Minimize Salesforce Bugs and Maximize ROI

Salesforce is designed to democratize innovation by empowering users to generate their own customizations through its low-code platform. Without a doubt, Salesforce is an intricate and vital piece of your organization’s digital modernization puzzle, as it’s connected to many of your critical business apps through backend flows.

Salesforce makes its platform as easy to maintain as possible. The company thoroughly tests its three yearly releases, but it’s up to customers to verify that their customizations, integrations, and applications built on the Salesforce platform work as intended.

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Read How James River Home Health Care Chose Multiview Over Legacy Vendors and Implemented a New ERP As a Team of One

Like most growing health organizations, JRHH had built strong financial processes for a small organization. Now procedures needed to evolve. Jennings was the first person to hold the CFO role within the organization and saw many opportunities to advance. The first priority was sourcing new ERP software.

Learn why James River choose Multiview by downloading our case study!

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MADD Canada Dramatically Improves Financial Efficiencies with Multiview Financials’ ERP

Director of Finance, Shaida Tabatabai, searched for a more efficient accounting software program for its two-person finance department. The organization was operating with multiple programs, add-ons, and Excel spreadsheets. She was unable to process financial statements or perform any analysis within one program, making processes very time-consuming and expensive. The charity needed financial statements for audit purposes and to provide financial reports showing financial condition, cash flow, decision making, planning and forecasting.

After evaluating multiple software options, Shaida says it was evident that Multiview’s one-stop solution was the right option to achieve the organization’s objectives.

Download our case study to learn how Multiview helped MADD Canada drive and achieve more efficiency in their financial department.

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Why South University Embraced Multiview’s ERP Software

South University needed a single cloud-based ERP solution to simplify the work carried out by the accounting departments. The school had three systems for workflow that was very high touch and inaccessible by mobile devices.

They needed to easily present information to different internal and external regulatory bodies and access different roll-offs through a secure and controlled-access system. Educational institutions like South University also need the ability to measure the profitability of their programs.

Download our case study to learn how Multiview helped South University:

  • Transition to a single, cloud-based ERP solution.
  • Improve efficiences regarding time and money.
  • Easily identify COVID-related expenses.

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The Future of Healthcare Finance

Many healthcare organizations are holding onto the same financial processes from 30 years ago, preventing the future we think they deserve.

Download this eBook about The Future of Healthcare Finance where we discuss:

  • The Future of a Data-Driven Healthcare Finance Team.
  • Healthcare Accounting: Using Agility to Fight the Status Quo.
  • What is a Healthcare ERP? .
  • Client Obsessed: Implementation Made Easy.
  • A Partner For Life with World-Class Support.
  • Success Story: Crosspoint Human Services.
  • A Better Future for Everyone.

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Employee Motivators: How to Get People Back in Office

Empty offices? It’s time to fix that.

Executives are responsible for offering employees flexibility while also maintaining a strong company culture. That begs the question: How do you get employees to come into the office without directives or mandates?

Robin set out to find the answers by surveying over 350 full time employees. Turns out, employees like coming into the office, they just need the right incentives. One of the main drivers? Other people.

  • 64% of respondents were more likely to come into the office if they knew their team would be there.
  • 40% of people prefer face time with leadership over other perks, like parking stipends.
  • 70% of employees say they enjoy their time in the office or are indifferent to remote work.

For more insights like this, download the full report.

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The Three Pillars of Great Hybrid Leadership

Did you know that 77% of people feel the hybrid work environment had an effect on their company culture and overall experience? Robin polled over 300 professionals to better understand what great leadership looks like in a hybrid world and how organizations can better support their teams.

Robin’s report found that employees want leaders who:

  • Communicate needs and expectations clearly and often.
  • Intentionally build trust and relationships among teams.
  • Establish company-wide shared purpose.

Download now to find out more about how to lead hybrid teams to success.

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Flexible Offices for a Flexible Future: 2022 Office Space Report

Hybrid work is here to stay but what are the implications for the future of how and where we work? Office footprint is an area of particular interest as companies adjust to a more fluid schedule. Can businesses turn under-used spaces into cost-savings?

Robin polled 247 business owners, facilities managers and those in charge of office space utilization to get a better idea of what flexible companies plan to do with their spaces. We uncovered data that paints a story of future offices:

  • What 83% of businesses currently operating with a hybrid work model are doing so as a cost-saving measure.
  • What 46% of companies are currently utilizing only half of their available office space or less.
  • What 59% of workplace leaders plan to reduce their current space by half or more in 2023.

