Plus & Minus Pricing

Our unique 1 file/format design allows us to offer our fully-featured accounting/ERP software at a much lower price than those of more expensive, complex, and program-intensive accounting software solutions. With Plus & Minus, you get a complete system that includes all the functionality necessary for running your business without any modules, expensive add-ons, and charges for email, EFTs, and document imaging.

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Plus & Minus Innovative Design

Plus & Minus brings you comprehensive, real-time cloud accounting software using a unique 1 file/format design. Plus & Minus Software Corp. is a Veteran Owned Business involved in the creation and modification of streamlined and reliable accounting software for numerous diverse industries since 1982. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Watch this video to learn more!

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Plus & Minus Features

We dare you to compare the Plus & Minus comprehensive solution for accounting software to our competitors based on an equal number of accounting functions, reports, and performance.

Our 1 file/format design is a complete accounting software solution resulting in invaluable real-time business insights and intelligence for all types and sizes of businesses. All accounting functions are available for a one-time per user license fee of $1,000. The 1 file/format design provides all functions and capabilities a business needs with minimal software and hardware overhead.

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Plus & Minus Accounting Software

Plus & Minus is the most comprehensive, fastest, and competitively priced accounting software solution a business needs to maximize profitability and growth.

The strength of Plus & Minus is in the design of the product. There are no data silos. Financial data is always within reach of any account and time period or range of accounts and range of time.

With a simple design this software eliminates three of the greatest problems our competitors are burdened with: complexity, reliability, and maintenance. Download the whitepaper now to learn more about Plus & Minus Accounting Software.

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Report: COVID’s Effect and Influence on Grant Management

In response to COVID-19, grantmakers and foundations across the world were faced with a mountain of challenges that demanded immediate change and innovation.

What many didn't anticipate was how these adaptations would set the groundwork for a new set of best practices that would transform grantmaking and the way we approach mission-driven work.

In this free report, gain insight to:

  • How the pandemic affected funder's missions and impact.
  • How grantmakers created and distributed emergency grants fast.
  • What post-pandemic grantmaking best practices look like in 2021 and beyond.

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How to Find the Right Balance

Trust-based philanthropy is a movement that calls on funders to address systemic inequities and recenter the grantee experience. But if the technology you use was built around a top-down, hierarchical structure, you’ll struggle to evolve effectively.

Learn what specific capabilities you need to look for in your grant management software to align with the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project’s six core principles.

See how a grant management solution can empower you to shift to a trust-based approach, and get clear examples of what it means to put these principles into practice. Download the guide today.

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The Next Generation of Grants Management Software

Philanthropy recently experienced the most disruptive period of change in the last 50 years. But this tumultuousness has spurred incredible transformation. For grantmakers and nonprofits alike, evolutions that once took decades, are now happening overnight.

Organizations have completely redefined how they make an impact with a renewed focus on equity, flexibility, and responsiveness. Software was thrust into the spotlight as a tool to align missions and streamline the process of launching, managing, and measuring grant programs. Technology is the lynchpin that enables lasting change.

A new era of philanthropy is here—technology can help your organization embrace it. Download "The Next Generation of Grants Software Management" to find out how.

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Guide to Implementing or Changing Legal Software

Deciding to change the technology your firm uses to manage cases, clients and billing requires commitment to see the process. Quite frankly, it’s not always easy. If your team is accustomed to working with a certain type of legal practice management software, change is difficult, even when everyone acknowledges that doing so is necessary.

If you're stuck and unable to move forward with transforming how your law firm uses technology, this guide will help you navigate the process. Along the journey, remember to give yourself and your team credit. Make no mistake, staying up to date with technology is no longer optional; it is a requirement.

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What Is Case Management Software?

For decades, lawyers in the U.S. depended on typewriters and telephones to run their businesses. Other industries utilized the same technologies. There was nothing out there that catered specifically to the legal profession.

Case management software (used interchangeably with LPMS) has been around for decades, but some law firms have not yet transitioned. Unfortunately, a failure to at least explore the benefits of LPMS puts law firms at a severe disadvantage — especially in an era when most firms are working at least part-time in a remote setting. Let's explore some of the most significant benefits of legal practice management software.

