Empower Your Corporate Social Mindset

Because the field of Corporate Volunteering is so vast, it is essential to lay the basis of it and start your volunteering journey with every piece of information and the best tips to run a smooth successful program.

In this handy ebook, you will find everything you need to make the most out of your Volunteering program, meaning:

  • An insightful comment on how to adopt a corporate social mindset, based on the discussion Optimy had with the amazing speaker and writer Michael Alberg-Seberich.
  • The best tips on how to plan and execute your Corporate Volunteering program.
  • Tricks to grow your employee engagement for your volunteering activities.
  • The secrets to overcoming the challenges you might face.
  • An article to get a clear idea of why you might need a volunteering management software for your organization.

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Cooking with Tidelift

When cooking for friends or family, many of us go out of the way to seek the freshest, tastiest ingredients possible. You may have favorite producers at the local farmers market, or brands from the grocery that you've come to know and trust. But when choosing the ingredients that make up our open source applications, we often bring in new libraries without any guarantees that they are safe and well maintained.

We wanted to distill the idea of managing open source down to something so simple, you could explain it to a child, so that’s why we wrote a children’s book about enterprise open source software management. Yes, we just used the phrases “children’s book” and “enterprise open source software” in the same sentence.

We call it Cooking with Tidelift, and it will show you how we can help you create catalogs of known-good, proactively maintained open source components to ensure your apps are as safe and healthy as they can be.

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Download Whitepaper: Mobile Point of Sales and The Future of Retail Store Operations

The past decade has seen massive evolution in mobile application development, from ordering food online, to booking affordable rides, and from exploring new places with like-minded people, to staying close with friends and family through instant messaging. And of course, mobile technology plays an important role in the way we shop today.

Mobile Point of Sale or mPOS is playing an important role in enhancing in-store customer experience and staff efficiency. Mobile POS offers retailers the ability to provide a personalized shopping experience to customers every time they walk in the store.

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Download Whitepaper: Omnichannel Retailing

Omnichannel retailing is all about providing a seamless buying experience using a variety of channels. It creates interactions with customers right from the start of their journey, by guiding them through several channels that lead to the purchase and fulfillment of their orders.

Implementing a well-structured omnichannel supply chain using both online and offline channels can be cost-effective for retail businesses. In the near future, omnichannel is expected to have a significant impact on the network and logistics needs of the retail business.

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Implementing Qntrl for A Business

Qntrl is a workflow orchestration software with powerful features that helps you gain visibility and control over your business processes by automating them.

Qntrl helps you overcome these challenges by designing and automating your organization’s workflows. You can digitize your entire workflow and transfer tasks between teams efficiently.

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How Movyon Is Scaling Its Operations and Productivity with The Power of Qntrl

MOVYON is a leader in the development and integration of intelligent transport system solutions and a center of excellence for research and innovation at Autostrade per l’Italia.

MOVYON needed clear statuses for their various purchases and customer orders, and the logistics and procurement offices were constantly being interrupted with notifications asking for updates.

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Gain Visibility, Control, And Automation

Given today’s ultra-competitive market, distributed teams, and multiple tools, a solid workflow management strategy is required to ensure business continuity. An efficient process will help minimize errors, eliminate redundancies and drive productivity. Qntrl can help achieve this with speed, scale, and flexibility.

  • Easy enough to use
  • Powerful and Extensible
  • Faster Time-to-Value
  • Price is part of the equation
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Qntrl Bridge

Interacting with systems and applications inside an organisation’s physical or cloud firewall can be challenging. Qntrl Bridge offers a direct, secure solution. It’s a Java application that runs as a Windows service or UNIX daemon on a server in your local network. With Qntrl Bridge, you can communicate and move data faster, easier, and more securely between a Qntrl instance and external applications, data sources, and services.

Bridge runs on a server on the enterprise’s network or in the cloud like in an Amazon Web Services VPC. It can be configured with specific capabilities that determine what functions it can perform. There is no need for drivers or custom codes to install Bridge. One zip file is all there is.

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The Manager’s Guide to Workflow Orchestration

Apart from the obvious productivity boosts, managers who take responsibility for business processes also promote a sense of belonging, loyalty, and excitement, while making daily work less chaotic, and more fulfilling for all team members. Plus, managers with effective process management skills come across as better leaders - your team will tend to trust your daily decisions and high-level understanding of their daily work once you establish helpful workflows for their daily tasks.

The goal of this guide is to help you introduce workflow orchestration practices into your team, and equip you with the tools and expertise needed to comfortably implement great work processes.

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How to Prioritize When Everything is #1

Prioritization is the process of determining the level of importance and urgency of a task, project or event. It’s a key skill for any working professional and is absolutely essential for project managers to master. Smart prioritization is a vital part of Liquid Planner’s Planning Intelligence philosophy to align people, priorities and projects.

One of the biggest challenges for project managers and team leaders is accurately prioritizing the work that matters on a daily basis. Even if you have the best project management software, your team could end up working on the wrong things at the wrong time. And, you don’t want to fall into the role of crying “top priority” for every other project that comes down the pike.

To help you manage your team’s workload and hit deadlines on time, here are 6 steps to prioritizing projects that have a lot of moving parts.

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The Project Leader’s Guide to Successfully Adapt to Change & Manage Uncertainty

Research shows that 70% of organizations have suffered at least one project failure in the last year. Why? When priorities and work are constantly changing, we all know that it’s hard to keep our entire portfolio of projects up-to-date and see what’s next.

Our latest eBook will walk you through important tips to help manage change and uncertainty in today’s workplace, including how to:

  • Keep your workload balanced
  • Track progress to know where time goes
  • Use a priority-driven methodology
  • Wrangle uncertainty with predictive scheduling

Ready to achieve the momentum that your business needs to succeed through seamless project execution?

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TOGAF 9.2 in Pictures

The ADM is an iterative process used to understand existing architectures and work out the best way to change and improve them.

Never used without some adaptation, the ADM is more like a cookbook of recommendations, ideas and checklists than a set way of doing things.

Think of it in three chunks and bear in mind that in a large enterprise, there may be quite a few projects all using different phases of the ADM.

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The Guide to Business Capability Modeling

Business Capability Modeling (or Mapping) is the act of breaking down an organization’s activities into a set of capabilities, which together represent everything the business can do.

In order to understand how a business needs to change, it needs to understand itself. In modern enterprises, with thousands of employees, hundreds of locations and dozens of functions, this is no simple task. Business Capability Modeling transforms the organization into an easily understood set of capabilities, which represent all the different things a business does. This can be used as the basis to understand how people, processes, information & technology support the business.

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What is Talkroute?

Talkroute is a UCaaS provider that gives you the ability to utilize your existing phones, web browser, and PCs with our cloud-based virtual phone system. Now you can have the power of an enterprise-level phone system without the upfront cost and maintenance of an expensive on-site system.

Getting Started is Easy!

  1.   Choose a Phone Number. Pick a new phone number or transfer an existing business number to Talkroute.
  2.   Download Our Apps. Our desktop & mobile apps are available for MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, & Android.
  3.   Configure Your Settings. Customize your greetings, menus, extensions, voicemail, hours of operation, & more.
  4.   Talk, Text, & Meet Anywhere. Call, message, & meet wherever you do business: home, office, or on the road.

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