Protecting College HTTP & HTTPS Applications from DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks against encrypted web and application-based services continue to skirt university and colleges’ traditional volumetric-focused DDoS defenses.

To distinguish real users from malicious bots, institutions of higher learning are implementing a layered defense strategy that provides full attack spectrum protection with minimal exposure of private data for HTTP and HTTPS services.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn best practices to ensure your users have unfettered access to the applications that are most important to them.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • HTTP and HTTPS attack techniques
  • How layered DDoS and application security pipelines can achieve DDoS resilience
  • Mitigation strategies that prevent collateral damage against real users
  • Techniques that minimize the expense of decrypting attack traffic

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How to Defend University DNS Services from DDoS Attacks of all Types

Colleges and universities continue to see a rise in cyberattacks and DNS services are one of the top targets. The disruption of DNS services can result in tremendous loss of revenue and business.

Watch this DDoS Defense Insight on-demand webinar to learn how to defend against one of the most common and disruptive types of cyberattacks: DNS DDoS attacks.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How DNS works and what makes it vulnerable
  • Which strategies DNS attackers use including the infamous water torture attack
  • What are the strategies for blocking brute force, DNS floods and pseudo random domain attacks
  • How to minimize damage to your legitimate users during an attack

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How Programmatic DNS Propels Global Application Distribution

DNS geo routing is a commonly used technique for connecting users to the closest web site or application point of presence. Most DNS services offer geo routing but not all are created equal. What they do and how they do it matters for performance and manageability. In addition,geo routing alone may not deliver the performance targets your business needs.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How georouting works on different DNS providers and what you should look for.
  • Geo-targeting vs Geo-fencing.
  • Why georouting often does not provide the best response and how to know if that is impacting your business.
  • How you can improve application performance by combining georouting with active traffic steering on the NS1 platform.

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Internal DNS for Modern Enterprise

Cloud architectures, microservices, and infrastructure scale have exposed unmet needs in DNS that now hamper modernization efforts,including the need for flexible traffic management, service discovery, rapid propagation, and comprehensive API support.

In this webinar, we discuss Private DNS, NS1's next-gen software only DNS that helps solve the performance, traffic management and automation challenges of modern enterprises.

Private DNS is designed primarily for deployment within enterprise intranets to meet the needs of user-to-user, user to device/application and application to application communication. It's massively scalable, automated, fast and smart.

Join us if you’d like to learn how Private DNS can:-

  • Reduce deployment delays in DevOps.
  • Speed up DNS service discovery.
  • Improve traffic management and load balancing.
  • Get your DNS sprawl under control.

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An Application-Centric Solution for DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management

Fundamental changes are taking place in enterprise IT. The first is how applications are deployed – from application architectures through the processes of code, integration, test and production. The second is how applications are delivered. Enterprises are adopting distributed infrastructures using public cloud, edge networks and private cloud for better performance, uptime and efficiency. In almost every industry, achieving competitive advantage through applications is driving IT transformation.

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DNS that moves your business

NS1 is the leader in next generation DNS solutions that orchestrate the delivery of the world’s most critical internet and enterprise applications. NS1’s purpose-built platform transforms DNS into an intelligent, efficient, and automated system in your stack, driving dramatic gains in reliability, resiliency, security, and performance of your application delivery infrastructure. Download our whitepaper to learn how to deploy a powerful, security-minded DNS your way.
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Key Reasons For Using an Independent DNS Provider

Many cloud and CDN providers also offer in-house managed DNS services. If you are hosting your content or applications with these providers, you might use their DNS service without much thought. However, this can limit your ability to deliver the performance and customer experience your business needs.

In this webinar you will learn when and why you should use an independent DNS provider.

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Infrastructure Automation with OctoDNS and Terraform

As you build your application environment you've undoubtedly thought about utilizing multiple providers at every level of your stack. The benefits to this are obvious - scalability, redundancy, and performance optimization, among others. However, syncing multiple providers can sometimes pose challenges.

In this webinar we'll focus on synchronization between multiple DNS providers, including:

  • Available toolsets on the market today
  • Example deployment using NS1's OctoDNS integration
  • Example deployment using NS1's Terraform integration
  • Network redundancy using NS1's Dedicated DNS
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Using Intelligent DNS for Multi-Cloud Success

While no two businesses have the same exact workload requirements, one common trend we are seeing is enterprise adoption of multi-cloud infrastructure. While this may not be something you have considered, multi-cloud may benefit you in several ways including:

  • Price flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Redundancy
  • Workload optimization
  • Performance

Join us to learn how multi-cloud can benefit your business, considerations you should make, and how to get started.

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Customer-centric CDN delivery: Real user-ensured delivery for Hybrid and Multi-CDN architectures

Multi-CDN for Increased Customer Satisfaction

Delivery over a multiple CDN architecture is a best practice for modern Ops teams. Ensuring uptime and multiple delivery contingencies gives teams peace of mind and the ability to reduce the adverse effects of vendor lock-in. When you’re able to load balance your application, video, and website content delivery across multiple CDNs, you can ensure your end users are shielded from service degradations and outages. Cedexis ADP’s software-defined delivery logic makes real-time decisions on which CDNs to use, based on real-user community data, application health, and any other dataset you depend on.

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