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2022 Legal Practice Management Software Buying Guide

It’s never been a secret that law has historically been slow to evolve and adapt alongside other professions. When Smokeball released the last version of this guide, “Is Legal Practice Management Software Worth It?” we acknowledged that many firms still avoided change due to fear or stubbornness. Such firms could still maintain their status quo without the help of software.

In 2022, the question of worth no longer applies: Legal practice management software is a necessity, not a nice-to-have. The shift to remote/hybrid law offices is permanent, and attorneys must permanently shift their mindsets and processes to keep up — and keep ahead.

Smokeball understands that legal practice management software is a major investment of your firm’s money and time. Because we want to give you the most value and productivity for your investment, we updated this guide to reflect the reality of 2022. The legal landscape has shifted significantly since you started your practice. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity together.

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Pre-Project GUI Development Technical Checklist

To set your next GUI project up for success, it is important to begin with some basic understanding of what your GUI needs will be. Your Marketing and User Experience team are undoubtedly working on what the GUI needs to look like and what features need to be included. As a member of the GUI development team—responsible for getting their visions to production.

Here is a checklist you can use to ensure you are covering all the bases for your next GUI project.

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How Medallion Improves Versatility and Cost Savings

After the graphical display revolution started, Medallion quickly found that their original GUI design tool was becoming cumbersome. It did not easily support the rapid design iterations required to keep up with the changes occurring in various vehicles and industry segments.

After completing their evaluations, Medallion concluded that Altia would best provide the agility and efficiency it was looking for. Altia Design, Altia’s embedded GUI editor, is the core of its design environment, supporting every step of the design process from prototype to final product.

DeepScreen is Altia’s code generator, transforming designs into efficient graphics code for any of dozens of popular processor target.

“At the end of the day, Altia gets the most out of our hardware platform, compared to the alternatives,” said VanderWall. “We’ve tried other tools and previous platforms—and Altia’s efficiency improvement is very good. So, we’re very happy about that.”

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Production-Proven Software and Services

If you’re a new company creating a ground-breaking medical device or you have a complete team of experienced embedded engineers, Altia has worked with companies around the world to deliver brand-defining embedded UIs for embedded devices –and our software is designed into over 100M devise worldwide.

With Altia’s model-based development approach, development teams gain the power to create custom, working user interface models in Altia Design, our GUI editor. These models offer a means for clear communication, fast feedback and iterations for the best possible UI design.

Altia’s automatic code generation allows for fast, early tests on hardware in real-life settings to refine user experience and performance. Altia’s DeepScreen code generator provides production-ready C code that is optimized to leverage all the resources available on target hardware.

Learn more about how Altia’s software helps your artists, UI developers and engineers get your artwork onto hardware.

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Evaluating GUI Design Software

Creating a GUI will allow your customers to directly interact with your product through an embedded display or touch screen. It’s incredibly exciting to kick off a project like this, but simply getting started can be the hardest part.

Whether you’re a graphic designer in charge of mocking up the actual UI design or you’re the software engineer assigned to coding it, we’re going to help you through the process of evaluating GUI design software so you can make the best decision for your team and project moving forward.

To set your next GUI project up for success, it is important to begin with some basic understanding of what your GUI needs will be. Your Marketing and User Experience team are undoubtedly working on what the GUI needs to look like and what features need to be included.

As a member of the GUI development team—responsible for getting their visions to production. Here is a checklist you can use to ensure you are covering all the bases for your next GUI project.

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Top Five Best Practices Developing Embedded GUIs in 2022

Whether you’re developing an automotive instrument cluster, a security keypad or a medical device display, there are numerous challenges that arise from the time you receive your design decisions and plan from marketing to when your device goes to production.

Altia has helped companies all over the world deliver beautiful, feature rich embedded graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for production—and we have collected a series of best practices for getting your best next generation GUI on the road, on the store shelf and in the hands of your customers.

In this eBook, we’ll outline these best practices and how to apply them using the production-proven Altia GUI development solutions.

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