Brocade Data Center Fabrics Deliver Cloud Scale, Agility, and Operational Efficiency

Brocade is transforming networks to support the new IP by delivering cloud-optimised architectures that offer new levels of scale, agility, and operational efficiency.

These highly automated, software-driven, and programmable data center fabric solutions provide flexible network virtualization options and scale for data center environments ranging from tens to thousands of servers.

Brocade solutions make it easy for organizations to architect, automate, and integrate their infrastructure with current and future data center technologies as they transition to a cloud model.

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Visibility in the Modern Data Center with Brocade SLX Insight Architecture

As organizations continue to transform their business and adapt to new digital workloads, IT operations teams struggle to keep pace with the volume and variety of digital data going across their networks.

Visibility is critical, and in order to meet customer and end-user service and application expectations and remain competitive, organizations need to provide service and application assurance, improve operational efficiencies, and enable new monetisation opportunities. They need comprehensive visibility into the operational state of the network and into the traffic that is transiting the network without compromising day-to-day operations and performance.

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Take The Fast Lane To SDDC

Read this eBook to understand how you can accelerate your journey with Brocade and VMware

You’ve virtualized your compute and storage. So what’s next? To complete the journey to a software-defined data center you must modernize your network. This eBook explains how integrated solutions from Brocade and VMware will deliver:

  • Seamless integration of the physical and virtual infrastructure
  • Full network visibility across all environments
  • Competitive advantage thanks to improved performance and agility
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Building Agile Data Centers

IT and application architectures have changed significantly in the past decade as cloud, big data, and mobile computing have disrupted business processes and applications. Cloud computing offers a particularly attractive value proposition: It gives organizations of all sizes the ability to leverage IT resources as needed.

When data center investment is a concern or IT is an enabler but not a core business, cloud-based services can allow organizations to scale effectively via hosted applications, or infrastructure-as-a-service. Organizations also are building their own next-generation data center infrastructure in order to benefit from the cost-efficiencies, flexibility, and scale that a cloud provides.

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Enterprise Applications on Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Invisible Infrastructure for Enterprise Applications

Is your datacenter infrastructure team facing performance, availability and scalability challenges? Are your application’s infrastructure needs complex and expensive? Are you wondering about the infrastructure needs for the next generation of database applications? Learn a fundamentally different approach to meeting enterprise application needs that is sure to set you apart from the pack!

Read this eBook to learn about:

  • Common infrastructure challenges
  • Requirements for enterprise applications
  • Hyperconvergence and web-scale concepts
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Reduce Audit Risk and Lower Costs with Data Center Discovery

To fulfill the strategic role expected of IT in the modern digital enterprise, it’s essential to take a holistic approach to asset management with full visibility into dependencies.

By applying discovery and dependency automation at scale to gain complete information into assets, configurations, and dependencies, IT can:

  • Respond to audits more quickly and accurately
  • Eliminate waste in the software budget
  • Make better decisions about data center consolidation and the cloud

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Lower Costs Without Risk by Gaining a Holistic View of Your Data Center

To ensure efficient, reliable, and secure operations, companies should go beyond infrastructure inventory and take a holistic approach to discovery to gain the deeper knowledge and understanding needed to make the right decisions in the data center. This white paper will explain how holistic data center discovery can help IT:

  • Gain full visibility and understanding of the data center environment
  • Effectively manage services, ensure performance and availability, and maintain compliance
  • Make informed decisions in the context of business impact
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Deliver Better Results for Mainframe Cost Reduction Initiatives

In this white paper, you’ll learn how you can leverage BMC’s mainframe cost optimization solution to avoid unnecessary MLC expenses and risks while focusing on projects that offer the greatest opportunity to deliver the highest ROI. What you’ll find in this white paper:
  • Understand why past cost reductions failed to deliver expected savings
  • Learn how to identify projects with the best chance of success
  • Discover how to save significantly on MLC costs
  • See how to avoid unnecessary changes to applications
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Why HCI and Why Now?

Change is happening. Are you and your organisation being left behind? Analyse the three main approaches for equipping your data centre, and see how HCI should be a priority consideration.
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