Pay As-You-Grow Data Protection

In this analyst paper John Webster from Evaluator Group discusses the data protection requirements for the SMB IT administrator and uses IBM Tivoli's Full-featured Data Protection Suite for Small to Medium Businesses as an example of a solution. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Suite for Unified Recovery (TSM SUR) includes the advanced functionality of solutions designed for the enterprise data center, but is offered in a way that is easily implemented and consumed by the SMB.
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How building a scalable modular data center can help fund business growth

Whether you're upgrading your current data center or planning to build a new one, you should be aware that most data centers today are struggling to meet new business demands while trying to do their best to maintain existing solutions. Learn how IBM can help you create a scalable modular data center that lets you achieve IT service optimization and act as an innovation engine that helps fund business growth.
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How to ensure you get the data center your organization needs

Today's data center is changing rapidly - with many organizations integrating new technology solutions to modernize and evolve their businesses. Learn how your data center infrastructure can function as an enabler of that change, by ensuring you start with a data center strategy that optimizes your facility's:

• Capacity
• Availability
• Flexibility
• Operational expenses

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5 Big Benefits of Data Center Transformation

For decades the IT mantra has been “do more with less,” often struggling with tight budgets that ended up being spent largely on hardware and software maintenance that amount to just keeping the lights on. Today, businesses are transforming in this age of virtualization and big data to take advantage of social, mobile and cloud tools that can change the competitive landscape practically overnight.

This ITMJ will highlight some major benefits that can be achieved by looking at your data center in a new light and offer practical advice on how to assess the productivity gains and expense cuts that can be realized by utilizing managed services as part of your IT transformation for the years ahead.

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Case Study: Netflix

With its streaming service rapidly gaining popularity with its members, Netflix's choice of Cassandra is helping the company meet heavy demand for highly available data.
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The real-world use of big data

This study highlights the phases of the big data journey, the objectives and challenges of midsize organizations taking the journey, and the current state of the technology that they are using to drive results. It also offers a pragmatic course of action for midsize companies to take as they dive into this new era of computing.
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Thinking outside the data warehouse

The IBM portfolio combines data warehousing, business analytics and information management software, hardware and solutions. Businesses can use IBM technologies to increase agility, boost performance, lower TCO, maximize value of data assets and make better decisions, faster.
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The IBM Big Data Platform

IBM is unique in having developed an enterprise class big data platform that allows you to address the full spectrum of big data business challenges. The real benefit of the platform is leverage - the ability to start with one capability and easily adds on another. Read this whitepaper to learn about the platform, its core capabilities and how they will be beneficial to an organization.
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The top five ways to get started with big data

Despite the increased focus on big data over the past few years, most organizations are still talking about what big data is rather than focusing on what problems big data can address. Through conducting surveys, studying analyst findings, talking with more than 300 customers and prospects and implementing hundreds of big data solutions, IBM has identified the top five high-value use cases that can be your first step into big data:

Big data exploration
Enhanced 360-degree view of the customer
Security/intelligence extension
Operations analysis
Data warehouse augmentation
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The future of data service delivery and management starts here

Data workloads are rapidly evolving and changing. Today's enterprises have many different types of applications, with different usage patterns, all constantly accessing data. As a result, data services need to be more robust and scalable. IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureData ™ System for Transactions are designed to meet these needs. This paper shows how the latest technology and expertise built into these systems gives businesses an innovative approach to rapidly create and manage highly scalable data services, without the complexity of traditional approaches.
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Business Value of Managed Services

As the primary focus of IT moves from increasing IT productivity through virtualization and cloud computing to enhancing business productivity, the biggest challenge that businesses face in executing corporate strategy is focusing the right people and resources on strategic initiatives. A key element in enhancing business productivity is driving down costs, which can help free up the funds needed to make strategic investments. Businesses also need a means to more effectively orchestrate how IT interacts with business processes and critical application environments. The solution lies in using managed services. Read this paper to find out more on how companies gained significant and quantifiable benefits from using managed services.
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