Accelerate Software Development with DevOps and Hybrid Cloud

Agile methodologies give development and test teams the ability to build software at a faster rate than ever before. Combining DevOps with hybrid cloud architectures give teams not just the principles, but also the technology necessary to achieve their goals. By combining hybrid cloud and DevOps:

- IT departments maintain control, visibility, and security
- Dev/test teams remain agile and collaborative
- Organizational barriers are broken down
- Innovation and automation can thrive

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Cloud-Enabled Software Development and Testing: Putting the Agile into the Infrastructure

Great software has changed our world. In order to thrive in today's market, your organization must be more innovative than ever before. Agile development enables teams to build better software faster, but development teams are often limited by inelastic resources. To be truly agile, dev/test teams require elastic, automated, self-service resources that work with on-premise infrastructure. Download this white paper to learn more.
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Three imperatives for advancing product and systems development

Organizations developing products and systems in industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, medical devices and consumer electronics are undergoing a transformation driven by the rapid growth in functionality delivered by software and electronics. This paper outlines an approach for using this shift to gain a competitive advantage.
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Veeam Backup Free Edition for VMware and Hyper-V

Whether you use VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or a combination of both, Veeam® Backup™ Free Edition is a perfect fit for your environment. No matter how you do regular backups, Veeam Backup Free Edition is the must-have tool for managing your VMs.
Are you on a budget or still experimenting with VM backup? Veeam Backup Free Edition is the perfect solution because it's:

- Powerful: Clone, copy, export and manage your VMs. Look inside the VM and restore individual items.
- Easy-to-use: No complicated configuration, and no need to power off the VM. It just works!
- Free: No expiration date and no limit on the number of hosts or VMs.
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DevOps for Dummies

Today's fast-moving world makes DevOps essential for any business aspiring to be agile and lean in order to respond rapidly to changing customer and marketplace demands. This book helps you understand DevOps and how your organization can gain real business benefits from it. You'll also discover how a holistic view of DevOps that encompasses the entire software delivery life cycle - from ideation and the conception of new business capabilities to implementation in production - can bring competitive advantage in a continuous delivery world.
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Inside the Brackets: Episode 3 – The Right Tool for the Job

Wednesday, October 16 - 11:00am (Pacific Time)

What should you consider as you choose the right tools for your app development work - and avoid the common pitfalls and perils in tool selection? Go inside the brackets with Abe Elias of Sencha, Nolan Wright of Appcelerator, Kevin Smith of Intel, and Doug Schepers of the W3C as we dig into tools and resources for app developers. Then stick around to ask these panelists your tough questions!

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Delivering enterprise solutions for a world on the move

IBM supports SAP clients with business consulting services with global implementation and outsourcing capabilities plus infrastructure of optimized servers (mainframe, POWER, x, Blade Center) and storage, DB2 database, Alloy, middleware and software. An innovation partner for SAP projects.
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Transforming Testing Through Automation: The Story of Coverity’s Journey to Automate Testing as Part of Development

People, process, and technology are critical for succeeding in the software development business, which is increasingly characterized by fierce competition, rapid product delivery cycles and relentless demand for more differentiating features that are secure and high quality. The key is to stay in the "driver's seat" and constantly balance the short-term value of feature delivery with the long-term ability to efficiently expand and maintain the product. In our experience, automating testing as much as possible and interleaving test and feature development are critical elements to succeed in this venture.
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Development Testing for Competitive Advantage: Innovative companies move testing upstream in proactive effort to boost efficiency

Regardless of industry, more and more companies are finding themselves in the software business as they seek competitive advantage by developing and delivering increasingly complex applications to their customers. Subject to intense time-to-market demands, these efforts are spawning new business requirements as companies strive to produce products that satisfy their customers' needs for flawless functionality. To deal with this pressure, organizations are looking for ways to increase the productivity of their developers and accelerate their testing process. These organizations must overcome the high risks and costs associated with the traditional software development lifecycle (SDLC).
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Data Center Economic Tipping Point-Executive Edge

Flash technology is redefining the landscape of computing. Data storage has reached a tipping point with flash and will move rapidly to all-flash based systems for operational information. IBM flash storage provides extreme IOPs and low latency. When compared to disk technology, flash is superior in performance, cost efficiency, packaging, energy consumption and speed to deployment. Businesses can finally unleash the power of their most critical applications to make real time strategic decisions. It's time to create new applications with IBM flash storage. It's time for flash.
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Inside the Brackets: Episode 2 – HTML5 vs. Native – Who Will Win?

Wednesday, September 18 - 8:00 AM & 8:00 PM (Pacific Time)

Our panelists tackle the debate between HTML5 and native code - which builds the better apps? Go inside the brackets to get beyond the fan-boy hype, and hear directly from app developers like Dan Bricklin, Drew Crawford, Dave Methvin and Mike Richmond as they challenge each other - and you - to take an honest look at the best way to build an app.

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Inside the Brackets: Episode 1 – HTML5? Why I oughta…

Tuesday, August 27 - 8:00 AM & 8:00 PM (Pacific Time)

HTML5 Roundtable Series: Inside the Brackets - A series of roundtable discussions that explores the opportunities, challenges and best practices of cross-platform HTML5 development. Join the conversation as experts from Adobe, Intel and Evans Data discuss the opportunities and challenges of HTML5; why HTML5 matters to app developers and IT managers; and why you oughta care, too. All followed by a live Q&A.

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Improve your productivity by using the debugger in Rational Developer for Power Systems Software

IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems Software features an integrated source-level debugger that helps you debug applications written in different languages and running on different platforms. The key feature of the debugger is that its user interface client connects remotely to a debugger engine running on a different machine. This article shows you how to use the debugger's core features, its advanced features, and its integration with the rest of Rational Developer for Power Systems and other IBM technology.
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Why Rational Development Solutions for Power?

Read about the real life experiences of two customers who used Rational Development Solutions for Power to save money and create workload optimized developers who were much more productive in meeting innovative business challenges than ever before.
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The IBM approach

The IBM solution for DevOps helps an organization collaborate across a broad group of stakeholders that includes not only development, but also line of business, clients, and operations teams. This paper explains the IBM approach to DevOps.
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