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Any downtime caused by poor database performance interrupts business operations, has a negative impact on productivity, and can directly affect the bottom line. And enterprise applications like SQL Server are the backbone of any organization.

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Manage the Multiple Database Journey

To ensure adequate transactional capacity, most enterprises have adopted a multi-database strategy—using several different database platforms to store different classes or categories of data. So, there’s been a surge in the number of databases in use at most organizations, with database managers increasingly responsible for numerous instances.

In the multi-database environment, ensuring each individual database operates at its optimal level is critical. And since database platforms don’t all operate the same way, database managers must gain expertise on the multiple platforms. They also must continue to conduct performance tuning, maintain high availability, and ensure data security—again for multiple platforms.

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10 reasons to run SAP S/4HANA on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Choose an infrastructure platform that lets you optimize your SAP environment and operations while preparing you for the future. Through trusted technologies, investment protection, and flexible innovation, Red Hat can help you modernize your SAP systems and build a foundation for digital transformation.

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Hear from experts on how to address key challenges in equipment rentals

Offering consumers the exceptional customer service they want and sustaining efficient maintenance, logistics, and other operations are critical for successful equipment rental organizations. Maximizing your utilization of equipment investments while identifying and trimming costs throughout customer and equipment lifecycles are unrelenting business factors in ongoing operations for equipment rental businesses.

In the webinar How to Address Key Rental Challenges, Microsoft and To-Increase partner to share the real-world story of EQIN, a leading equipment rental company that realized new value by digitally transforming their business with To-Increase’s DynaRent Solutions Suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Watch the webinar on-demand now by clicking the link below, and see industry experts discuss:

  • Automating rental processes to reduce end-to-end costs and measure TCO
  • Improving utilization of rental equipment
  • Streamlining rental operations to maximize profitability and stay ahead of competitors
  • Speakers:

    • Kevin Davis, Sales Specialist, To-Increase
    • Martin Luttik, Project Manager, EQIN
    • Ben in’t Veld, Application Architect, EQIN
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Why Network Verification Requires a Mathematical Model

Network verification is a rapidly emerging technology that is a key part of Intent-Based Networking (IBN). Verification can help avoid outages, facilitate compliance processes, and accelerate change windows. Full-feature verification solutions require an underlying mathematical model of network behavior to analyze and reason about policy objectives and network designs.

A mathematical model, as opposed to monitoring or testing live traffic, can perform exhaustive and definitive analysis of network implementations and behavior, including proving network isolation or security rules. In this paper, we will describe how verification can be used in key IT processes and workflows, why a mathematical model is required and how it works, as well as example use cases from the Forward Enterprise platform. This will also clarify what requirements a mathematical model must meet and how to evaluate alternative products.

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Solving ACL Problems with Network Modeling

Problems managing your enterprise network ACLs? Think there's no way around it?

Forward has solutions to your ACL conflicts and chaos.

From top-tier service providers to global financial services, Fortune 500 companies trust Forward to save them from troubleshooting headaches and avoidable network outages.

In just 30 minutes, Technical Solutions Architect Derick Winkworth will demonstrate how Forward can quickly solve 3 major ACL problems within your network.

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Goldman Sachs uses Forward Enterprise to model entire 15,000+ device network

How does Goldman Sachs perform end-to-end path analysis, and proactively ensure that network behavior is aligned with stated policies and intent? They use Forward Enterprise for network modeling and network verification. With Forward, Goldman Sachs has significantly improved operational efficiency and successfully reduced change-related incidents.

Read why a Fortune 50 financial services company calls Forward Enterprise a critical component of their infrastructure automation, and how their network engineering team relies on the Forward platform as the single source of truth for their network

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The Changing Landscape of B2B Commerce

B2B Commerce is quickly evolving, with customers expecting more, but the technology has drastically improved, making delivering on such expectations simpler. Learn how to leverage best practices and modern technology to make your B2B eCommerce website fresh and relevant for your customers today.

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Flatfile For Data Onboarding – Webinar

B2B software can't move forward without customer data. Getting that data into a software product, however, is critical for customers to understand the true value of an application.

A reliable, intuitive data onboarding solution helps companies deliver an exceptional customer experience when it matters most – minutes after signing up for a product. This ensures that customer data is imported quickly, without errors, allowing the customer to see the true value of what they signed up for.

Flatfile is leading innovation in data onboarding, with two B2B products that solve this critical pain-point for companies with machine-learning, intuitive UX experiences, and an unmatched drive to automate data onboarding – without sacrificing data quality, and security.

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Flatfile For Data Onboarding

Data onboarding, the process of migrating critical B2B data between systems, or importing directly from customers, has been neglected from true innovation.

Companies from startups all the way through enterprise operations struggle with data onboarding. Patchworks solutions include: using CSV templates, creating custom scripts to handle complex import flows, or simply hiring expensive services teams to manually onboard data.

Flatfile is leading innovation in data onboarding, with two B2B products that solve this critical pain-point for companies with machine-learning, intuitive UX experiences, and an unmatched drive to automate data onboarding – without sacrificing data quality, and security.

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The State of Data Onboarding

B2B software can't move forward without customer data. This process, known as data onboarding, has the potential to directly affect the value a customer sees in a product. A critical stage during the customer onboarding journey, data onboarding tasks product and engineering teams with ensuring every onboarding touchpoint is intuitive, and optimized.

However, data onboarding has been largely isolated from true innovation. Enter Flatfile.

In this report, we explore Flatfile's research compiled with data onboarding survey results, the challenges B2B companies are facing when it comes to migrating customer data and finally, what they are doing to overcome them.

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