Ten Answers Regarding Mobile App Testing

This white paper digs deep into the reasons testing mobile apps is fundamentally harder than traditional web or desktop applications. A collaboration by Tina Zhuo and Dennis Schultz from IBM along with Yoram Mizrachi from Perfecto Mobile and John Montgomery from uTest, these experts explore the complexities of mobile test environments, the value of the mobile device cloud, the unique role crowd sourcing can play, and how teams can leverage automation to help deliver quality apps.
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The Future of Testing: Where do Testers spend their time?

TechWell, IBM, uTest, and Keynote partnered on a powerful new survey that explores where today’s testers are spending their time, what obstacles they most often encounter, and where they think their attention should be focused. Hear what others are saying about this valuable survey report.
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Challenging Some of the Myths About Static Code Analysis

Why Static Code Analysis? Static code analysis, or SCA, can be described as the analysis of whole-program source code without the execution of that program. A number of interpretations and even misconceptions about this technology and how it impacts or benefits you, the developer, have emerged over time. You may have heard some of them yourself.

To help tell the right story, we put this paper together to dispel some of the ‘myths’ about SCA, myths that serve mostly to distort the true value static analysis can bring to you and your software development lifecycle (SDLC).

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Pushing the Boundaries: Symantec’s Software Defined Data Center Powered by VMware

Symantec has evolved from an antivirus software company to a global, Fortune 500 company whose mission is to help customers of all sizes secure and manage information. Symantec finds itself in an industry that is defined by tough competition, as well as an ever-changing variety of sophisticated security threats directed at its customers. To compete in this dynamic environment, Symantec has embarked on a strategy to streamline and simplify the company around its customers.
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Lab Validation Report

The goal of ESG Lab reports is to educate IT professionals about data center technology products for companies of all types and sizes. ESG Lab reports are not meant to replace the evaluation process that should be conducted before making purchasing decisions, but rather to provide insight into these emerging technologies. Our objective is to go over some of the more valuable feature/functions of products, show how they can be used to solve real customer problems and identify any areas needing improvement.
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What Smart Businesses Know About Devops TechInsights report

DevOps is real. DevOps is here. Yet DevOps finds itself in a unique position; a majority of IT organizations are doing it and seeing quantifiable benefits from it, yet not everyone agrees on what is the best path to DevOps. Now more than ever DevOps, a process which helps foster collaboration between the teams that create and test applications with those that maintain them in production environments, is poised for widespread adoption across IT organizations worldwide. New research commissioned by CA Technologies and conducted between May and July 2013 by Vanson Bourne shows many organizations are achieving significant and measurable benefits from DevOps—anywhere from between 17% to 23% improvement in key business metrics such as revenue, time-to-market and new customer acquisition.
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DevOps for Dummies

Today’s fast-moving world makes DevOps essential for any business aspiring to be agile and lean in order to respond rapidly to changing customer and marketplace demands. This book helps you understand DevOps and how your organization can gain real business benefits from it. You'll also discover how a holistic view of DevOps that encompasses the entire software delivery life cycle - from ideation and the conception of new business capabilities to implementation in production - can bring competitive advantage in a continuous delivery world.
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Meritalk Webinar “Big 5”

State and local agencies face increasing challenges of dealing with complex IT environments, skyrocketing data volumes, and accountability hurdles. The Big Five of IT offer a beacon of light – promising to improve agency performance, productivity, and service. But they will choke state and local networks. Watch this webinar to learn how you can prepare networks for new data center consolidation, mobility, security, big data, and cloud computing initiatives.
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A Mobile Application Development Primer

This white paper focuses on a comprehensive approach for the development of mobile business applications. The technique described combines best practices for collaborative software lifecycle management with newer requirements unique to the creation of mobile applications. It is intended to provide value for all of the roles involved in mobile enterprise business application development projects.
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Continuous Delivery: The New Normal

Continuous Delivery is an emerging software development methodology that automates and improves software delivery. By building the capability to rapidly, reliably, and repeatedly push out enhancements and bug fixes to customers at low risk and with minimal manual overhead, software development organizations can respond to business needs faster and improve satisfaction for business stakeholders and end users alike.
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Survival Guide for Data in the Wild

It’s a wild world outside the corporate firewall. Protecting data for your entire company is a heavy responsibility. There’s the employee who leaves his laptop in the airport. And the former employee who still has access to corporate data from her personal device. Or the ever-present danger of litigation. You’re accountable for a wide range of scenarios that put your corporate data at risk.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Learn from the experience of others to ensure that you’re prepared for every threat to your corporate data in the wild. With step-by-step instructions, this Survival Guide is your most valuable tool for keeping corporate assets out of harm’s way.

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Intelligent Transportation Systems ekit

The IBM Rational Intelligent Transportation Systems solution addresses the challenges with complex projects for the planning, development, deployment and lifecycle management of transportation software. Learn more by reviewing the ekit resources.
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