Why ECM Modernization is Critical Now, Not Later

This white paper is intended for senior enterprise architects and CIOs concerned that their business needs have outgrown their legacy information systems’ ability to deliver tangible business value.

The paper highlights the costs and risks of remaining on those systems, reasons to consider more modern alternatives, and key considerations to keep in mind.

It answers two critical questions:

  • Are legacy information systems viable for the long run given changing consumer preferences?

  • Has competitive pressure pushed legacy information systems beyond their breaking point?

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Advancing Graphics-Intensive Workloads

Find out how virtual workstations powered by Cisco UCS with NVIDIA RTX GPUs enable your users to leverage professional graphics applications—from anywhere.

You’ll learn how organizations across all verticals can more easily access and use industry-leading 3D graphics applications, including Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Maya, Siemens NX, Dassault Systèmes CATIA and SOLIDWORKS with these solutions.

Watch today for a break-down of critical use cases and benefits across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, engineering, architectural design, construction, and media/entertainment.

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Delivering work from anywhere for the hybrid multi-cloud

The Covid crisis of 2020 has taught IT an important lesson: No organization was truly ready for a global, dispersed workforce and the elimination of traditional security perimeters.

The impact on IT operations, security, and application performance has put new pressures on organizations to quickly adapt to a workplace dynamic that is forever changed.

This eBook looks at how enterprise IT workspaces have evolved, and what organizations must consider when planning to deploy their work from anywhere IT.

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Transformative Automation: Balancing Power and Simplicity

It may be fashionable to say that digital transformation (DX) is dead or over, but we know from survey after survey that it's still absolutely a live issue for businesses around the world. But how to drive true transformation continues to challenge most businesses. The digital visionaries have hired tens of thousands of software engineers to create and deliver innovative digital products and services at huge scale to achieve these outcomes. Most organizations can't do that, but they still need to transform.

This InfoBrief explores how a modern approach to business automation can enable businesses of all kinds to grasp the nettle of transformation and work within their constraints to execute at scale.

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Turn Process Pains Into Business Gains

Industry pundits from Forrester will cover the state of enterprise processes today— whether they are broken, manual, paper-based, or simply in need of modernization and automation in each episode. Watching on-demand, you’ll hear best practices and success stories from leading organizations who are doing it right.

Executives from Emerson, Seacoast Bank, and Coca-Cola Beverages Florida will share their organization’s winning automation playbooks for improving the way people work and accelerating digital transformation. Learn how to turn your organization’s process pains into impactful business gains by leveraging Nintex’s easy-to-use and powerful software solutions for visual process mapping, workflow automation, robotic process automation, and more.

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Nintex Webinar: Workflow Wonders

Find out how Amazon has achieved an 800% ROI leveraging Nintex Workflow and Forms to support project management across the organization.

According to Amazon’s Senior Program Manager Dave Berrier, “Nintex is the Amazon way.” In fact, every year, the company executes millions of Nintex workflows to support Amazon Projects, the tool Amazon employees rely on for project management. During this session, Dave will share how Amazon has transformed project management from manual and time-consuming spreadsheets and emails to trackable and automated workflows and forms to ensure consistency and drive productivity.

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PEX: The World’s Largest Process & Operational Excellence Network

PEX, or the Process Excellence Network, is the leading process & operational excellence platform that provides premium content and insight from the world’s foremost thought leaders online and across our industry-leading events.

With more than 160,000 members, PEX Network is the largest and most established community of process & operational excellence professionals in the world. We offer our global community a unique platform to connect, learn and we enable you to reach your target audience across multiple channels.

Learn more about PEX's vision, members, and online events, along with the network's branding, thought leadership, and lead generation solutions in this infographic guide.

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Six steps to drive your process center of excellence to success

Process excellence is a work culture built around key business processes. If business processes are broken or non-existent, the business suffers or fails. If processes are strong and well-documented, it affords you the opportunity for continuous process improvement.

Find out why you need a center of process excellence — and how investing in one — can save you time and money while improving experiences for both your customers and employees. Follow this 6-step guide from Nintex to bring the benefits of process excellence to your organization.

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Reevaluating Digital Transformation During Covid-19

2020 is a year that’s caused seismic shifts in how global executives run their businesses and envision their growth strategies for the future. Disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic are at the heart of what’s prompting business leaders to make fundamental changes to internal operations, as executives continue digitization and automation strategies that were underway prior to the outbreak of the pandemic.

In this Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report, learn about the impact Covid-19 has had on digital transformation efforts, and how the true leaders in digital transformation are investing in resiliency and agility to stay ahead.

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Drive Business Success with a Dual-Track Approach to Transformation

Digital transformation has become the watchword—or, some would say, buzzword—in corporate suites for much of the past decade. The drive to leverage digital capabilities comes as operational agility is seen as the answer for innovating new business models and serving rapidly shifting customer demands.

Research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services explores why IT leaders are embracing dual-track transformation, the impacts on their businesses, and how they are implementing rapid-cycle innovation to support this strategy.

In this report, learn about the data that reflects input from over 400 IT leaders, and why it’s never been more important for organizations to get more out of their technology and people and build the solutions they need that connect their data and systems.

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Governance Model for a Culture of Innovation: A Playbook for Centers of Excellence

In this age of agility, businesses must operate under more pressure than ever before – competing with cloud-native companies, addressing increasing customer demands, and responding to market volatility at a global scale.

Companies know that they must pursue digital transformation as a priority but have to re-think traditional transformation strategies or risk falling behind. To ensure that your organizational culture is ready to take on these key digital transformation efforts, and become a more flexible and adaptable business, organizations can take steps to improve their culture from the top and throughout the organization.

In this eBook with Quick Base, learn more about the governance model that is supported by a Center of Excellence, and ensure that your systems and processes will be successful for your business to remain resilient for the long-term.

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From Frustrated to Automated

If you’re like most people with a job at the front lines of the business, you’re likely spending at least part of each day searching for data or manually compiling it from across your organization’s core systems.

Despite how frustrating it is, many professionals have grown so used to this situation that they’ve just accepted it as the status quo. Luckily, there is a better, faster, and easier way to simplify, collect, share, and report on data needed on a recurring basis.

In this Quick Base eBook guide, learn about the five steps of process automation and data consolidation, and how it can enable you to automate processes and workflows, compile reports that save time, deliver real-time insights, lower risks, and ultimately advance the success and competitiveness of the business.

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6 Trends to Consider When Choosing Imaging Devices

Brother can help meet the changing needs of businesses with a range of Brother Workhorse printers, MFPs and scanners, as well as custom workflow solutions.

In this infographic checklist with Brother, learn about the top 6 trends that affect imaging device purchasing, and the key takeaways to meet your changing business needs.

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Total Cost of Ownership for Printers, Scanners & Multifunction Solutions in the K-12 Learning Environment

Most K-12 technology leaders and administrators will tell you that their technology needs are growing...and their budget is either falling flat or growing smaller.

This tip sheet from Brother can give you some quick steps to consider and resources to tap into if you determine the need for an assessment to help control costs when planning for future purchases and system-wide upgrades.

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As the Workplace Evolves, How Will Printers and MFPs Stay Relevant?

Printers and MFPs have long been part of the IT infrastructure for a business' computing environment. As the IT market has evolved toward 3rd Platform and other emerging technologies, the role of print transitions as well. Within this shift, business buyers will need to ponder these developments in tandem with the print buying decision.

This paper examines how the needs of a changing workplace can be satisfied with the latest editions of business-to-business (B2B) printers and multifunction printers (MFPs).

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