ChangeGear Digital Service Management

Uplevel your approach to modern service management. The latest ChangeGear digital service management release includes two digital service management bundles. Whether your focus is in ITSM or enterprise service management, Serviceaide has a solution that meets your needs. Discover how these cutting-edge AI features can transform your productivity, decision-making, and reporting capabilities.

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Serviceaide Success Stories — Point Broadband

The Point Broadband team provides residential and business customers access to the Internet; they route Internet traffic, resolve domain names, and maintain infrastructure to support all subscribers. The business operations model is complex. Getting the correct data through the escalation levels and ensuring rapid response to customer issues is a top priority.

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Get Started: Service Management Solutions That Make You Look Good

IT service and support is a critical foundation supporting the business. If employees or customers can’t access information, then productivity is impacted and business is potentially lost. Without an efficient service desk, your business is limited. By applying smart automation to repeatable processes, companies can transform their operations to deliver the level of service end users expect. For years organizations have relied on IT Service Management (ITSM) software to manage and automate the delivery of IT services. This expertise is now being leveraged to expand service and support capabilities across the enterprise. The addition of artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML) to further predict needs and automate tasks, brings additional improvements to service delivery.

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Is Your Service Desk Future Proof?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming service and support environments through advancements in virtual agents, predictive capabilities, and automation.

  • Reduce costs and complexity for IT with Service Desk software that’s easy to implement and manage.
  • Leverage flexible licensing and delivery models for the best-fitting service desk solution that meets all of your business requirements.

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AI’s Impact on Service and Support

Serviceaide and Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network researched the impact AI is having on the service and support industry.

The study examines many incredibly timely and important questions concerning how AI is and will be leveraged. Some areas of investigation include:

  • Where are companies in their planning and roll-out of AI applications in the enterprise?
  • What roadblocks and concerns do businesses have about this rapidly evolving technology?
  • How will AI affect the future of products, processes, services and support for customers and employees?

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NeoCertified Secure Email: Enhancing Business Communication Security

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, where data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, the need for robust security measures has never been more pressing. As companies increasingly rely on electronic communication channels to facilitate critical operations, the risks associated with data breaches and cyber threats have escalated exponentially. Email has become a prime target for malicious actors seeking to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information.

NeoCertified has become a trusted partner offering corporate-grade email encryption and data protection solutions tailored for SMEs. With 20+ years in cybersecurity, NeoCertified pioneers affordable, user-friendly email encryption services that empower businesses to secure communications efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Preventing Workplace Violence Training Demo

By June 30, 2024, California employers must put in place a workplace violence prevention plan and provide workplace violence prevention training to employees. Employers in other states can face enforcement action from OSHA or tort liability for failing to take steps to prevent workplace violence.

View our on-demand demo of Traliant’s new Preventing Workplace Violence training course, which meets the requirements of California’s new workplace violence prevention law. The session is led by Elissa Rossi, Vice President of Compliance Services at Traliant, lawyer and former Assistant Attorney General of New York and Bailey Whitsitt, Corporate Counsel at Traliant. Elissa and Bailey will take participants through the interactive course content, discuss employer obligations under California law and review duties employers nationwide have to prevent workplace violence.

The 60-minute on-demand webinar demonstration will:

  • Take participants through the interactive course content.

    • Risk factors and warning signs of potential violence.
    • Reporting workplace violence.
    • Review of the required workplace violence plan.
    • De-escalation techniques.
    • How employees can protect themselves and others during a violent incident.
  • Discuss employer training obligations under CA law and what content must be included.
  • Address the importance of workplace violence training for employers nationwide (nearly 1/3 of employees have not received workplace violence training).

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Employment Law Fundamentals Certificate Program Demonstration

From interviewing to complying with overtime, leave, and reasonable accommodations laws, employees need to navigate a wide range of federal, state and local laws. It’s important your workforce knows how to comply with these laws to avoid the risk of violations and costly claims.

Join Traliant’s free 60-minute on-demand webinar demonstration of Traliant’s new Employee Law Fundamentals Certificate Program, led by Michael Johnson, Traliant Chief Strategy Officer, and former US Department of Justice attorney. Michael will take participants through this just released program consisting of 4 highly interactive, self-paced courses:

  • Interviewing and Hiring Lawfully.
  • Wage & Hour Fundamentals.
  • Disability, Pregnancy, and Religious Accommodations.
  • Family Medical, and Other Protected Leave (FLMA).

