reduced employee turnover.
  • Reduced employee absenteeism.
  • Better manufacturing performance.
  • Higher product quality.
  • Better stock performance and corporate social responsibility.
  • Better corporate credit rating.

But how do you choose the right software? Use this checklist to make sure you’re selecting software with all the appropriate elements for building a consistent, data-driven ergonomics process.

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5 Mistakes Companies Make with Ergonomics

More and more organizations are realizing that they need an ergonomics program to help keep employees safe and healthy from musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), but many of them struggle to develop a strong, effective ergonomics process that can be sustained over time.

In some cases, this means a process that never really gets off the ground; in others, organizations might devote significant resources toward an ergonomics program that fizzles out or fails to prevent MSD risk systematically.

From decades of experience helping companies across the globe improve ergonomics, the board-certified ergonomists at VelocityEHS have identified five of the most common mistakes organizations make when implementing their ergonomics process. Download this eBook today to avoid wasting time and money on these common mistakes!

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Tracking All Three Scopes of Greenhouse Gas with ESG Software

A common struggle for many organizations is that they have not identified all the sources of GHGs associated with their business, and they lack a simple way of tracking and reporting all scopes. This new fact sheet is for them.

Download our new resource “Tracking All Three Scopes of Greenhouse Gas with ESG Software” to learn about:

  • The three main sources, or scopes, of GHGs.
  • The challenges of tracking GHGs, especially Scope 3 emissions.
  • Major ESG reporting frameworks that include GHGs.
  • The industrial sectors that emit the most GHGs.
  • How VelocityEHS ESG Solution, can help businesses of all sectors and sizes manage all three scopes of GHGs.

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