Download the report for more data and plenty of insights of where the future of work will take us next.

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Practical Advice to Move Your Organization to Hybrid Work 2.0

You want to get employees into the office? Think beyond just meeting room and desk scheduling. Focus on their experience. Companies are moving past the basics and developing more human-centric approaches to the workplace.

Robin interviewed 200 business leaders to learn more about the past, present and future of their hybrid work plans. Get the answers to questions like:

  • What went wrong in early attempts at hybrid work?
  • Why do workplace analytics need to be front of mind?
  • What practical steps can businesses take to improve office engagement?

The conversation around hybrid work has moved past return to office logistics and onto long-term measures of success. Download the report and join the conversation.

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On-demand Webinar: Level Up with Hybrid Work 2.0

Looking to level up your workplace strategy but unsure where to start? The best lessons usually come from our mistakes. Let’s explore what went wrong with early attempts at hybrid work and what we’ve learned about how to move forward.

Join Director of Partner and Channel Strategy at Robin, Brendan O’Neil, and Senior Wainhouse Analyst, Craig Durr, as they explore:

  • The three Ws of workplace success (workplace, workforce and workflow).

  • The How leaders can proactively address current roadblocks.

  • The What practical steps businesses can take to level up their hybrid plans.

Let’s start to think beyond just meeting room and desk scheduling. Focus on the entire employee experience.

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From Pixel to Production: Bringing Embedded GUIs to Market

Building such graphic displays is a complex issue that requires expertise in many areas. Designers bring stunning graphics and a set of features to product development teams that struggle to accurately translate requirements into precise visuals and behaviors of hardware. A carefully crafted artistic vision for a product is altered or abandoned due to various constraints related to hardware, software, team know-how and deadlines. The end embedded user interface runs slowly and arrives late, frustrating users.

Download the webinar "From Pixel to Production: Bringing Embedded GUIs to Market". Learn how the right software and workflows can help teams efficiently and successfully design, develop, and deploy rich, top-performing GUIs for their products.

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Getting Embedded GUls to Market

Join Altia for this live event on Thursday, October 27th at 10:00 AM EST/ 04:00 PM CEST. Can't participate live? If you register, we'll send you a recording after the webinar.

Beautiful branded embedded displays and touch screens are a must-have for everyday devices in the car, in the home or out in the world. These screens offer more than just aesthetics; they enable access to features and functionality that inform and empower users to interact with technology to make their lives better, smarter and simpler.

Building these graphical displays is a complex problem that requires expertise in many areas. Designers hand gorgeous graphics and a series of features to the product development team, who struggle with accurately translating requirements to precise visuals and behaviors on hardware. The carefully crafted artistic vision for the product shifts or is abandoned due to a variety of constraints related to hardware, software, team know-how and deadlines. The final embedded user interface runs slowly, arrives late and is a disappointment to users.

Register here for the live webinar "From Pixel to Production: Bringing Embedded GUIs to Market". Learn how the right software and workflows can help teams efficiently and successfully design, develop, and deploy rich, top-performing GUIs for their products.

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Omnichannel Retail Software

ACCEO Retail-1 Omnichannel retail software provides real-time visibility across the entire retail ecosystem, including key elements and processes that quickly respond to all business and customer needs. From flexible fulfillment, dynamic business intelligence, CRM and loyalty, to endless aisle, and the option of web integrations, the ACCEO Retail-1 Omnichannel offering allows retailers to improve efficiencies, raise productivity, and optimize procedures across all channels.

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Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) 

The Retail-1 mPOS marks a new era for retailers and offers the ability to manage customers, inventory, and sales away from the fixed POS. Efficiently manage store-to-store transfers, pick-pack, ship, and fulfill BOPIS orders anywhere and anytime with a web connection.

By leveraging the power of Progressive Web Application (PWA), the Retail-1 mPOS comes with cross-device, cross-browser compatibility. The mPOS is an incredibly fast mobile application that can be accessed from the home screen and runs on all modern web browsers through a secure connection. Instantly get updates without having to manually update the app!

From mobile devices to tablets, the responsive layout of the Retail-1 mPOS makes it compatible with any screen size. The application works with any mobile device without taking up space like traditional mobile apps. It syncs in real-time with your existing database and retail management software.

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