The demo covers:

  • Legal requirements for this training.
  • Instructional design elements and use of nuanced scenarios and critique exercises.
  • How we ensure 50-state compliance and keep the courses up to date.
  • How we answer user questions.
  • How we deliver the training and track employee completion.

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6 Ways to Create Greater Inclusivity + DEI Training Demonstration

Did you know that more than 80% of workers say they want to work for an organization that prioritizes inclusion and diversity?

Sarah Rowell, former CEO of Kantola and advisor to Traliant, as she presents a 60-minute on-demand webinar on why inclusion matters to companies and the steps HR professionals can take to build a more inclusive and collaborative culture where everyone can thrive and engage in achieving your organization’s strategic goals.

Immediately following the presentation, Nelli Gyongyosi, Director of Product Strategy & Education, will lead a live demonstration of Traliant’s new DEI: Creating Inclusive Workplaces training course. She will take participants through the highly engaging course content, where immersive storytelling – featuring unscripted interviews with people sharing real work experiences – provides learners with powerful insights into diverse perspectives and experiences within the workplace.

The course demonstration will cover: 

  • Individual and company motivations for increasing inclusivity and belonging. 
  • Impacts of microaggressions and unconscious bias.
  • Action steps employees can take to make individuals feel included, supported and valued.
  • Interactive story-based learning.
  • Accessibility to users with disabilities.
  • Including your DEI policies.

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Digitaliza Tu Negocio Con Twimm

Un minuto para explorar las principales características de nuestra herramienta de GMAO Twimm.

Para las empresas proveedoras de servicios, Twimm es la herramienta que impulsará la productividad y rentabilidad de tu negocio.

Ponte en contacto con nosotros para obtener más informaciones sobre nuestro software GMAO.

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Hacer De Su Proyecto GMAO Un Éxito

Un despliegue de GMAO mal preparado o insuficientemente acompañado puede resultar en un fracaso o abandono: mala organización, falta de preparación o personal poco comprometido... Las razones para no alcanzar los objetivos suelen ser bastante similares.

¡No hay razón para entrar en pánico! Estos riesgos no deben asustarlo, sino todo lo contrario: ser consciente de ellos lo ayudará a establecer las diferentes etapas para llevar su proyecto de GMAO por el camino correcto.

Twimm le ofrece una guía completa con los 5 pasos clave para digitalizar su empresa utilizando un software de GMAO de manera simple y efectiva.

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¿Cómo Aumentar La Eficiencia Mediante El Uso De La GMAO?

La actividad de mantenimiento preventivo es el núcleo del negocio de las empresas proveedoras de servicios. Gestionar de manera eficiente todos los procesos relacionados con esta actividad de mantenimiento es un desafío estratégico para su rentabilidad, competitividad y, por lo tanto, su sostenibilidad a medio y largo plazo. Esto es lo que permite la adopción de un software de GMAO.

Gracias a este enfoque, es posible fortalecer el servicio de mantenimiento y, al mismo tiempo, reducir los costes.

El mantenimiento preventivo no se refiere solo a la prevención de fallas o interrupciones del servicio, sino que también debe considerarse como una estrategia de gestión de los gastos de mantenimiento.

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The First Procurement Professional Webinar

During this webinar, Antonio Cruz, the first procurement professional at Stratio, shared his remarkable story of building a procurement process from scratch.

The webinar tells the story of digital procurement innovation of Stratio, the World’s Leading Real-time Predictive Fleet Maintenance Platform.

Watch the recording to learn all it takes to take a procurement function from zero to hero!

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Sysmex Reaches 100k+ Customers Worldwide with Transformational Product Training

In our case study, “Sysmex Reaches 100k+ Customers Worldwide with Transformational Product Training,” you’ll follow a remarkable journey of transformation and innovation that has propelled Sysmex, a global leader in healthcare technology, to new heights.

Uncover valuable insights in this case study about…

  • Addressing Resistance: How Sysmex tackled customer resistance with a mobile training app, bridging the gap between traditional and digital learning.
  • Global Rollout: How Sysmex’s successful EMEA program expanded globally, adapting to each region’s unique training needs.
  • Languages: How Sysmex, with a presence in over 190 countries, tackles the challenge of training diverse customers worldwide.
  • LMS Solution: How Sysmex leveraged the Eurekos Learning Management System (LMS) to revolutionize customer training, setting four primary business goals for success.
  • Training Challenges: The six key challenges Sysmex faced, from transitioning to digital learning to overcoming language barriers and accommodating growing demand.
  • High-Stakes Industry: How Sysmex, a provider of complex healthcare products, ensures customer satisfaction in the high-stakes life sciences industry.

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